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Hello everyone! Just a heads up that I will be putting up a four-part origin story for Elise Crawley from Rising Horror over the next couple of months. Those of you who have been enjoying Rising Horror should probably give it a shot :D

It does have a strict age restriction, which may or may not be necessary. If anyone wants to give feedback on that issue, it is very welcome indeed.
Ok everyone, just a heads-up: Some of the chapters up in my gallery are going to change names, but the content won't change. They'll be labelled as excerpts, but there won't be huge shifts in content. I don't know that this will bother anyone particularly, but if it does .... well, here is the warning.

Have a lovely day!
Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a heads up that, since I'm preparing to publish Rising Horror in the next year or so, I'll be taking down some of the preview chapters. I'm thinking I'll keep chapters 1-3 available in their entirety, but due to edits to the rest, and the fact it will be available on other platforms, I think it's time to put a lot of the rest out to pasture for the time being. So, for those lovely people who favourited several chapters, I am sorry that you're losing access to them. The good news is that they will eventually be available again.

Again, thanks for all the support! I will keep interested parties posted on the progress of the work.
Hi everyone! Just a heads up that, with a view to publishing sometime in the next year, I am going to be opening a few other social media accounts. I've started with Twitter, and my handle is below, so if you have Twitter and want to follow me, that would be lovely :)

Helloooo again! (Just imagine me saying that like Mrs Doubtfire, ok?) hello penguin 

Now, I want to share some of my favourite literature from DA in celebration of Easter, and what better place to start than with this amusing poem by the fantastic MaggotsX:

Your YouTube face binged my pocket last night:
Oh why, you so shaken, such lament there.
Why cry? To spite our might, of woeful plight?
I do not know you, so why our affair?
A lovely night ruined, in flames and fright.
Oh why, you so shaken, such lament there:      
Your twitter hashtags hateful [share and send],
I do not know you, so why our affair?
Goddamnit. Oh, will this war ever end?
These Facebook feed downers, now such a trend.
Your twitter hashtags hateful [share and send]:
A lovely night ruined, in flames and fright.
Goddamnit. Oh, will this war ever end?
Your Youtube face binged my pocket last night,
Pray stop to madness. Much less to pretend.
MaggotsX @ 10.01.2017

Astute and a great read!

Now, I want to present this wistful, poetic little treat by blanketings:

premier danseur, ethereali’d bought you three white peonies—a dollar apiece—for after you stumbled offstage, a spotlight still staining your skin and wind still clinging to your limbs, swayed and still swaying to the rhythm of a blue-tinged grimace; i waited countless knife-tipped breaths shivering against the a.c. in a vibrant sundress, sole reverberating off of brick with each second you don’t emerge, fingernails going green as i pressed accidental creases into each stem before i knew that you’d swept out the back exit, metal door slamming gently seconds after your fingers had released it and immediately, i picture the peonies at the head of your bed, delicately placed in a shiny mug that you filled halfway with water; every morning they’d imprint themselves behind your eyes and lighten everything you’d see, and every night you’d let their wilted petals blanket your palms. they’d keep you still enough to sleep.

I can feel the yearning seeping from the words. Great work, and thank you!

Now, a sombre peace, with difficult subject matter beautifully handled:

lung canceryou're asleep, 
and i lay
and breathe
i breathe
now i can do it unlike someone
on your chest hoping
that love is growing
with every blood-stained breath
your living-dead-flesh ejects-
it grows and grows
when heartbeating of yours
is breathing of mine,
harmonized symphony where we are one,
later we literally become
in coffin coloured like skin of our friends
that worked hard, and burned out
for us to start existing
- worry not,
they're shedding tears of joy
from ashtray.

Thank you, Alessiah!

Now, from Tuntalm, a vivid, confronting piece that I would encourage you to read:

Darker TimesClose your eyes now, and imagine…
You jump head first into the future. An apocalypse devastated several decades worth of life, yet the world is pulling itself back together. However, technology has remained at a standstill. Dust and smoke are now covering all of Earth's body, shaping its new dress. Overpopulated cities seep with worn out humans. Even air is too damn expensive to buy.
Glorious castles of glass rise above the rubble of society and shelter the few and powerful who watch the dirty streets teeming with broken silhouettes of what used to be humans... The unlucky remnants of mankind, damaged and corrupted to the bone, scouring the lanes all day and all night long. Calamity. Faith is left to vanish under the coat of blood and financial downfall. Nothing is sacred nor forbidden, as sins stain every little corner of reality. In the end, only hatred and violence prevail.
Can you picture it?
Go ahead, how does such future look in your mind? I want you to walk these rotten, m

Thank you for sharing this with us, Tuntalm!

For some time, I have been reading A Cursed Town by Zara-Arletis. It's a fantastic horror story, and I have missed it since I've been gone. I want to share the latest instalment of it with you:

A Cursed Town Ch. 25A Secrets of Marfath Story
All thought went out of Josef along with his breath as something large crashed into his side. He tumbled down into the soft mud of the floor. The priest struggled to get up, his legs pushing while his hands flailed at the man or beast that held him down. His fingers scraped on rough cloth as he was crushed inexorably down into the filthy ichor. Josef could smell rot as the sludge forced its way into his nose and mouth. Then came the soft music of Miss Ainshart's voice, her cool tone crisp and commanding.
"Marton! Stop that at once. That is Father Garten and you will let him alone."
Josef was released, though his shoulder groaned with a parting squeeze. He stood, sputtering and wiping at his face, spitting grit and slime back onto the ground. The priest's sore and much abused body did not appreciate this latest assault. He was beginning to think perhaps he should have listened to Beryl. His eyes adjusted to the darkness just i

Zara-Arletis' horror technique is very strong, which is further demonstrated by this beautiful homage they wrote to H.P. Lovecraft:

The CageI. The Waking Terror
There was a sense of unseen menace in the air when I woke. The oppressive darkness lay heavy, like a blanket across me and I was not sure if my eyes were open or closed. A fetid odor as of an open grave permeated the still, thick air. I am not now, nor ever have been a man prone to hysteria, but when I woke in that place, confusion and a gripping but as yet unexplained terror held my limbs. I could not see anything around me, only the shroud of Stygian gloom. My heartbeat pounded in my ears like the drums of deepest Africa, drowning any other sound. 
I tried to calm myself, to remember the rational being I was and not this panic stricken wretch. I may not know what place this was, nor how I had come to be here, but I would not allow those mysteries to trouble my mind. These were questions that had answers could I but search them out.
Self was the first enigma. I had no personal memory and no name. No, nor place that I would yearn for as

(This would have been in my Halloween features, but I never got around to doing any, so now will have to do.)

