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Current Residence: Norway
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Family Guy, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, OZ, Heroes,
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Venom, Burzum, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Bloodline, Nattefrost, Carpathian Forest,
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The God Delusion, The End of Faith, god is not great,
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Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens
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Atheism, antitheism, ungodliness, blasphemy you name it!

Should cicumcision on little boys be banned?

  |  25 votes
  • Yes, they can get one when they get older if they want it.
  • Circumcision is wrong, but I'm against banning it.
  • No, circumcision is perfectly fine.

More Hell, less crime?

More Hell, less crime?

According to reasearchers Azim Shariff and Mijke Rhemtulla I live in one of the most crime infested countries in the world. And the reason is that here in Norway, very few people believe in Hell. http://dailyatheist.blogspot.no/2012/06/less-crime-if-you-believe-in-hell.html

Please participate in this Atheist Census

Please participate in this Atheist Census

It's really quick http://atheistcensus.com/

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I have used your stock here:
Desert spirit by sasha-fantom
if life and natural objects are coincidences then there is a great chance of a parentless human baby apearing in my bedroom,or if i'm lucky,A GIANT GIF BRAND TUB OF PEANUT BUTTER! YUMMY!
If life is a coincidence, there is a chance of finding a parentless baby tiger that has the deviantArt simbol on it.
Wow my comment went to crap. Sorry.
<font>You must get a lot of hate lol. Does it stay humorous?
Im not being sarcastic by the way. </font>
-The universe is entiely a bunch of random coincidences. Think the universe is an orderly miracle? That's crap. It's all in your head. It's no more orderly than the contents of a bag of garbage. You? You're just a heap of meaningless atoms.
-Logic, emotions, beauty, morality, glory, honesty, and home and all that other crap is just a bunch of meaningless chemical reactions in the brain that the universe doesn't give a shit about.
-You will die. Everything you learned, worked hard on, or experienced-- every day of school, every wedding, every funeral, every birthday, every holiday, all your hobbies, every win and every loss will all be GONE.
-Humanity will die. Your family, your friends, your relatives, every hero and every victim, every war, ALL of science and our knowledge of the universe will EVAPORATE. They won't remember you or anything you did.
-Think there'll be intellegent life to dig us up and study us? Oops! They're gone too. Now there's nobody conscious to perceive or observe the universe.
-The universe has ended. Nobody is around to remember anything you did. The mere FACT that the universe existed doesn't exist. If you were foolish, nobody will care. If you were logical or rational, nobody will care. It's. Just. Nothing. Think another universe will take our place? Doesn't matter. They won't and can't remember us. They'll suffer the same fate. Existence is a big cycle of meaninglessness.

How do you feel?
And you think hiding behind a fairy tale will magically make that not true?