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Gardiens_2 by RedGella

Suggested by RAMWOC87 Featured by LenamoArt
Necklace - Jellyfish-2 by EvrazhkaStudio is a bold, abstract take on the jellyfish motif. The bright colours draws you in and keeps your attention while you can't help but to smile a little bit at the overall design. But what's really impressive is how clay was made to look like dichroic glass on the pendant. The craquelure effect was beautifully done, too!  

Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
Odd Iterations by beautifulchaos1

Suggested by RationalParadox Featured by C-91
Red Sphinx by tetramera

Suggested by Lanasy Featured by KovoWolf
Mias and Elle Chapter4 pg37 by StressedJenny is a well-staged scene sure to grab the attention of most comic readers.

Featured by DrZime
Do it oldschool by iguancheg is a lovely Undertale piece with great interpretation of the characters in high detail and beautiful lighting

Suggested by DanielaIvanova Featured by TsaoShin