I have a soft spot for the Lackadaisy comics by tracyjb, and would like to share one of them with you now:

Lackadaisy Formaldehyde by tracyjb

Amusing, well-drawn, with great characterisation and detail, it is just what one would wish for in a comic. Thanks, tracyjb!

Now, here's one I think I might have shared before, but I'll share it again. It's the first part of a fantastic Penguins of Madagascar fic by IamNoHere.

POM - Black Wings - Chapter OneChapter one: New in New York

A beam of bright light made its way past my closed eyelids. I sat up and turned away, blinking.
Where am I? I felt around me to work it out. Metal. All around me. Poles - no - bars. A cage. I swept my other wing across my face. The loose end of a bandage rubbed against my forehead.
A shadow spilled over the cage. I looked up. A vet eyed me, scribbling into his notebook. He seemed content with my shape. I let out a relieved sigh. Fortunately, all the torture implements vets love to carry around were hidden safe, somewhere out of his reach and my view.
A monotone voice crept inside from the next room. “What about him?”
“Just a moment and you can take him to the others,” the vet said, still focusing at his notes.
“As you like,” responded the voice in a bored way.
The vet switched off the lights and left the room, leaving me alone.
I couldn't shake a smile off the corner of my beak.

This next one is actually from a group, The Written Revolution, which is linked below. It is advice for aspiring authors about how to write a synopsis while pitching your story to an editor, which is a daunting task if you're not sure how to go about it. This article offers some great tips and advice:
Writing your Synopsis!Now that we've navigated the perils of the pitch: 
we are ready to tackle synopsis. Not all editors or agents will request a synopsis, but it's good to know how to write one and to have it ready if you need it. 
If an agent or publisher wants a synopsis, they'll usually tell you so in their submission requirements. If you've sent a query letter it may be something they ask for.
Make sure you follow their specifications.
Most agents and publishers would like your synopsis to be around 400 words to as much as a full page. 
Your synopsis needs to cover your setting, major characters, plot arc and conflicts.
You don't need to go into subplots, side characters, or all the clever twists and turns your story takes. The idea is to make it brief summary of your book that will make the agent or editor want to read more. 

And the link to the group is:

(And yes, the author is, once again, the lovely Zara-Arletis ! We're seeing a lot of you today! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3]  )

Also a big thank you to SuperferretIX for being open and honest enough to bring us this expressive poem:

What I want to be...What I want to be...
I want to be something, that everyone looks up to,
I want to be a goal, that others try to reach,
I want to be an object, of children's fascination,
I want to be a barrier, they'll one day try to breach,
I wish that I was something, that seems to reach forever,
I wish that I was home, to a myriad infinite gleams,
I wish that I was the canvas, for all the splendid mornings,
I wish that I was the bringer, of little children's dreams,
I want to be
the Sky.

Now, to finish off, I want to talk about DA user pixichi. Pixichi is a fantastic author of Thief and Fable fanfiction, as demonstrated in this Thief/Fable crossover piece:

And So our Story BeginsWinter, had once again come to Albion. Frosty gales wiped across the lazy countryside, coating every proud building with a fine alabaster sheen. Ancient ruins and statues appeared to be made of crystal, and blissful silvers and blues stretched wide across Bowerstone. Above the ruckus and laughter of busy shoppers and exchanged pleasantries, the chimes of the grand clock tower sounded in the city square. Estria had always loved this magical time of year, but it just hadn't felt the same recently. The usual peace and triumphant joy she was normally privy to each December, had been replaced by uncertainty, and silent tears.
Normally, whenever the youngest regent was sad, she would go rushing to her mother. No matter how old Estria got, Connie's loving embrace had always been there to sate any pain, however great. But no longer. The beloved heroine and queen had been dead nearly four years now.
Her father, was also a ghost, though the kind which still freely walked among men. Reaver rarely

However, pixichi is also an author outside of DA, and is currently working on what promises to be an amazing book release, which should be out within the next few months. It's called Fairy Blood: The Meeting of Five, and promises to be very exciting for fantasy-epic and steampunk fans. You can read a bit about it in this pitch here:

My novel pitch    Below is the query/pitch, courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Whitaker. I just wanted to share a peek of it with my amazing watchers! :iconfurrydanceplz: 
Pink Flower Pink Flower Pink Flower 
FAIRY BLOOD - 6 Part YA Fantasy Series
"Our birth does not determine who we are--it is merely the beginning of the journey that does."
Dear reader,
I am currently seeking representation for my YA fantasy series, Fairy Blood, a sweeping coming of age story, chronicling a young girl’s journey toward self-discovery and inner strength in the face of adversity and a culture of fear.
In order to prove her worth to her family of warriors, our strong yet flawed heroine, Abigail McFaoil must assassinate a given target in under a year. Although she does not share her family’s passion, Abigail must complete the task or face b

Also be sure to check the author's other domains for more information. The links are on her profile page! I know I'll be watching out for the book release!

I will leave you with this Easter-themed picture the author took of her dog, to get you in the festive mood. (She has an adorable dog, as you can see.)

Happy  Easter!!! by pixichi

Thank you for reading, friends! Have an amazing day!

Hello, friends! Happy Easter! I've been away from DA for a while, and have, as such, not done much in the way of features for months and months. Not for the better part of a year, in fact. So, I thought it was time to get onto that, and do some Easter features, along with a few little announcements about some very talented artists and authors here on DA.

So, without further ado, let's start with the artwork.

In the spirit of the season, I bring you this very traditional and beautifully crafted watercolour by Vasylissa.

Happy Easter 2018 by Vasylissa

Be sure to check out the artist's profile if you like this work!

Next, in the spirit of all the candy we're going to be eating today, here is a fantastic spectral design by AshenSpectre which is currently on auction, so if you're interested, don't miss out on bidding!

