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Gallery Folders

Goodbye, Mike... by NobodiesHeartless45
The NA-NAs by izzykahn
Kaz's Journey by lavam00
Nympharae by cssmuse
Featured 2
Yen by TamikaProud
Ilustre Colegio de Abogado de Granada by arnaudperret
Fields by FlashW
Photography - Full
herheels by annacuamic
That's the way you are by CarolinaGiani
s m i l e y by ErushiInsento
Mast by DZerWebdesign
Photomanipulation - FULL
Best Friend by Marzarret
Reflection Of Death by Corvinerium
Mums the Word by FauxHead
Aquarium by In2umniaKillH3r
Traditional Art - FULL
Commission - Green-Winged Macaw by KristynJanelle
sweet dreams by Anna-Kafka
Good Vibes by Creature-of-Habit88
Dreamy Owl by snowmarite
Manga-Anime - FULL
Roxanne Bikini Sketch by FranciscoJae
I'm sorry! (sketch for Al' FMA) by Kittylyn-Donut
Cute Pikachu Girl by tagl
Fan Art - FULL

Mature Content

The Mythological Beast: Ioasis by TrainerEM-Dustin
Koi Fish by AgonizingSwordfish
Batman: Arkham City Wallpaper by jonnysonny
Literature - FULL
Pocahontas rougths and different styles by lili-tomato

Mature Content

Nude girl transformation to statue video by Cyberalbi
Contest Entry - Marly by Bella-Colombo
Green Loading Bar 100% * GIVEAWAY * by GrassWolfDev
FULL - Digital-Painting, Airbrushing and Dra
Neptune by canvasbushi
Trust Fund Baby by vinciruz
Snow Sheep by Monecule
0226 by nosoart
Mixed Media
Kosmos eyes by Lusidus
Armin Arlert by claerith
[COM] Fireworks by BunMuffin
Artisan Crafts
The Darnassus Tabard by SerenityWireDesigns
Contests - CLOSED
Water, Snapple, and Soda by TheAnyone
Photography 2 - FULL
Sponge Bob: Patrick Star! by palecardinal
Photoshop Actions
Napowleon by 4steex
Stamps - Static and Animated
Tofu's House by BabaKinkin
Traditional Art 2 - FULL
Selfportrait. by daxy5
Digital Art 2 - FULL
Red Head in the rain by Ryuma88
Photography 4 - FULL
Beauty Of Amalfi Coast  2 by stefanpriscu
Photomanipulation 2 - FULL
The Age Of Ultron #3 by ProfessorAdagio
Traditional Art 3 - FULL
Yet Another Aidan Turner by shuckaby
Photography 5 - FULL
from the inside by dillyana
Fan Art 2
Commission - He's like fire and ice and rage... by AnastasiyaKosenko
Photography 6 - FULL
The Third Eye by El-Amigo-Chico
Digital Art 3 - FULL
chimera attack by SpacePhoenix
Manga-Anime 2 - FULL
Im yours by Dinocojv
Traditional Art 4 - FULL
Rain Over The Peak District I by ShaunMichaelJones
Photography 7- FULL
Animal Instinct Part 6 by AnneMarks
Digital Art 4 - FULL
Working Hard by FashioNoble
Photography 8 - FULL
Path by AlecsPS
Traditional Art 5 - FULL
Polar fox by kakevampyr
Photography 9 - FULL
human soul by kozyafffka
Photomanipulation 3 - FULL
Blinding Realization by novus41
Manga-Anime 3
Cosmos Spirit Elk by dionysisgalanis
Fan Art 3 - FULL
Samus Aran (Zero Suit) by exaelart
Digital-Painting, Airbrishing and Dra
Snowboard2 by Shalfm
Digital Art 5 - FULL
Pilar x Dimenzio by canvasbushi
Traditional Art 6 - FULL
Solar - 2013 by andresbestardmaggio
Fan Art 4 - FULL
After the game by noodles919
Digital Art 6 - FULL
Photography 10 - FULL
Wood Fairy by Art-Kombinat
Traditional Art 7 - FULL
Family portrait (commission) by ArTRefugiuM
Photograpy 11 - FULL
Illumination by azrel93
Digital Art 7 - FULL
The Cake by LimonTea
Mixed Media 2 - FULL
cat got your tongue by GoldenChineseDragon
Artisan Crafts 2
Jolteon Charm by KalloArt
Literature 2
Himawari Uzumaki by vinciruz
Fan Art 5 - FULL
Junko process by ChubyMi
Traditional Art 8 - FULL
....................... by damianparlicki
Photography 12 - FULL
Rust material by MrBeholder
Digital Art 8 - FULL
Ninja by ShahriarKh
Manga-Anime 4 - FULL
Traditional Art 9 - FULL
Art Evolution (2) by SilenceEchoes39
Fan Art 6 - FULL
evangelion 3.33: Asuka by 3yen
Photography 13 - FULL
The Heart of Beauty by HannahDoma
Digital Art 9 - FULL
Aiden and Akira Sketches by CourtneysConcepts
Photomanipulation 4
Venus-Goddess of Love by Renata-s-art
Digital Art 10 - FULL
Deviant ID februrary by DaigokunArt
Fan Art 7 - FULL
Hellfire by eErikae
Traditional Art 10 - FULL
De-icing by vivapo
3D 2
Photography 14 - FULL
Light Shining Through by barananduen
Digital Art 11 - FULL
Bleach 670 | Toshiro by AJM-FairyTail
Manga Anime 5
[closed] Phantasme no. 33 by vomiter
Mixed Media 3
Kitsune Yin by Eru-Sennin
Fan Art 8

