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Velen by Dave-Derbis has great perspective and color with a beautiful, hazy fog that lays like a blanket over the vast scenery.

Featured by JenFruzz
A cute, quirky capture of a great cosplay.
Catwoman with cats by Kamiko-Zero

Suggested by Catgirldstr11 Featured by pullingcandy
Livio by NestOfAyuki

Suggested by psoty Featured by cinyu
Hunting= by bayardwu constructs a brilliant predatory perspective, affording a unique outlook on the imminent danger. 

Suggested by cosmicbound Featured by lovelessdevotions
2B or not 2B - NiER AUTOMATA (4K!) by Eddy-Shinjuku is wonderfully vibrant with a contrasting palette and great lighting effects.

Featured by TsaoShin
Beneath the Giant's Rings by AnthonyPismarov digitally enlivens a classic scene of planetary exploration in an excellently painterly style.

Suggested by ErikShoemaker Featured by cosmicbound
Haunting by mshellee

Suggested by GeorgeXVII Featured by Gejda
Suggester says: "R|Lycanrocs by PixelCaptain caught my eye because it's well pixelled and also well designed to incorporate both characters with great stylisation and expression."

Suggested by ClefairyKid Featured by ValaSedai
Holmes-JA presents organic and flowing shapes, interesting texture, and well picked colors in Field Of Saffron.

Featured by ChaosFissure
Bzzzzz by petrwolf is a stunning and colourful macro of a fly with striking details.

Suggested by JenFruzz Featured by JustACapharnaum