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The Uncertainty Principle by ahermin is a remarkable and creative surreal piece with a great concept.

Featured by JustACapharnaum
Ocean Blue Eyes by Chartreuse96 is a piece full of charm, and also refreshing with all this amazing water !

Featured by AngeKrystaleen
Random character by Nekr0ns uses bold color and a wistful expression for a striking image.

Suggested by varelabro1 Featured by DrZime
Black butterfly by RekamiStworzone

Suggested by psoty Featured by pinkythepink
Stargazer by Pajunen

Suggested by Ellysiumn Featured by JenFruzz

The anatomy is excellent, and the lovely watercolor technique adds vibrancy and life to this piece.

Suggested by GeorgeXVII Featured by Lady-Suchiko
The Girl that got Eaten by a Tree by graemeb is just one beautiful example of what this artist's gallery has to offer.

Featured by TokyoMoonlight
Tiger Lick by WalkingGedis is a stunning work based on a creative and beautifully visualised concept. 

Featured by Gejda
Mermaid's Spell by lamblyn

Featured by C-91
Hive by Skyrion

Suggested by Catgirldstr11 Featured by cosmicbound
DOOM by Sharded78

Suggested by GeorgeXVII Featured by pullingcandy
Diki Spirits Conspiring by AnyaBoz is an interesting stop-motion clip that features 4 impressively-made, fully posable art dolls. The dolls themselves are nicely done individually, but to have 4 of them together in this form shows off their personalities and their quirks. There's something so very life-like in their otherwise jerky movements to lend a creepy tone to them. And that is just wonderful. 

Featured by SinistrosePhosphate