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Dark, gritty, terrifying and surreal - exactly what a vampire should look like.
Vampire by chadmichaelward

Featured by pullingcandy
saytorshe e sheikrou by AneV0lk

An evocative and emotionally stirring piece.

Suggested by lovelessdevotions Featured by MidnightExigent
BB Peer(Belgium) 1989 by DeeBeeCooper wonderfully captured the soul of the King!

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by tanikel
[Stock & Resources] Moutain Stock 28 by Pituz is the perfect starting point for your next work!

Suggested by Malleni-Stock Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Lonesome Dove, before the Storm by RicArtt uses quite an interesting technique (nicely described by the painter) to create the soft shapes and gentle gradients in this lovely landscape.

Suggested by psoty Featured by STelari
Dance With The Devil by tincek-marincek is absolutely stunning. The use of textures, detailing, composition, and lighting are fantastic. Be sure to check out this artist's entire gallery!

Suggested by psoty Featured by breerothman
Kung Fu Panda - Valley of Peace - Jade Palace by thenSir is a beautiful landscape and a great retelling of the scenery in the movie Kung-Fu Panda!

Suggested by CristinaMariaPhoto Featured by TheCreativeJenn
In Stray by saartha, the author "weaves delicate language and effective imagery with stark juxtaposition" that is unnerving in the way it puts you at ease.

Suggested by jswebb Featured by LiliWrites
A boldly original creation. D-Minor 159 by alisinwonder

Featured by justanothersomeone
Pears 'n' Paintbrushes by URM is wonderfully composed, outstanding acrylic painting that combines ordinary objects in extraordinary way.

Suggested by SabakuNoShi Featured by Agaave
Dream in colour artbook by Sangcoon has cute charm, cute colors and great imaginative quality.

Suggested by iingo Featured by cinyu
acseven skillfully captures dancing lights amidst the beautiful scenery of Northern Lights over the Milky Way, an incredible panorama displaying a spellbinding view of nature's wonder. One of many gorgeous captures in this deviant's gallery.

Featured by JenFruzz
Happy Now by Sangelus

Featured by Aeirmid