Daily Literature Deviations for December 9th, 2012

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Daily Lit Deviations for December 9th, 2012

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Suggested by: doodlerTM
Featured by: LionesseRampant

DarkcityYou cannot look directly at the ocean
Because the ocean has become the sun:
and it has been three long days
of rubbing you from my eyes like sleep,
the sky until it turns Kahuna blue
but it is only for the voice that's heard behind closed doors,
that we pretend we cannot hear
the things which cannot keep her eyes
from raking shores- to meet
the current strong enough to shift
the space between the islands-
so it is easier to read between the lines,
and harder through you. )
I am almost
too weak for capitals
the certainty of punctuation... is it
because i do not wish for strength
that your pupils widen to transmute
the sound of the highway into current?... i am
certain of nothing   except
that you are not .
Are you afraid
to be alive? Will you not
move together the continents with
your convulsions at the ocean floor? Are you
afraid of running out
of breath?
(We will uncover the finale on the fringe of our stiff fingers,
stored in the clammy fumble for the keys; the way the wind will

"Darkcity" by hyperfluxy

Suggester says: "A wonderful,
engaging poem about the meshing of
relationships and nature."

Featured by: LadyofGaerdon
The Waitress Faked It by MattVoscinar

Rather ingenious,
use of form make for a
clever and entertaining read.


Featured by doodlerTM
woolly sweaters in may and the meaning of life by carpefuckingdiem

A heart-felt exploration of life,
the future, and relationships in a
beautiful poetic narrative.

Featured by doodlerTM
The Truth about BirdsHe showed me a painting of a bird. Swift movements, smooth angles; the essence of aerodynamics. He told me that flying is the act of perfection. He told me how birds are freedom itself. He regarded them as delicate, perishable beings that disappear if touched. To him, birds were the ideal that you can only earn towards, but never reach.
"Do you now understand Birds, my child?" he asked me.
"I do. I've always understood them. I've always known the Truth about Birds. You, however, do not. You only see them as a Symbol of the Humans."
Real birds, however, are neither delicate, nor perfect. Real birds are rough and tough. Real birds need strength. Strength to fly, strength to feed their chicks, strength to defend themselves. Even mother cuckoos need strength to lay eggs that exhaust them and could never be cared for in such an exhausted state.
Real birds are dinosaurs. Real birds had feathers and hollow bones and toothed beaks before they could fly. Real birds fight among themselves. They

The Truth about Birds by sii-kei

A thought-provoking dialogue
that questions the value of
reality and imagination.

Featured by LiliWrites

Circuits by SadisticIceCream

Imagine being capable of thought,
ideas, and emotions but not realizing
your own potential. That is Bobby, a
robot who possesses an A.I. that
outstrips any creative abilities
his creators thought possible.

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