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Two Worlds by Cadavroux

Featured by Gejda
Hanuram The Fury Cover by 2depaus has everything; mystery, detail, action, and is an incredible composition for a comic book cover.

Featured by DrZime
Destiny character commission by RoeeateR uses strong light and shadow to build a striking composition

Suggested by cosmicbound Featured by TsaoShin
Untitled by Hutsku10969

Suggested by varelabro1 Featured by inprotest
Owl 3d art piece part 6 Completed by blackgem93 is an impressive project that manages to use layered paper to create a life-like owl, even down to the very last of the small details. The pose is dynamic and life-like. The amount of work that went into this piece is quite incredible! It's definitely the kind of piece that forces you to look closer.

Featured by SinistrosePhosphate