Mature Content

MistakeS by AlenDemon
Digital Art 12
Inauguration Day by RemnantComic
Traditional Art 11
James T. Kirk / Chris Pine by hwaetmere
Photography 15
You're the one that I want by SeanTheCarSpotter
Miscellaneous New
Jo by jcorbari
Traditional Art New
Simon Baker by Julia-R-Ch
Digital Art New
Foxy lady by KalloArt
Photography New
Garden date by SunnySpring
Fanart New
Black Cat D.Va .nsfw opt. by Axsens
Manga Anime New
My Mouth by CherryPastry
Mixed Media New
Floating in space by KlaraRegina
3D New
Dark ages|The last by DanStrogg
Photomanipulation New
This Park is Not for Playing in II by UNEARTHLING
Literature New

Mature Content

Tutorial New
Knife. Tutorial by Anastasia-berry
Flash New
The Cycle - Animated Version by TimTaller
Artisan Craft New
Wooden Tree Picture by matcheslv
Stamps - Static and Animated New
Glasses by xKuro-Usagi
Sketches and Lineart New
Sketchy Booker by GuiltyAxer
Digital Art New 2
Despicable Heroes Squished photo group by KimaAndJeorge
Fanart New 2
Everybody loves Ramune by gracefulmess
Digital Art New 3
Eradicator by Czepeku
Traditional Art New 2
Portal by Gwillieth
Photography New 2
Queen by AdaEtahCinatas


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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that all the folders on the group are fixed. Please continue to submit all your awesome daily artworks to the group. :)

and check out my page lol XD
I've had a chance to interview an amazing artist :iconplixik: Plixik today! His amazing artwork has been a great inspiration to me and people at the art forums! I enjoyed every single bit of the interview and learned a thing or two from it myself! Really inspirational and a recommended read for any kind of artist!

1. Hello, Plixik! Thanks for finding some time to participate in this interview. Your artwork has an unique and very clean style. For how long have you been drawing, and have you graduated from any art institutions?

Not a problem and thank you! I've always thought my work wasn't clean enough and always wondered how people got such nice linework. I've been experiment with a lot of different techniques to get the aesthetic that I'm aiming for. I’m getting somewhere with it, but I don’t think I've really nailed it yet. I've been drawing my whole life, but I've been all over the place with it. I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated some years ago. I didn't do a ton of drawing in college as my primary focus of study was 3D modeling. I think I was still pretty bad at drawing upon graduating, but I gave up 3D after that and started making 2D games.

2. Who are the most influential artists, who you believe left you the most impact on inspiring you to become an artist you are now?

I started drawing as kid because of Sunday comics in the newspaper, but the next big motivation for me was anime and most notably DragonBall Z in middle/high school, so Akira Toriyama is a big one. More recently I think I've been inspired primarily by other artists online. There are so many skilled artists with so many interesting styles. It’s too hard for me to single anyone out, but I love very animated, dynamic and exaggerated styles.

3. What does art mean to you?

To me art is a way to show other people what is in your head and can’t be conveyed any other way. I view other peoples art to take a look at what goes on in their head. No one is going to listen to me ramble on about some hypothetical game world I thought of, but when it actually exists and people can play it, they're listening without even thinking about listening.

4. Have you ever taken commissions? What jobs have you been doing other than artwork-related activity?

I haven’t done commission exactly, but I have done freelance work for indie developers. I don't do commissions because I like to have the freedom to draw for myself. That is also a big reason I haven’t applied for art jobs in years. I work my day job doing IT and then I draw at night when I get home and on the weekends.

5. Do you listen to music while drawing? Do you believe music is a disturbance or inspiration while sketching out characters?

Music is always an inspiration for me, especially for writing and design games. I listen to all kinds of music while I draw, but I often listen to podcasts or rewatch old shows or anime.

6. Which drawing process stage is the most fun to you? Is it thumbnailing, sketching, lineart, coloring or painting? Which is the most challenging?

Sketching is by far the most fun. So fun that I too often neglect the rest of the process, but I've been trying to remedy that more recently. Once the idea is on the page and I can see it, most of the fun is over. Rendering can be relaxing and painting strong lighting is fun, but not so much as sketching.

Getting the idea on the page is often the hardest part, but it shouldn't be. If you’re having a hard time generating ideas then you’re trying to pull ideas from nothing. You’re lacking inspiration, which is literally in any direction you look except for the blank page in front of you.

7. Do you have a professional goal in art?

Yes, but I have too many to even list. At the moment I’m planning to make another game, but this is a very recent development. I would like to do my own art full time eventually.

8. How do you come up with ideas for characters?

Many character come from worlds I invented for games and comics. My worlds are most often inspired by music.

9. What are your favorite animated films/shows? Do you prefer to watch 2D or 3D animation?

My favorite animated show is Rick and Morty. Justin Roiland is amazing. In terms of animation, I love Looney Toons and the old 2D Disney movies. I greatly prefer 2D, but I have tons of respect for 3D artists.

10. What would be your advice to all the young artists out there?

Do what you actively enjoy doing, not what you wish you had already done. You’ll never regret doing the work and you’ll always regret not doing it. The next year will go by regardless of what you’re doing and when you get to the end of the year, you can be proud that you worked hard and improved or you can imagine how good you could have been and what you could have created if only you made better choices. Look at the dedication and vast output of art by many of the great artists online. If you want to be on that level then you have to match them. You will fall off the horse, but what’s important is that you keep getting back on.

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