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Crocodile Gold (Part 1)
‘Hurry, Yagret!’ Lilelle hissed as the howling scream echoed around them. She would have said that the cacodaemoniacal sound issued from the bowels of the earth, except for the fact that they were both already deep within the ground. This most likely meant that whatever manner of beast was skulking in the shadows was lurking in one of the nearby chambers
Yagret, a dwarf, was used to underground spaces, and was less discomfited by their circumstances than the Elfin Lilelle.
Yagret was hunched over an intricate lock on a large, seamless door in the rock wall, sweating profusely. ‘I am hurrying. If I hurry any more, the trap mechanism’s going to dump acid all over the floor, and possibly us. You don’t want that. Believe me.’
Lilelle fell silent. A keening screech echoed, nearer than the last. She muttered a prayer and prepared a spell, pre-emptive fire crackling through her fingers.
Meanwhile, in another chamber not far away, a dwarf and a huma
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Elise Who? (Part 4)
Grnm the morgu held her hostages in terror as she feasted on the heart of her latest victim inside the walls of the taken city. Meanwhile, just outside the gates, Pyrel was passing a small, puke-green worm from hand to hand. It was rather like an ugly earthworm, Elise thought. After a minute or two, she asked, ‘Uh, Pyrel, what are you doing with that worm?’
Pyrel glared at her. ‘Warming it up of course.’
Elise replied slowly, ‘I don’t quite understand, I’m afraid.’
Pyrel sighed, exasperated. ‘Moving it from hand to hand warms it up so that it will move faster. We need it to move fast to burrow.’
Pyel groused, ‘Of course! How else are we going to make a wormhole? This is a cosmic worm. Why else would I keep it in that vacuum-sealed container?’
Elise decided it was best not to ask any more questions.
Finally, Pyrel said, ‘There, that’s my boy. Going to miss you, Bartholomew.’ H
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Mature content
Elise Who? (Part 3) :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 1 0
Elise Who? (Part 2)
By and by, Elise began to recover, and to take an interest in her surroundings. Her room was very pretty, with duck-egg blue wallpaper covered in a design of ornate keys. She slept in a four-poster bed of alabaster white, with a matching dressing table and mirror. There was a pretty writing desk, and all manner of adorable ornaments. There was also a lace-curtained window that looked out onto a beautiful garden full of a unique genus of rose that began blooming pink, and became yellow as it opened from the bud. When Elise could sit up for longer periods of time, Lilandra brought in a comfortable rocking chair for Elise to sit in, and scores of books for Elise to read. At first, Lilandra erroneously guessed that Elise would enjoy children’s books, but when she realised her error, she brought novels, with wonderful stories and dialogue. She spoke a lot to Elise, who learned much about Lilandra.
Lilandra adored animals, and always had a creature of some sort at her side. Sometimes i
:icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 2 0
Mature content
Elise Who? (Part 1) :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 2 3
RH Cover - ID by dailydragonlair RH Cover - ID :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 2 0 Fenton Chapter Cover by SuperferritIX by dailydragonlair Fenton Chapter Cover by SuperferritIX :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 4 0 Gift Art - Sabina Bowers and Joy by poisondragon88 by dailydragonlair Gift Art - Sabina Bowers and Joy by poisondragon88 :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 4 0 Rising Horror Cover by dailydragonlair Rising Horror Cover :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 7 1 Sabina Chapter Cover by dailydragonlair Sabina Chapter Cover :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 6 0
