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I Can't Believe

As every atheist knows, it can often be an exasperating task to explain that atheism is not a religion, and well, I guess this picture won't be of any help.
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The Textbook Definition of "Religion" is
"A group of people Choosing to believe in an Unproven Faith or Belief."

Now prove the big bang theary.
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Very construct of men has a supposition.

A dream, an ideal.

Atheism is no different.

History has proven it is not Delusion Free!
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Yeah, it is pretty hard to explain the works of that, seeing as though everyone that comes into contact with an atheist is pretty much trying to say that it is a religion and that if they weren't so caught up on "using" the word so frequently then it couldn't possibly be anything other than that. That's like saying christianity is not a religion, when it obviously is! I see this terribly too often, but it is what it is. Lovely satire!
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religion: a pursuit of interest that someone ascribes supreme importance.

Most people in this country frame religion in the context of a mystical entity but it is any belief or system that has sway over your actions.

So Atheism is as much of a religion as any other belief system that people adhere too.

Makes sense?
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Atheism is not a religion. It is just a statement that one does not believe in a god. Anything else is anything else
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People who think of themselves as atheist often make that claim asserting they don't believe so it's not about religion.

Others assert that any statement of belief about any type of deity, pro or con, can constitute a religious belief simply because it is beyond man's ability to prove or disprove.

Many people make statements about their beliefs and it is equally just a statement, nothing else. 

There are even nihlist religions.

If religion is just a set of beliefs and practices, then any group can make claim to being a religion and do so.  That is why the Atheist Church enjoys the same tax benefits as anyother... well, religion.
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You are a dumbass. Anything else is anything else, atheism is saying what you aren't. I am not only an atheist, but an anti-theist, a secular humanist and a sceptic. Those three inform my worldview, not atheism. In fact, what you are talking about is anti-theism
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May i use this image on my atheist page?
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That's very clever! I love it.
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That's hilarious! :XD:
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I'm assuming that when I look at the ingredients I will not see partially hydrogenated bullshit? :D Thanks for a good laugh. Good stuff!
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LOL This gave me a good laugh!
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You, sir/madam (I'm assuming sir because of your avatar xD) are one clever son of a bitch. Love it!
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I want this on a big yellow t-shirt.
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So true - saying atheism is a religion is like calling bald a haircut.
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It's always annoying when people try to tell me what atheism "teaches." It's not a religion, it doesn't teach anything xD
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Yeah, and also when they say it's "a system". A system with only one point.
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XD I'm an atheist and I absolutely love it, fits it perfectly! XD
If atheism is a "religion",...
then Not Collecting Stamps is a "hobby".
If atheism is a "religion", ...
then Not Playing Football is a "sport".
If atheism is a "religion", ...
then 'OFF' is a "TV channel".
If atheism is a "religion", ...
then "Health" is a "disease".
If atheism is a "religion", ...
then "Dead" is a "lifestyle".

-Nonstampcollector -Youtube
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Atheism- the belief that one or more gods do not exist.

The key word here is 'belief'.  

Trying to create an exception in the context of factual activities is fallacious.

At the end of the day, ANY system of BELIEF can be categorized as a religion.  

Pro or Con!

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Psssht, I wish some religions WERE made with sweet dreams.
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