(LAST CHANCE) Winter Advent - Candy Cane Ribbon by AshenSpectre

The artist will have this one up for bids until April 3, so don't miss your chance if you want it!

And now, onto a less Eastery theme, with this beautifully crafted, and somewhat haunting, picture by cidaq.

Hide and Seek by cidaq

The design, and the ink and watercolour scheme, really captures something unique, in my opinion.

Now, one of my all-time favourite interpretations of Lewis Carroll's Alice by jasminetoad:

Alice in Monet's Water Lilies by jasminetoad

I love how Alice is worked in with the style of Monet's waterlilies. The colours are so rich and the styles really blend well together.

Noxfae has an artistic style that I really love, and one of my favourite pieces from Noxfae's collection is Maiden Mother Crone, which embodies the phases of the moon and the stages of life.
Maiden Mother Crone by Noxfae

Tuntalm has a truly unique artistic style, and while this is not one of their most unusual pieces, it is one that I keep coming back to. It brings a fresh look to the traditional sort of dragon/human picture. It also happens to be based on an original work by DA member Mythiril, so be sure to check it out when you're done looking at the artwork!

Of Fate, Priests and Dragons by Tuntalm

This photo is very reminiscent of The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse, which is one of my favourite paintings, and is brought to you by LiliyaNazarova

Lady in the Boat | Liliya Nazarova by LiliyaNazarova

only1second is a skilled photographer when it comes to capturing, not only landscapes, but the aura and the atmosphere of the environment. So, I bring to you this fantastic piece, I Must be Dreaming, by only1second:

I must be dreaming by only1second

If you know much about ballet, then you might be familiar with the story of Coppelia, where a young man falls in love with a mysterious woman on a balcony. When he breaks into her house under her father's nose to declare his love, it turns out that she is just an automaton, and her 'father' is a would-be alchemist who is intent on stealing the young man's life force to bring the doll to life. Actually, it's not nearly as creepy as it sounds, and is quite a family-friendly ballet, on par with The Nutcracker. The original story, by E.T.A. Hoffmann, is not so family friendly, and this steampunk rendition of Coppelius and his creation is much more reminiscent of Hoffmann's tale than the ballet, in my opinion.
The doll maker by GrimildeMalatesta

Thanks to GrimildeMalatesta for this wonderful work!

Now, on a lighter topic, something that never fails to make me smile:

Daily Paint 1778# Batman and Robin by Cryptid-Creations

Thanks, Cryptid-Creations!

Now, this one was going to be in my Halloween features … but then I didn't do Halloween features. So, I'll just put this fantastic work down now! Thank you to Eternity9
Candle-Light by Eternity9

This is an old favourite. So adorable! It could be on a card! Thank you SuperferretIX

Greatest Treasure by SuperferretIX

This one depicts poisondragon88 and me as our D&D characters from an online, Pokemon themed game, and is just wonderful! Thank you to poisondragon88 for doing such a nice thing!

[BG] Lemme show you some magic tricks by poisondragon88

Just before we move onto the literature segment, I want to showcase this gorgeous work by Gwillieth:

messenger sketch by Gwillieth

Gwillieth's work is so otherworldly and elegant, and always presented so beautifully, that I just couldn't resist putting it in here.


That's part 1 of the features. Part 2 should be ready soon, so stay posted!

Hello, lovely people! It's feature time again, and this time, it's really just for the sake of it. No holiday-based desire here; I just want to showcase a few of my favourite DeviantArt submissions from the last few months.

As always, I'm going to start off with the literature, then move to the artwork.

So, on the literature list, I'm going to open with this wonderful poem by Nocturnaliss. Time is one of my favourite topics for poetry and prose, and it's always a treat to see how different authors approach it. This poem is, perhaps, one of my favourite representations of time:

#30 - 'Dance of Time'Time began when we were young
We knew no better, knew no lie
Nor that mankind usurped the throne
of She who grants us daily life
She has been there, beneath our feet
the food we take, the air we breathe
since long before mankind was born
She will remain, when we're long gone
The beasts we kill, polluted seas
will be to Her our legacy
And time will end past mankind's reign
When ashes rain and oceans bleed
She will be all that shall remain
The shadow of an ancient greed

Thank you, Nocturnaliss!

Before moving on to the next feature, I want to add that Nocturnaliss has a wide range of artistic projects, including high-fantasy prose, poetry, and art, and I would highly recommend perusing her website and social media platforms. Her work is a real treat for fantasy-fiction lovers and people who enjoy thought-provoking, meaningful poetry:

Next in line is the first chapter of A Cursed Town , which is a Secrets of Marfath story by author Zara-Arletis . Marfath is a fascinating town, with fantasy, scares and interesting characters, making this tale well worth reading:

A Cursed Town Ch. 1A Secrets of Marfath Story
"While I am reluctant to send you to this cursed town, there are few other options. No matter what may come, keep faith burning in your heart. Like a fire, it will keep the beasts at bay."
The carriage shook with every stone and dip in the road, making the words on the page jump. Josef barely noticed, his attention riveted on the last lines of the letter as he read them once more. What had the old priest meant? Surely the town wasn't cursed. It was just remote; a small town full of uneducated, small minded people. Father Josef had been to many places like that. 
Villages on the dark continent where haggard women danced naked in the moonlight, trying to work their will against neighbors. Hamlets in icy mountain ranges where people hung garlic above their door to ward off the dead. City districts where the forgotten poor made idols of their most wicked denizens and worshipped them in foul rites beneath city s

Thank you, Zara-Arletis!

My next pick is by queenofeagles . It captures a strong narrative in an imaginative, post-apocalyptic fantasy world within a very short span of words:

Bite me     “Bite me,” his sister whispered. “Come here and bite me…”
    The boy put his finger to his lips. “Hush! You’ll scare it off! Besides, it’s my turn to get bitten.”
    We’ll see about that, the glimmer in her eyes said. His mouth curled into a smile: challenge accepted.
    The two children crept forward. Their suntanned arms were stretched out to a tiny dot on the wall, like compass needles pointing north. Their ‘north pole’ however had legs and wings, so flimsy they almost disappeared against the backdrop of flowery, yellowed wallpaper. It was a miracle he had spotted the creature. He didn’t dare to look away, afraid he wouldn’t find it again. He didn’t even blink.
    Sunlight beamed through the walls as if they weren’t there, turning the room into an oven. Sweat beaded on

Thanks, queenofeagles!

