Daily Literature Deviations for April 30th, 2012

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Daily Lit Deviations for April 30th, 2012

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Suggested by: Exnihilo-nihil

Featured by: LadyofGaerdon

Says the suggester, "in few lines, a world - and an abyss."

Featured by: betwixtthepages

With beautiful language, gray and inbetween

paints a portrait of what being stuck between a rock

and a hard place feels like.  Leaving interpretation

mostly up to the readers, Awasteof-paint weaves

a gut-wrenching tale of hopelessness.


Suggested by: QuiEstInLiteris

Featured by: SilverInkblot

The Divine InheritanceOver the years many a Divine girl had spent her time scrunched up in a corner, watching an older sister get all the attention.  Claire knew that she was no different to her aunts, her great-aunts, her great-great-aunts, and… well, on it went.
'You don't have to watch, dear,' Mother said, as she held another length of ribbon against Sally's face.
'If you must look on like that, Claire, do come and be useful,' said Grandmother.  'Which one of these ribbons best brings out Sally's eyes?'
'What does it matter about Sally's eyes?' said Claire.  'Even I've got eyes on the outside.'
'You're silly,' said Mother, 'being miserable on purpose.'
'I'm not miserable on purpose!'
'My sisters were the same,' said Grandmother.  'Silly, jealous little girls.'
'If this always happens,' said Claire, 'then why have more than one daughter?'
'To love them, silly.  Stop, Mother.'  Sally brushed away the length of ribbon, crossed the room and crouched down in front of Claire.  'The Sight may

From the Suggester: "Seamlessly blends

Wodehousian aunts with eldritch terror and sibling rivalry."

Suggested by toxic-nebulae

Featured by spoems

crumbling,i have been awake for fifteen minutes.
your mouth in the crook of my neck feels
very much like sunlight, very much like i am
seeing things, schizophrenic and blue, hands shaking
like when i drive your car without looking at your body,
multicoloured and alive, listless in the front seat,
our music playing, breathing in the smell of leaves, of warmth.
your voice in my ear, you finding me in a crowd of people,
this is me remembering how lucky i am, how i am
more fortunate than i'd like to admit, knowing that
bleeding does not really hurt, exactly, because you cannot
comprehend the strength of the mind, a queen in feathers
and dark gowns, bird sitting in a bath of blood, surrounded
by fields of wire, broken teeth, smiling men who touch small windows
small windows closed by governments and purity and faith.
some days i was ripping out my vessels with nail scissors, i was
prescribed between swallows, the ebony crushing noises
of my throat making the same hacking choke
that comes throughthe s

A letter containing both regret

and its annihilation in long prose-poetic lines.”

Featured by doodlerTM

Asphyxiated ViolinsAsphyxiated Violins
The fact is, Ibis is trapped.
She is a creature of scorpions and butterflies; of long, tapering fingers that never stop moving; of fractal heartbeats and knots in spiraling black hair.
But most of all, she is trapped. She lives in a cage of vast suburbs and a sea of dead shopping malls. Devoid of all optimism, she sees the long echoes of the landscape as just another kind of snare.
~ ~ ~
Ibis isn't an extraordinary girl. Maybe a bit eccentric--her thoughtfulness is  often mistaken for quiet brilliance. Quite simply, she isn't brilliant at all. She has a head for numbers, but no passion for them. Her grammar is impeccable, but her words are mundane.  When it comes to conversation, she whispers and gossips with other girls, soft oaths of oh-my-gods rolling from their glossy lips as they gesture with painted fingers. She does not do so with enthusiasm, as her relationships with others could rarely be described as animated.
Still, it is becoming apparent that

A wonderful coming-of-age story with lots

of imagery and dialogue all used very well.

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Thank you kindly for the honor of having placed me amongst such great works.
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Thanks so much for the feature! I'm delighted with the little description you gave of my piece. :D