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All Our Sins by SL-PhotographySWE makes wonderful yet subtle use of tone mapping to accurately reproduce a beautiful interior.

Featured by inprotest
Songbirds by ToonieCheckers uses simple panels with interesting flow and pacing to introduce amusing characters.

Featured by DrZime
Tangled by Twystedroots is a lovely piece of mixed-media wire-sculpture that wonderfully simulates a pine tree perched on a cliff. The photography and the presentation nicely round-out the image. The handiwork in the construction of the tree is exemplary and nicely captures the twists and turns of trees found in nature. A great example of "art imitating life"! 

Suggested by GeorgeXVII Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
art0fCK captures the two models of Lena + Dasha in an engaging pose where the mixture between fashion and nudity works to create an elegant yet subtly alluring image wherein the pastel colors and soft light add to the overall delicate atmosphere.

Featured by Mrs-Durden
A dramatic pose and lighting create a wonderful composition in Nier Automata 2A by syncmax

Suggested by cosmicbound Featured by TsaoShin