Mature content
Rising Horror: Excerpt Four :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 1 12
Sabina Bowers and Joy by Eternity9 by dailydragonlair Sabina Bowers and Joy by Eternity9 :icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 2 0
Rising Horror: Excerpt Three
In the delightful town of Sunrise Hills, just beyond the fantastic Grey City, (which was not literally grey,) there was a certain house on the eastern outskirts of the town. It was on a quiet street, with the occasional car rumbling past, and little noise beyond the sound of televisions wafting from open windows. This little blue cottage, with its wooden slats, white window frames, pebble pathway, and hydrangea bushes at the front door, was the home of a Miss Elise Crawley. Miss Crawley ran a monumentally successful business. She had initially opened a small pet breeding business, focusing on dogs, cats, and budgerigars. Because her animals were always happy and in fine health, Elise began to hire more people in order to breed more animals. She stipulated that all her employees had to love animals, and be highly experienced. After a year, she moved into horse breeding. Following that, a variety of animals began featuring in her business plan: fish, guinea pigs, moose, parrots, songbird
:icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 1 6
Rising Horror: Excerpt Two
It was almost a typical night at the Smith’s Hammer Inn. Most of the patrons were Stonebones, both male and female, who were there to relax and drink after a hard day of building, mining, and crafting. Beer ran down the men’s beards as they laughed and chatted. Some of the stocky, bright-eyed women nursed tiny, wrinkled babies as they sipped ales or fermented milks. There were also many Gucklen elves, engaged in drinking contests, gambling, battles of wits, and brilliant and varied conversations. The Gucklen were dazzlingly beautiful, yet infinitely approachable, as opposed to other, haughtier, Elven races. There was also a large proportion of Anwyri men, drinking their favoured mead and engaging in fist fights and rowdy songs of battle and glory. Their light hair and blue eyes shone in the wisplight and the firelight, and muscles gleamed with perspiration. In particular, the great Sir Battlewinter was a favourite, dazzling patrons with his mere presence. The Inn’s ba
:icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 1 7
Rising Horror: Excerpt One
The year was 1923, and the lobby of Samantheux's was filled with an elegant throng of millionaires, heiresses, playboys, businessmen, entrepreneurs, movie stars and assorted celebrities. Old money and new money not only came together, but managed to get along, rather than smiling at face value and sneering behind backs. The only missing element was the criminal element: mafia bosses, cartel members, drug barons, and the general illicit mob were nowhere to be found. This was, of course, because the party was being held in honour of Sabina Bowers, and every self-respecting criminal knew that it was best to stay far, far away from Sabina Bowers.
Mrs Bowers was yet to make her entrance, but her son, Andrew Jr, was being led into the lobby by his nanny, Joanne DeLacy. Joanne was a typical nanny of the upper classes: her pale, blond hair was subordinated over her ears and into a stiff bun at the nape of her neck, and her stern, grey dress covered her slender neck and wrists, then flared into
:icondailydragonlair:dailydragonlair 4 13

