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Helloooo again! (Just imagine me saying that like Mrs Doubtfire, ok?) hello penguin 

Now, I want to share some of my favourite literature from DA in celebration of Easter, and what better place to start than with this amusing poem by the fantastic MaggotsX:

Your YouTube face binged my pocket last night:
Oh why, you so shaken, such lament there.
Why cry? To spite our might, of woeful plight?
I do not know you, so why our affair?
A lovely night ruined, in flames and fright.
Oh why, you so shaken, such lament there:      
Your twitter hashtags hateful [share and send],
I do not know you, so why our affair?
Goddamnit. Oh, will this war ever end?
These Facebook feed downers, now such a trend.
Your twitter hashtags hateful [share and send]:
A lovely night ruined, in flames and fright.
Goddamnit. Oh, will this war ever end?
Your Youtube face binged my pocket last night,
Pray stop to madness. Much less to pretend.
MaggotsX @ 10.01.2017

Astute and a great read!

Now, I want to present this wistful, poetic little treat by blanketings:

premier danseur, ethereali’d bought you three white peonies—a dollar apiece—for after you stumbled offstage, a spotlight still staining your skin and wind still clinging to your limbs, swayed and still swaying to the rhythm of a blue-tinged grimace; i waited countless knife-tipped breaths shivering against the a.c. in a vibrant sundress, sole reverberating off of brick with each second you don’t emerge, fingernails going green as i pressed accidental creases into each stem before i knew that you’d swept out the back exit, metal door slamming gently seconds after your fingers had released it and immediately, i picture the peonies at the head of your bed, delicately placed in a shiny mug that you filled halfway with water; every morning they’d imprint themselves behind your eyes and lighten everything you’d see, and every night you’d let their wilted petals blanket your palms. they’d keep you still enough to sleep.

I can feel the yearning seeping from the words. Great work, and thank you!

Now, a sombre peace, with difficult subject matter beautifully handled:

lung canceryou're asleep, 
and i lay
and breathe
i breathe
now i can do it unlike someone
on your chest hoping
that love is growing
with every blood-stained breath
your living-dead-flesh ejects-
it grows and grows
when heartbeating of yours
is breathing of mine,
harmonized symphony where we are one,
later we literally become
in coffin coloured like skin of our friends
that worked hard, and burned out
for us to start existing
- worry not,
they're shedding tears of joy
from ashtray.

Thank you, Alessiah!

Now, from Tuntalm, a vivid, confronting piece that I would encourage you to read:

Darker TimesClose your eyes now, and imagine…
You jump head first into the future. An apocalypse devastated several decades worth of life, yet the world is pulling itself back together. However, technology has remained at a standstill. Dust and smoke are now covering all of Earth's body, shaping its new dress. Overpopulated cities seep with worn out humans. Even air is too damn expensive to buy.
Glorious castles of glass rise above the rubble of society and shelter the few and powerful who watch the dirty streets teeming with broken silhouettes of what used to be humans... The unlucky remnants of mankind, damaged and corrupted to the bone, scouring the lanes all day and all night long. Calamity. Faith is left to vanish under the coat of blood and financial downfall. Nothing is sacred nor forbidden, as sins stain every little corner of reality. In the end, only hatred and violence prevail.
Can you picture it?
Go ahead, how does such future look in your mind? I want you to walk these rotten, m

Thank you for sharing this with us, Tuntalm!

For some time, I have been reading A Cursed Town by Zara-Arletis. It's a fantastic horror story, and I have missed it since I've been gone. I want to share the latest instalment of it with you:

A Cursed Town Ch. 25A Secrets of Marfath Story
All thought went out of Josef along with his breath as something large crashed into his side. He tumbled down into the soft mud of the floor. The priest struggled to get up, his legs pushing while his hands flailed at the man or beast that held him down. His fingers scraped on rough cloth as he was crushed inexorably down into the filthy ichor. Josef could smell rot as the sludge forced its way into his nose and mouth. Then came the soft music of Miss Ainshart's voice, her cool tone crisp and commanding.
"Marton! Stop that at once. That is Father Garten and you will let him alone."
Josef was released, though his shoulder groaned with a parting squeeze. He stood, sputtering and wiping at his face, spitting grit and slime back onto the ground. The priest's sore and much abused body did not appreciate this latest assault. He was beginning to think perhaps he should have listened to Beryl. His eyes adjusted to the darkness just i

Zara-Arletis' horror technique is very strong, which is further demonstrated by this beautiful homage they wrote to H.P. Lovecraft:

The CageI. The Waking Terror
There was a sense of unseen menace in the air when I woke. The oppressive darkness lay heavy, like a blanket across me and I was not sure if my eyes were open or closed. A fetid odor as of an open grave permeated the still, thick air. I am not now, nor ever have been a man prone to hysteria, but when I woke in that place, confusion and a gripping but as yet unexplained terror held my limbs. I could not see anything around me, only the shroud of Stygian gloom. My heartbeat pounded in my ears like the drums of deepest Africa, drowning any other sound. 
I tried to calm myself, to remember the rational being I was and not this panic stricken wretch. I may not know what place this was, nor how I had come to be here, but I would not allow those mysteries to trouble my mind. These were questions that had answers could I but search them out.
Self was the first enigma. I had no personal memory and no name. No, nor place that I would yearn for as

(This would have been in my Halloween features, but I never got around to doing any, so now will have to do.)

