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World Atheism

Though quite unrealistic at present I like the sound of "World Atheism".

All actual news items from October 2010, picked from National Secular Society's newsfeed "What The Papers Say": [link] . Well, except the last one which is a paraphrase of something witten here: [link]

I am as you might understand, fed up with the old "fundamentalists on both sides" slogan which tries to equal Dawkins & co with any AK47 toting terrorist.
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"I am as you might understand, fed up with the old "fundamentalists on both sides" slogan which tries to equal Dawkins & co with any AK47 toting terrorist."
Maybe, but take into account that harsh environment creates harsh people regardless of what you believe. Throw the Dawkins & co out of their first world comfort and maybe they will become mini-Stalins.
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If you wouldn't leave your financial decisions to some man in the clouds or aliens in hyperspace, don't leave your spiritual life there either.
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You mind if I use this title for a group I want to create? You'll definitely be credited for it. 
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Is it wrong that I believe in God ?
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Considering there's no evidence for God, then yes.
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No, as long as your aren't fanatic and as long as you don't have the desire to force the whole world to believe in your God, there should be no problem with it.
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cool thank you very much
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Interesting. Interesting.
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Religious Fundamentalism is a mental disorder.
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Well, I've heard that Atheism is on the rise. Slow and steady process?
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lol my favorite is "Christians losing faith in science"
Oh the IRONY !
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Very interesting, thank you for uploading. I am also a fan of Dawkins' 'post-theistic' society idea...and I look forward to when that day comes!
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No, Dawkins isn't exactly on the same level as al-Qaeda as far as polarization goes. By his own scale, he's a 6 and they'd all count as ones.

Instead, I equate the latter to most 7s. Yes, they do exist; yes, a lot of them do support genocide of the religious; and no, apart from levels of motivation and supporters, they are no different from the terrorists. >_>
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Lol. Sources to this fanciful claim?
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One second...

A few of Deicide's YouTube videos attract that type, but they're probably just being the metalheads they are.
But there was one example completely apart from this. IIRC, his YouTube screenname was Supernova310, and he commented on "The Known Universe by AMNH" saying that if we ever colonize another planet shortly before the Sun comsumes the Earth, we should leave all the religious people behind to die.

Granted, none of these people make the news because none of them step up and actually do anything, but the mentality's still there. >_>
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Well, these are anecdotes that don't back up the sweeping statement that "most 7s" would support genocide or terrorism (if I understood you right). No doubt Glen Benton and a couple of Deicide fans may support this but they hardly represent most 7s. (Besides, some of them may be 1s - theistic Satanists). The Supernova310 comment sounds like hyperbole to me.
Being a 7 (or 1 for that matter) only means you're convinced about a subject not that you'd kill everyone who disagrees. I'm a 7 about gods but I'm also a 7 when it comes to Santa Claus and I have no plans to blow up Christmas.
Also, while I am convinced that religion have a lot of negative effects I'd never say that all 1s are potential terrorists. There is a broad specter of issues with religion (which this picture shows) but terrorism only represents a small albeit very noticable part. Terrorism is what made a lot of people realize that religion has negative effects but very few people are terrorists. I know I made a picture with the statement "Sciences flies you to the moon - religion flies you into buildings" but for the record I'll state that it's a cool phrase (hence its popularity) but not something I regard as the gospel truth.
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You misunderstand me. I said that a lot of them (perhaps not most) support genocide, while only equating most of them to extremists. And no, Supernova actually defended his statement when the more sensible came at him about it.
Lol. Even Dawkins considers 7s idiots. Have fun dealing with that. XD
This last paragraph does make sense, though.
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About being a 7 I don't claim to have absolute knowledge of course. That would be idiotic. I just think that the idea of gods is so ridicolous that I'm not going to hedge my bets by saying I'm a 6.9. Maybe that isn't what Dawkins meant with the model but I am wholly convinced, not just somewhat.
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lulz @ your self-contradiction.
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AZnd lulz at your delusion
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I think a "to each your own" attitude is best. A balance of variety is the best way for a homeostatic world and not just blind faith in one way.
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There would be varitety of course, because atheism is not a world view. It's simply a view of (the non-existance of) gods. People would still disagree a lot in terms of politics, for instance.
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