Next up is a poem by Alessiah. It is an ode to a beautiful Welsh word:

hiraethdays (aeons felt-like) ago
i wrote about the leave-taking
on the back side of a snapshot of a girl
mantled in a dress that had drawn garden on its fabric
on a xanthous, pristine paper;
then, i wrote inter every two lines of a diary's sheet:
fear's not always seen through
a lens of monochrome

-for a seed of reason
in a soil of artistic insanity of mind
has always known that you cannot say goodbye
to someone whose hello
you have never tasted on a tongue
from their own.
(we've been severed long before
the letter-written-with-the-vaguest-handwriting on a xanthous paper
was born)

Thank you, Alessiah!

My next pick is this powerful free-verse piece by JimmieBee :

PrisonerBring the prisoner in
the one who thinks up stories
and inks them in her skin
Let her untangle your braids
and listen to her sing
proudly belted ballads
before the walls grow thin
Now they're whispered lullabies
now they're bleak and grim
now the inked prisoner
is heartbroken within.

Thanks, JimmieBee!

Now, onto this interesting look at love, written by OtterFossil :

A Bittersweet View of LoveA Bittersweet View of Love
The clink whenever my
Spoon hits glass
Reminds me that the coffee
Is not something I can lean on.
Even the sugar
Burgs haven’t melted yet,
So I doubt the drink is warm.
Some days are colder than others,
But that’s about as simple
As my life gets nowadays.
The wind is chilly, isn’t it?
Of course I know that.
But you’re just making talk.
It’s funny, I didn’t used to be
Cynical. There was a time when
I’d have laughed and said,
Yea, it is, isn’t it?
But today I think it’s about right.
The weatherman may be wrong,
But Mother isn’t.
Whenever the sun begins
To paint the sky a razberry
Orange, I remember the night
When love felt real.
We walked back to our campsite
In a line. For you, the darkness became
An excuse to twist your fingers
Between mine. For me, it preluded
The scene when I finally felt
Like there was a bridge between us.
The next act was me stumbling as
You twisted the ropes and I grappled
For a

I think everyone may have a different view on this poem. On one level, I relate to what the speaker is saying, and on another, not so much. However you feel about it, I think it has a lot of merit. Thank you, OtterFossil!

Next is a brutal approximation of certain aspects of electronic and social media, brought to you in haiku form by ArwynRie :

mediaslather my ribcage
with the blood of innocents
jackals gorge on hearts

Thank you, ArwynRie!

Now, I know the next one is an appendix to a longer work, but I think it stands up on its own as a short, with imaginative writing and amusing content. Thanks to the author, Iroken !

Mature Content

Now, with this next one, I imagine that at least one person is rolling their eyes and saying, ‘Oh, dailydragonlair, you overly-cautious lair of the daily dragon, this is a boring article telling me to do something I already know I should do!’* And yes, I know that many people, in this digital age, know to back up their files regularly etc. However, I still value that somebody took the time to write an article, not only as a source of information, but as a friendly reminder, to me and others, to always take care when working with computers and the internet. Thank you, TheArtFrog !

PLEASE READ - The Ransomware EpidemicPlease share, fave +fav and spread this journal. You could help many people on DeviantArt protect their computers from this horrific cyberattack and raise awareness about the issue to those who haven't yet heard of it.  
:bulletpink: Intro :bulletpink:
Funny how all these years of me picking and choosing updates to keep my computer functioning how I want it (you know... to have what you paid for and keep my product without others stealing it and modifying it *cough*badupdates*cough* ... basic consumer rights... but anyway) came to haunt me.
So I finally decided that I'd bite the bullet and update my updates... only to find out Windows Update was refusing to update and would forever stay stuck "searching for updates". Just my luck. When I really don't want updates they try to install, and when I really need them they don't.
Anyhow, why am I so desper

*This is a hypothetical conversation only, and does not represent the thoughts or words of any reader or their affiliates. :P

And now, on the border between the art and the literature features, I have included a comic. It's one of my favourites by the fantastic travisJhanson :

rolling for iniative... rpg comic by travisJhanson

Ok, now I'm moving on to artwork, and what better way to start than with a smile?

If you want to be manly... by SuperferretIX

This cuddly piece is by artist and author SuperferretIX . Please note that this was originally a t-shirt design, and is available on shirts and sweaters via SuperferretIX's Redbubble shop:……

Thanks, SuperferritIX!

Next is a fantastic dragon by Eternity9 . I would like everyone to take a moment to appreciate the scales. I can't imagine how long it took to craft each and every little scale, alongside the veins in the wings, and, well, the entirety of the dragon, really. :P

Custom Dragon For Dragonwolf1775 by Eternity9

Thank you, Eternity9!

Next on the list is an illustration which, like SuperferritIX's cat, makes me smile every time. This one is courtesy of poisondragon88 :

HW- Snowman massacre by poisondragon88
This one is particularly appropriate for the half of the world currently experiencing winter. :D

The next piece I want to feature is this dramatic painting by grazapp, which simultaneously portrays an idea and a musical composition as visual art:

The Truth Will Always Be by grazapp

Thank you, grazapp!

Next on the list is this fantastic piece by Wildweasel339 :

Royal Den Mother by Wildweasel339

I love everything about this, from the style, to the tiny mouse knight, to the expressions on everyone's faces. It's impossible to look at the love in that bears eyes, and not want one of your own! :)

Now, onto some photography. I adore this triptych by AnnaBelial . Isn't it absolutely grin-worthy?

It's selfie time! by AnnaBelial

Thank you, AnnaBelial!

In this next photo, the blue and the tiny details of this cats eyes simply blow me away. It's so interesting to have a fantastic, high-definition shot of the eyes. Thank you to Sapphiresenthiss !