I have a soft spot for the Lackadaisy comics by tracyjb, and would like to share one of them with you now:

Lackadaisy Formaldehyde by tracyjb

Amusing, well-drawn, with great characterisation and detail, it is just what one would wish for in a comic. Thanks, tracyjb!

Now, here's one I think I might have shared before, but I'll share it again. It's the first part of a fantastic Penguins of Madagascar fic by IamNoHere.

POM - Black Wings - Chapter OneChapter one: New in New York

A beam of bright light made its way past my closed eyelids. I sat up and turned away, blinking.
Where am I? I felt around me to work it out. Metal. All around me. Poles - no - bars. A cage. I swept my other wing across my face. The loose end of a bandage rubbed against my forehead.
A shadow spilled over the cage. I looked up. A vet eyed me, scribbling into his notebook. He seemed content with my shape. I let out a relieved sigh. Fortunately, all the torture implements vets love to carry around were hidden safe, somewhere out of his reach and my view.
A monotone voice crept inside from the next room. “What about him?”
“Just a moment and you can take him to the others,” the vet said, still focusing at his notes.
“As you like,” responded the voice in a bored way.
The vet switched off the lights and left the room, leaving me alone.
I couldn't shake a smile off the corner of my beak.

This next one is actually from a group, The Written Revolution, which is linked below. It is advice for aspiring authors about how to write a synopsis while pitching your story to an editor, which is a daunting task if you're not sure how to go about it. This article offers some great tips and advice:
Writing your Synopsis!Now that we've navigated the perils of the pitch: 
we are ready to tackle synopsis. Not all editors or agents will request a synopsis, but it's good to know how to write one and to have it ready if you need it. 
If an agent or publisher wants a synopsis, they'll usually tell you so in their submission requirements. If you've sent a query letter it may be something they ask for.
Make sure you follow their specifications.
Most agents and publishers would like your synopsis to be around 400 words to as much as a full page. 
Your synopsis needs to cover your setting, major characters, plot arc and conflicts.
You don't need to go into subplots, side characters, or all the clever twists and turns your story takes. The idea is to make it brief summary of your book that will make the agent or editor want to read more. 

And the link to the group is:

(And yes, the author is, once again, the lovely Zara-Arletis ! We're seeing a lot of you today! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3]  )

Also a big thank you to SuperferretIX for being open and honest enough to bring us this expressive poem:

What I want to be...What I want to be...
I want to be something, that everyone looks up to,
I want to be a goal, that others try to reach,
I want to be an object, of children's fascination,
I want to be a barrier, they'll one day try to breach,
I wish that I was something, that seems to reach forever,
I wish that I was home, to a myriad infinite gleams,
I wish that I was the canvas, for all the splendid mornings,
I wish that I was the bringer, of little children's dreams,
I want to be
the Sky.

Now, to finish off, I want to talk about DA user pixichi. Pixichi is a fantastic author of Thief and Fable fanfiction, as demonstrated in this Thief/Fable crossover piece:

And So our Story BeginsWinter, had once again come to Albion. Frosty gales wiped across the lazy countryside, coating every proud building with a fine alabaster sheen. Ancient ruins and statues appeared to be made of crystal, and blissful silvers and blues stretched wide across Bowerstone. Above the ruckus and laughter of busy shoppers and exchanged pleasantries, the chimes of the grand clock tower sounded in the city square. Estria had always loved this magical time of year, but it just hadn't felt the same recently. The usual peace and triumphant joy she was normally privy to each December, had been replaced by uncertainty, and silent tears.
Normally, whenever the youngest regent was sad, she would go rushing to her mother. No matter how old Estria got, Connie's loving embrace had always been there to sate any pain, however great. But no longer. The beloved heroine and queen had been dead nearly four years now.
Her father, was also a ghost, though the kind which still freely walked among men. Reaver rarely

However, pixichi is also an author outside of DA, and is currently working on what promises to be an amazing book release, which should be out within the next few months. It's called Fairy Blood: The Meeting of Five, and promises to be very exciting for fantasy-epic and steampunk fans. You can read a bit about it in this pitch here:

My novel pitch    Below is the query/pitch, courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Whitaker. I just wanted to share a peek of it with my amazing watchers! :iconfurrydanceplz: 
Pink Flower Pink Flower Pink Flower 
FAIRY BLOOD - 6 Part YA Fantasy Series
"Our birth does not determine who we are--it is merely the beginning of the journey that does."
Dear reader,
I am currently seeking representation for my YA fantasy series, Fairy Blood, a sweeping coming of age story, chronicling a young girl’s journey toward self-discovery and inner strength in the face of adversity and a culture of fear.
In order to prove her worth to her family of warriors, our strong yet flawed heroine, Abigail McFaoil must assassinate a given target in under a year. Although she does not share her family’s passion, Abigail must complete the task or face b

Also be sure to check the author's other domains for more information. The links are on her profile page! I know I'll be watching out for the book release!

I will leave you with this Easter-themed picture the author took of her dog, to get you in the festive mood. (She has an adorable dog, as you can see.)

Happy  Easter!!! by pixichi

Thank you for reading, friends! Have an amazing day!

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PS: I haven't forgotten that you wanted to voice act for my story narrations--I simply haven't had any time for editing fanfics lately, because my novel is coming out this summer. I think I've fainted. But I promise that I shall get back to this project forthwith, and you're still more than welcome to play Viktoria, if you are still interested. :) 
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Again, thanks a ton for the feature. Best regards, and have a wonderful weekend!!! :iconfoxbaibaiplz: 
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