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Alice:Madness Returns_Here comes the queen by SoranoSuzu Alice:Madness Returns_Here comes the queen :iconsoranosuzu:SoranoSuzu 155 24 PL - I will always be there for you by poisondragon88 PL - I will always be there for you :iconpoisondragon88:poisondragon88 29 22 397ry3 by Insant 397ry3 :iconinsant:Insant 30 11 Twilight by Eternity9 Twilight :iconeternity9:Eternity9 47 13 Elven Herbal Doctor by APetruk Elven Herbal Doctor :iconapetruk:APetruk 393 10 Glutton by niklin1 Glutton :iconniklin1:niklin1 80 32
So, Wordpress.
Yeah I know, I have annoying social media-esque questions lately. Trying to expand my influence renown. XD
Well, that and, I've had a site for quite some years now, and with my starting the Patreon I came to realize that it just looks obsolete. Take a look:
The worst of it is that the tab name still has the site's old name -.-. I've tried to work with what was available, but I feel like I should go with the times - and with a site that's better known and not throwing 'premium sales' seemingly every week (never a good sign, I think... on top of not finding good reviews, or even truly recent ones for Webs/Freewebs <<). 
If you check the Elshir tab and one of the writing pages, you'll see my issue with it: it's just not adapted at all for posting writing. All the indents I had to manually add with three or so spaces for every paragraph. And in the end, I don't even find it all tha
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keep the cleric alive- rpg comic by travisJhanson keep the cleric alive- rpg comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 242 19
Stone walls
Behind stone walls,
what does one find?
More stones, or ruins,
forbidden lands?
Perhaps an orchard,
where flowers abound?
Does one find misery,
and keep it company?
Perhaps t'is joy,
or hope for thee?
Is there a world,
alive and free?
Or just a wasteland,
bare resentment,
best forgotten remnant
of a heart surrendered?
Come, bring forth thine hammer
Let us see and feel content
with rock and stone laid bare at the end.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 0
It has been a while
It has been a while, my friend.
How have you been?
Life has changed so much since you've been gone.
Do you remember what you said to me,
Five years ago,
When I last held your hand in mine?
"Don't miss me."
I'm sorry to have disappointed you.
Do you see the sky from where you are?
Are you watching the same fiery sunset?
Are you thinking about our time together,
When you used to knock on my head
Whenever I compared the sky to your hair?
Do you remember me?
Life is not the same. I am not the same.
I see you wherever I go.
I jump at the screech of tires.
And I remember the blank stare in your eyes.
"Don't miss me."
How can I not?
I have tried and failed so many times
That I have stopped trying altogether.
You know I have.
I think I saw you, that one time.
You didn't look like an angel at all.
"I told you not to miss me," you laughed.
But you were dead serious.
I'll try not to miss you my friend,
But you know I can't guarantee that.
Even now that my life is starting to make sense.
You'll al
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 15
Vampires RPG Comic by travisJhanson Vampires RPG Comic :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 246 29 sketching by Gwillieth sketching :icongwillieth:Gwillieth 63 2 Spectral Vision by Eternity9 Spectral Vision :iconeternity9:Eternity9 38 13 [PC] The Keeper of dreams by poisondragon88 [PC] The Keeper of dreams :iconpoisondragon88:poisondragon88 16 14
ACWAN 1.1 - Introduction
To know where you're headed, you must understand whence you came.
I've always had a loving relationship with writing. When I was little, I wrote stories that, surprisingly, are actually still good – globally, since they'd need tons of revising and grammar checks and spelling fixings. I recently found a story I'd typed up on my mom's electric typewriter when I was, I don't know, something like 10? Maybe not even that? It was before I had a Commodore 64 (because I'm old), so I might have been 6, 7, I have no idea. It was a story that ended in drama – with a prince and princess and a fox, and someone dying at the end. Yet, even now, I find that story compelling despite its numerous youthful flaws. Words, as well as a certain sense of morbidity, have always been with me. They are a base for life and a base for hope and a desire to write, as I find the world we live in bleak and, at times, pointless: thus, I want to write an uplifting story themed around love, sacrifice, and dea
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 7
She could not quite define 'it', which bothered her ever-clear mind. This 'it', something between a sentiment and a certainty, something neither defined as thought or emotion but almost possessing its qualities, was a perturbing element to someone who did not perceive emotions. Perhaps a mortal, specifically of the easily frightened race of Humans, might have defined this fleeting sentiment as that feeling in a dark alleyway that makes you turn your head around to ascertain no one is following you. Well, something was following her all right; something had been following her and her unacknowledged kin for some time now: several centuries, judging by the passing of mortal generations. But only recently, in the last generation or two, had that something become almost… tangible.
Like a Human, as much in appearance as in sudden appreciation, she looked over her shoulder and paused. The day was clear, the wooded road dense yet bright with sunlight. A couple of birds were chatte
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 0



Alex Anon
I'm a writer. I hang around DeviantArt to share some of my work, and to check out the pieces by all the hugely talented folk on the site.

I am currently working on Rising Horror, the first in a series of eight books.

I encourage you to check out my 'Favourites' collections on this site, to see all the wonderful art and written work on offer.

For my social media, see the links below:

Hello everyone! Just a heads up that I will be putting up a four-part origin story for Elise Crawley from Rising Horror over the next couple of months. Those of you who have been enjoying Rising Horror should probably give it a shot :D

It does have a strict age restriction, which may or may not be necessary. If anyone wants to give feedback on that issue, it is very welcome indeed.


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