Behind Blue Eyes by Sapphiresenthiss

Now, this next one is especially adorable for those who might be fans of The Witcher books and games. There’s a whole set of Witcher characters done as toddlers, by artist NikiVaszi . They are adorable in their own right, but they are filled with in-jokes for those who know about the characters and stories. This one, depicting character Yennifer, is particularly amusing and sweet:

The Last Wish by NikiVaszi

Thanks NikiVaszi!

Finally, I have decided to include this portrait by Olieart, which portrays Mabel and her pet pig, Waddles, from the animated show Gravity Falls. It is a fantastic show for viewers of all ages, and I was immediately taken by the optimistic, bubbly character that is Mabel. Once Waddles arrived, he was more or less inseparable from her as a part of her character, and this picture not only sums up their relationship, but fantastically re-imagines the bold, cartoony style of the show as realistic portraiture:

Sketch #240 Mabel And Waddles by Olieart

And there you have my mid-year features. I hope you all enjoyed them! Remember, if there was an entry you particularly liked, you should probably check out that artist/author's gallery. That way, you'll probably find even more stuff you love :D

Thank you for reading, lovely people! :hug:

Hello again! After some consideration, I decided that I really wanted to do another set of Easter features. I just like so much of the work here on DeviantArt and, while I can’t highlight everything I like, there are a few more pieces I really want to share.  


This is one of my all-time favourites from the site, by artist lires :
Pizza! by lires


Hoi, welcome to da Tem house of horrors! :D Yeah, I like Undertale. I know this one is possibly not everyone's cup of tea, but look at it. It’s so adorable! Note that this, and several other comic panels, are part of the creator’s AU for Undertale, and are somewhat darker, in places, than the game is. If this panel amuses or interests you, or if you like Undertale, it’s definitely worth a look.
Tem- wait that's an actual word by zarla

Thanks for all the Tems, zarla !


Next, I will move onto fashion design. These silk scarves are absolutely stunning, and superbly crafted by MiaErrianIrielynn :
Green Ireland by MiaErrianIrielynn          Peacock Feathers silk scarf by MinkuLul


Next is a set of upper body, leather armour fit for a high fantasy adventurer, as well as an intricate and fantastical corset set. SavagePunkStudio has created several such pieces, and I love how they are all so beautiful, but also seem very functional.
women's Leather Armor- Blue Jay 2 by SavagePunkStudio          Morning Glory Corset Set by SavagePunkStudio


The next profile is one which is well-known, and I fear I am being a bit presumptuous to feature them. However, I feel this way about quite a few of the people I have featured, and I don’t think they will be offended about good publicity :D . Firefly-Path has invented some of the most sumptuous and creative gowns and accessories that I have ever seen. The list of designs is extensive, so I will feature just three: the Siren Headress, the Starlight Gown and the Rose Armor Gown:
Siren Headress by Firefly-Path          Starlight Gown by Firefly-Path           Rose Armor Gown by Firefly-Path


Now, I have a bit of a thing for book binding and unique journals. This might be because I sometimes enjoy writing by hand as opposed to typing. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up highlighting these books:

First, a couple of glorious specimens by Gwillieth :

  The Sun And The Moon Celtic Journal by Gwillieth          Copper mushrooms journal by Gwillieth

Second, novelties that fans of the Fallout, Dishonored and Dragon Age: Inquisition video games will enjoy:
The Official Nuka World Recipe Book by Vanyanie          Dragon Age Codex Notebook, Diary, Journal by Vanyanie          Dishonored Outsider journal, notebook, diary by Vanyanie

Thanks Vanyanie !

Finally, I would like to include a short passage by Nocturnaliss. It is supposed to be an introduction to a written work, but is, nonetheless, an insightful look at what it is to be a creator; to have an inherent impulse to write, or paint, or sew, or design, or photograph, or maybe just to imagine. Sometimes, as explored in this passage, life can be sad or confronting, but it hasn’t stopped Nocturnaliss, and it needn’t stop any of you, either!
ACWAN 1.1 - IntroductionTo know where you're headed, you must understand whence you came.
I've always had a loving relationship with writing. When I was little, I wrote stories that, surprisingly, are actually still good – globally, since they'd need tons of revising and grammar checks and spelling fixings. I recently found a story I'd typed up on my mom's electric typewriter when I was, I don't know, something like 10? Maybe not even that? It was before I had a Commodore 64 (because I'm old), so I might have been 6, 7, I have no idea. It was a story that ended in drama – with a prince and princess and a fox, and someone dying at the end. Yet, even now, I find that story compelling despite its numerous youthful flaws. Words, as well as a certain sense of morbidity, have always been with me. They are a base for life and a base for hope and a desire to write, as I find the world we live in bleak and, at times, pointless: thus, I want to write an uplifting story themed around love, sacrifice, and dea

Thanks so much for reading! I hope that you have found some new content you like from reading this, and that just maybe, it has inspired you with your own projects!

Just a heads up: DeviantArt decided to upload an unfinished version of this article which I thought I had deleted alongside the finished version. It's a long story, but the website was acting up a bit this morning. If you added the unfinished one to a collection, you may want to add this one instead. Sorry about that!

Greetings, everyone! Firstly, I want to wish all of you a happy Easter weekend, wherever in the world you are at the moment. Secondly, I want to feature a few very special authors and artists, whose work I have been enjoying immensely for some time now. I will start, as I did in the last feature, with literary pieces.


First off, I would like to give a special shout to Nocturnaliss, and to feature this very poignant piece.
It has been a whileIt has been a while, my friend.
How have you been?
Life has changed so much since you've been gone.
Do you remember what you said to me,
Five years ago,
When I last held your hand in mine?
"Don't miss me."
I'm sorry to have disappointed you.
Do you see the sky from where you are?
Are you watching the same fiery sunset?
Are you thinking about our time together,
When you used to knock on my head
Whenever I compared the sky to your hair?
Do you remember me?
Life is not the same. I am not the same.
I see you wherever I go.
I jump at the screech of tires.
And I remember the blank stare in your eyes.
"Don't miss me."
How can I not?
I have tried and failed so many times
That I have stopped trying altogether.
You know I have.
I think I saw you, that one time.
You didn't look like an angel at all.
"I told you not to miss me," you laughed.
But you were dead serious.
I'll try not to miss you my friend,
But you know I can't guarantee that.
Even now that my life is starting to make sense.
You'll al


