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Village by Virginia-Fred

Featured by C-91
Spawn of Yhagni by xSubedaix is an example of incredible painting skills and impeccable customizing talents that work amazingly well with a keen eye for photography. The final result is not only a series of beautifully painted miniatures but also a great composition shot that belies the real size of these creepy-crawlies. 

Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
Egyptian Crocodile Queens by MBThomas is a fun cast of characters varying in shape, size and personality.

Suggested by varelabro1 Featured by DrZime
Tally Cat by 12-tf

Suggested by Azzedar-san Featured by PixlPhantasy
Rogue by Prywinko is carefully painted with smooth shading and tons of detail

Suggested by Jenkeju Featured by TsaoShin