Nocturnaliss has recently created a website for her work, which focuses on her big project, Tales From Aeyuu. It is well worth a look, especially for those of you who enjoy fantasy fiction:

Nocturnaliss also has a Patreon profile. I think many of you must know how hard it can be to make a living in an artistic field, so if you feel inclined to help a fellow creator, don’t hesitate to have a look at this link. Bear in mind that you need not donate more than $1 per month, which is very reasonable indeed:


Second on the literature list is the first chapter of a fantastic tale by TheShadyFedora :
Off by a Whisker - Chapter 1
Amazing Cover drawn by NoobyNoob103! :IconNoobyNoob103: Middle cat is Nickleby, I'll let you figure out who the rest are. ;)
(A big thanks to anyone who would take the time to read through this chapter and give me their opinion! You're awesome! Ahead of you is Off by a Whisker, a story of cats, suspense, mystery, secret societies and murder! Sounds fascinating doesn't it? Well don't let me waste your time, on with the story now, as always, read, review, but most of all enjoy!)

The soft murmur of the Buick’s engine, the smell of cardboard boxes, all of it added to a comforting yet exciting orchestra of sensations upon Nickleby’s ears and nose.
Nickleby fit well amongst the stacks of boxes on the back seat of the rumbling car. He was a cat after all, a short-haired, ginger and white tom, comfortably squeezed into the narrow space between the shifting stacks of belongings, packed lunch, and trinkets.
The trip wasn’t all laze an


I love the way the cats are represented and characterised in the wider story. If you enjoyed the first chapter, then it would be worth looking at the rest of the tale.


Thirdly is Crying Into a Chasm, by Indigo-Moon-Shadow :
Crying Into A ChasmA white lily drifts atop black water,
Seeking a gate to her belovèd Mars –
A distant, pristine echo beneath her
As fair petals glitter under the stars.
A cardinal red darts over the snow,
Never stopping to notice a plain bird
Waiting to sing for her belovèd beau –
But the love-song fades as it goes unheard.    
A yellow flame dancing upon the wick
Consumes the candle with fervent burning
And her belovèd wax wanes with each lick
Until all she has is ashen yearning.
             In absence even, she craves attention –
             But that is not to his comprehension.


Fourthly is an entertaining, satirical poem by MaggotsX
The Proper Use of WordsThe Proper Use of Words
[$$$$] bless You.
Surely Our great [$$$$] loves You, above all.
Yes, You. Yes, all You fine [$$$$] folks, with Your fine
[$$$$] faces. Yes, only You. Oh, Yes, [$$$$]'s glorious [$$$$].
[$$$$] for You. Yes, [$$$$]'s love & [$$$$] for all of You.
May [$$$$] bless You.
But, Evil [!!!!] wait.
Surely up to [xxxx], most vile. Wicked [!!!!] lurk.
Yes, lurk. Yes, They will [xxxx] You. They will [xxxx]
Your [$$$$]. They are utterly [XXXX]. They desire nothing,
Only to [xxxx] You. [XXXX] You & [XXXX] Your [$$$$].
Yes, Evil [!!!!] wait.
Yes, We must [!!!!] Them.
Surely Our [$$$$] will bless Us, [$$$$] hates Them.
Yes, hates [!!!!]. Yes, the [XXXX] [!!!!] must be [!!!!].
Our [$$$$] will forever be [XXXX], until all [!!!!] are rooted out
And We send Them to [XXXX]. For the love of [$$$$],
We must [! ! ! !] Them ALL!
May [$$$$] bless You.
MaggotsX @ 09.02.2016


The next one has a lot of attention already, but I like it, so I’m going to put it here anyway. It’s my journal, darn it!!! :P
How to love a girl who can't love
    When she cries herself to sleep
    six out of seven nights a week you must
    say nothing. You must simply take
    her in your arms and kiss her gaunt,
    pale cheeks and wait for her to
    slumber at the sound of your heart.
    On the days where she wishes she
    were part of the stars, tell her
    no. Tell her that there are too many
    lights in the sky and that just one
    would be forgotten the moment you looked
    away from it. Tell her that she is perfect
    the way she is: completely human.
     Don't let her think about the scars
     that no one but her can see. If she
     says "I think I'm broken" smile like you
     know a secret and say, "No, you're mending."
     But do not be the one to fix her - no, she

Thank you to the author, lupus-astra .


As in my last feature, I can’t help but give a nod to ArwynRie , who has such great skill with the haiku form of poetry. This one is adorable!
paparazzi    on the Riverwalk
young son fills my SD card
with fuzzy ducklings


Next, we have a piece by Allesiah:
<da:thumb id="656558491"/>


And now, a poem that I enjoy, written by blanketings :
[exit west, cold]ice water and beer caught in our respective throats
we refuse to acknowledge the shaking
instead rigid
to stare over shoulders
and i map every speck of
dust that passes behind you
an early september chill breathes us in
and decides it likes us very much
keeps us in place
in our restaurant booth
red and crashing and
clashing against our eyes
both of them
helping the darkness
of your skin marking shadows on mine
dashed lines placed to
show where you have been
and emptiness for where you have yet
to travel
too late for driving but
you leave anyway
and we still don't look at each other
but you hand me a napkin
and wave
and your vibrations sync
symphonious simple loss against time
too late to let them go


I’m going to have an extra section, because the next feature is a comic, and therefore, could fit into either part. This one always makes me smile: Thank you SuperferretIX !!
Cafe Rubber by SuperferretIX


Just before the next section, I do have one more teensy comic to fit in. This is by a fairly well-known artist, but I love his work, and this slide cracks me up every time.
Vampires RPG Comic by travisJhanson

Thanks travisJhanson !


Now, we arrive in the art section of the feature. The first piece is, I confess, a bit of a biased preference, as it was designed specifically for me. However, in some ways, perhaps that is a good reason to feature it in my journal!!! (You don't have to agree :p )

Thank you to Eternity9 ! I love all your dragon designs, but this one is especially so:
Gift art for dailydragonlair by Eternity9


While on the topic of dragons, poisondragon88  has also produced a special favourite of mine. This close-up of a dragon’s eye is quite striking. (The dragon is the artist’s OC, and you can see more of him, and other OC dragons, in the artist’s profile.)
[I tire of all this } farren by poisondragon88


Third on this list is Tuntalm , who has the most striking and unique artistic style that I have seen for a long time. Some of her work is challenging, but if you are up for a challenge, I would recommend browsing her gallery.
My Lion Isn't Roaring Anymore by Tuntalm


This photo just makes me smile. It’s just so incongruous to see all these elements thrown together. Thanks niklin1 !
Glutton by niklin1


The next photograph, by LichtReize, captures something very specific for me, which may or may not have been the artist’s intent. Since this isn’t a review, and I am not a visual arts expert, I will leave it to your own interpretation, and just let you enjoy it:
I'am the rain by LichtReize


Another interesting creator on DA is InayatShah . This photograph was taken at Leptis Magna, near Khoms in Libya. For me, it captures a sense of ancientness. I can almost sense to ghosts of the past looking at the image, and it feels like a physical presentation of a place, rather than a digital image of a place.
Leptis Manga 02 - Rework by InayatShah

I am a fan of The Witcher books and video games. Thus, I really enjoy artist Jooleya 's work. Her pictures of the character Ciri feel very authentic to me. This sketch is a favourite of mine, not only because of my interest in the Witcher world, but because Jooleya captures Ciri as she is in the books, rather than in the games. This is interesting to me because of the phase in Ciri’s life which is portrayed here, which ideally requires a bit of a departure from her visual representation in the games. Additionally, the other character in the frame, Mistle, does not appear in the games, and was created entirely from the book descriptions. It also interests me is that Mistle is more or less how I imagined her, and I always love when an artist manages to bring a character to life so well.
Falka (Ciri) and Mistle - Pencil Drawing by Jooleya


This needs no words:

Snuggles by SiiroiToriorika 

Thank you, SiiroiToriorika !


Finally, a magnificent piece by MariaPetrova :
Dancing Forest II by MariaPetrova


Thank you for reading, everyone! I hope I’ve been able to point you to some content that you will enjoy. Thank you to all the creators who put so much effort into their art!


Happy Easter to you all!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to draw attention to an author on DeviantArt, who has recently launched a Patreon page: Nocturnaliss . Nocturnaliss is an author of fantasy literature, and has written some truly impressive work so far. I think that she is a creator who really deserves a chance to be published, and that her work would be very appealing to fans of fantasy books. Even if you can't support her through Patreon, it's well worth visiting her gallery and having a look at the various entries. Also, the lowest donation rate per month for the Patreon scheme is only $1, which is very convenient for anybody who enjoys her work, but can't afford a larger donation.

The Patreon link is below:

Thank you for reading, lovely people! Have a good day!
Hi there everyone! The new year is upon us, and I just wanted to take this moment to thank the DA community for their support this year, and to wish you all a good 2017. I hope that each of you experiences good fortune during the next 365 days.
On another note, the new year made me think about time, and time made me think about clocks; to be specific, this amazing clock created by ericfreitas :

The Jungers Commission by ericfreitas

I just couldn't resist giving this glorious creation a quick feature before 2017, since it didn't fit into the categories from the Christmas features article.

Happy new year, everyone!
Hi all!

So it's Christmas 2016, and I thought I'd write an entry wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year. (This applies generally in theory, although I gather that it only the people who read it will know that I wished them a merry Christmas in practice :P )

While I'm here, breaking out of my usual activities and writing an actual journal entry, I thought I'd take a moment to mention some fantastic art and literature that I've enjoyed over the last year. It will be a limited sampling, but I'm keen to share at least some of the awesome work on DA. It isn't really a top ten list or anything: Just a few I enjoyed recently and wanted to share.

First up, the literature:

1. An awesome, tense and original tale by Zara-Arletis
The Sleeping CityMather Just hugged the shadow of the rocks like an ardent lover but all his attention was on the field of mirror-shine below. Row upon row of solar panels sidling up to a serpent's tangle of pipes that filled the valley with an electric hum. The sleeping city, thought Mather, grinding his jaw. He stood up in the bright, hot desert sun and faced the hill behind him. His holy warriors were there, unseen behind the rocks and sand. Mather made the alls-clear sign and motioned them forward.
Down the hill they slid, bellies pressed to the grit, his band of fearless men. Die-well, Tenacity, Cherubin, and Enoch, all four goodly young men with a fire in their hearts. They beheld the sleeping city with all of Mather's hatred and then some, as it should be. This was the home of Covenant, the frauds that stole mankind's future. 
Mather waited until his men were tucked into the shadows and whispered to them in carrying tones. "The valley's empty of the living, but you'll see Covenant sensors u

2. One of a series of OC profiles by HarlequindeSade
OC Profile: Naomi Jager SilversteinName: Naomi Jager Silverstein
Age: 39
Gender: Female
Height: Five feet, nine inches
Weight/Build: Naomi’s body is designed to resemble cassowary. Her limbs are long and slender, highly flexible, and incredibly strong, quite the contrast to how sleek they are. As you could expect, these wiry things are every bit as fast as they are powerful. Her body is shaped like a tightly packed vertical lozenge, having a slightly longer than normal neck which supports her head.
Skin Color: Naomi’s skin is a rich shade of olive-cream. Like her husband, Cyrus, she spends much of her time outside, giving it a tan shade.
Facial Features: Her head is is shaped like a ball of very hard cheese that is beginning to age. Her chin is small, and her nose is equally so. The forehead is exposed to the world partially because she brushes her hair away from it. The lips are medium sized. They are set either in a smile or a purse of pondering.
Naomi’s face is beginning to lose it’s elasticit

3. A melancholic story with a good twist by vevulicious379
Stay With MeThe day was dull and dreary. Grey clouds against a greyer sky. Around noon a light rain began to fall, the first of many. Such showers weren’t rare occurrences for September.
On the couch in the living room the two of them sat: sisters, an older one and a younger one, underneath a blue fleece blanket shared between them. A dull light shone through the sliding glass door built into the east wall, and dark silhouettes were cast across the walls from droplets of rain impacting the exterior surface and extending into thin streaks, stretching like tendrils towards the floor. The elder girl, dark-haired and about seventeen in appearance, sat with her back against the far armrest and her sister, her junior by a year or two with more reddish hair and lighter skin, pulled close up against her body, arms wrapped around her midsection just below her chest and chin resting on her right shoulder. The TV on the far side of the room was turned on and cast off the occasional noticeably brig

4. An exceptional excerpt of prose fiction by Nocturnaliss
The General falters by Nocturnaliss
5. A short, humorous poem by MaggotsX
Fall 2016/Anger Management: Grade F-Fall 2016/Anger Management: Grade F-
Facebook people
Dissed and deplorabled
I just block them
MaggotsX @ 12.01.2016

6. One of many beautiful haikus by ArwynRie
rolesshattered looking glass
seeing all the persons 
in one woman

7. This lyrical poem by SuperferretIX
My right, my choice My right, my choice
I will be master of what is mine,
I'll tame it to my cause,
I'll craft it in those fires divine,
And use it without pause,
I will stand upon the highest top,
Or walk an alley row,
Or steal across a wall, and stop,
And peer at those below,
I will weild it with my fiery skill,
I'll loom in shadows dark,
I'll hound my goal, and with my will,
Find solace in my mark,
I will carve a path through pages plain,
Quest into waters deep,
And stir it up, and search in vain,
For secrets it might keep,
I will whisper my sad tale, to those,
Who care to lend an ear,
And walk the path of which I chose,
With ne'er a hint of fear,
I will look out over lands so vast,
My mind can't comprehend,
The wonders of the now and past,
This time on Earth I spend,
Yet dear tempered steel, your sheen will dull,
My eyes will cloud with time,
We'll fall together, an empty hull,
Now that we're past our prime,
I could cling to you, with weathered claws,
Or slip you from my hand,
Relinquish mysel

8. A stark, thematically-challenging piece from blanketings
cannonball criesand oh will this fire burn
wild, melting wax and rain,
these fever-delirious delusions
ill illusions of nighttime wars
but i will not write them.
i cannot bear this pen's weight, no-
i can't beat this pressure in
and against these whimpering lungs
this hollow throat of mine.
trees of life to ashes
and ashes to breath
and breath to choking cries
from darkened rooms flickering
to sixteen mm memories
all as i bury them cold
bury them close
and i grasp my legs so i won't run
to dream of unlove backwards
and ignore this fireplace tremble,
earthquakes in my chest
conversing, convulsing
as they battle until morning

9. An entertaining look at copyright, copyright infringement and Vulcans: thanks painted-bees !
Fictional species, races, characters and copyrightI design a vulcan OC, she's doing the vulcan salute.
She is named T'Pom. 
I can't sell her nor make a profit off of her (nor can anyone else via commissions or otherwise, technically). Technically the IP holders can even ask me to stop making work about her--because making my own vulcan character infringes on their copyright. (but the IP holder is a chill dude and has expressed that they actually get excited about this kind of fan participation, so I'm not worried!)
I design a very logical space elf, blond hair, blue eyes, blue shirt and black jeans. He is making a hand gesture I call "the space elf peace sign", it's an important part of his character.
His name is Marlon.
I can sell this character--I can do what ever I want with him. He's mine. He doesn't infringe on anyone's copyright at all. Even the hand guesture, which is clearly the vulcan salute (space elf peace sign my ass)--is not and cannot be trademarked. And so, sure... space elf peace sign, why not?

10. And, finally ... (drumroll :P) This Christmas-themed horror-comedy tale to get you in the mood for the season: thanks KomradApex !
Micropasta: Naughty and NiceMicropasta: Naughty and Nice
Present, gift, souvenir, carnage, donation. One of those words doesn’t belong.
Do you remember those anonymous gifts you got as a child? Maybe your parents said they were “From Santa” or “To the Family”. You probably thought they were just the result of your parents being cute. After all, adults often don’t realize how essentially cynical most children are in regards to Santa. But think hard. Didn’t your parents seem a little surprised too, when they noticed that as much as half a dozen unexpected presents were under the tree?
Oh, but those were the best gifts! A Sega Saturn, He-Man and She-Ra action figures, and even a Charizard card worth its weight in gold inside a collector’s case.
And one Christmas you just couldn’t wait, could you? You had to open up those mysterious presents from no one early. And therein lies the problem.
These gifts really do come from Santa, but like any ma

Secondly, the artwork:

The first piece probably doesn't need much introduction for a lot of you, but I'm putting it out there anyway, because it's such a beautifully-drawn series: the Lackadaisy comics by tracyjb:

Lackadaisy Ziegfeld by tracyjb

Detailed, unique and gloriously brought to life. I was introduced to this comic by a friend, and can fully recommend it. I particularly like the above picture, 'Ziegfeld'.

Secondly,this hilarious illustration of a dragon crashing in comedic fashion, while being hunted by hamsters. Dat facial expression, though :D :

Dragon Crash by Hamsterfly

This artwork is brought to you by Hamsterfly

Thirdly, this stunning, seasonal photomanipulation piece byrobhas1left:

A Little house on the prairie Christmas by robhas1left

Fourthly, one of my all-time favourites from Eternity9 :

Night Landscape 02 by Eternity9

Fifthly, Newt Scamander meets the Doctor:

Doctor Newt by KarasuTenguProyectos

Thanks KarasuTenguProyectos; it made me smile :D

Sixth, a lovely portrayal of a Flowerdancer dragon from 'Flight Rising', courtesy of poisondragon88 :

Flight Rising:  Flowerdance by poisondragon88

Seventh, this dark photomanipulation from BigBad-Red :

Sorceria by BigBad-Red

Eighth, this magnificent photograph byMariaPetrova :

Dancing Forest by MariaPetrova

It's eerie and beautiful at the same time.

Nineth, this adorable inspirational piece by SuperferretIX :
New identity by SuperferretIX

And, finally,this cute-as-a-button cross stitch by pinkythepink :

Duke Waxeye, Friendly Chirpy (GraniteFire) by pinkythepink

Now, having finished sharing for the moment, (although I expect I will be back with more soon,) I wish you all the best over Christmas. I know that not everyone has friends and family to share the holidays with, and some of you might be experiencing hardships. If that's the case, just know that you can always message me if you need a friendly ear.

Merry Christmas!