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Dizzy Damon by DaIllestBeast Dizzy Damon :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 5 0 Hands in the Rain by DaIllestBeast Hands in the Rain :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 2 0 The Wolf [WIP] by DaIllestBeast The Wolf [WIP] :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 3 6 Mother, I'm Coming Home by DaIllestBeast Mother, I'm Coming Home :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 8 6
Excuse You!
“Ut et ego mundo in alteram secat in sanguinem.”
She looked up from the notebook in her hands, eyes scanning the room for any indication her incantation had worked. She was well past the stage in her life where she expected thunder and lightning to crackle in the distance, but something would be nice. Just a little flicker of a lightbulb, or a creepy draft caressing her skin out of nowhere.
“Waste of my goddamn time,” she muttered, grabbing the pencil off the floor next to where she had knelt and scratching out another failed spell. She stood up, shoulders hunched and bottom lip jutting out as she fell onto her bed, pulling the laptop towards her. Just as she was about to type a new string of words into her web browser, the sound of her entire block’s electricity going out at once resonated through the silence that followed. She heard the crackle of lighting in the distance.
“Oh, that’s very funny!” she called out towards her window.
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The Columns
“What are they?”
“I dunno. I’m not sure they’re actually a ‘they’. We might be looking at just pieces of something.”
The shorter of the two men steps forward. He turns his head left. Then right. He looks up slowly, pushing the top of his helmet back so he can see all the way up. He looks back down. With the gloves attached to his suit he touches the thick, granular substance that coats the entire area. His partner watches apprehensively, eyeing the bizarre, crooked structures. He expects the things to start moving towards them at any moment.
“The structures go into this stuff pretty deep.”
The shorter man starts digging into the brown substance, shoving it aside into a small pile and revealing the tentacles that delve deeper down.
“How far in do they go, you think?"
"I dunno. Looks real deep to me.”
He stands up again. Both of the men stare at the metropolis of crooked columns ahead of them. These are not man-made;
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I Am Chaos
I am Chaos
I was not born in the middle of a storm.
I was the storm.
My birth had the same soundtrack as most funerals.
Quiet. Hushed whispers as the doctor handed me to the nurses. Methodical shuffling as they cleaned me. My mother took one look at me, and burst into tears. Anyone stepping into that hospital room with their eyes closed would have expected a coffin; not my wretched face.
I don’t mean I was an ugly baby. Not outwardly, anyway. Evil seemed to linger about me like a stench. A putrid smell that stayed in ones nostrils even after they had left the room. After seeing me people couldn’t shake that slightly unsettled feeling in their stomachs.
As I grew older, it only got worse. Children in the schoolyard didn’t even dare call me names or taunt me. They simply averted their eyes. Pretended I didn’t exist. I would have preferred bullies to nonexistence. Perhaps this is when my true nature came to surface. Love and hate mingled electrically over my skin,
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The shadow slashed a long angle across her face. Blue eyes rolled up in their sockets, slowly and langorously until they couldn’t go any further. only then did she begin to tilt her head back, weak chin raising until her neck was stretched in a tense arc. There were no clouds today. A sky the size of the world and not a single whispy white puff across the blue. She wondered how many miles of the staircase she was witnessing. She tried to count the spiraling coils, methodically in threes until she reached well over a hundred but kept losing count around that point. It became difficult to see where the edges were despite how clear and blue the sky was. Marcus whined. With a slow sigh, she lowered her gaze to give him a disapproving look. She didn’t like her reveries interrupted. The calm she felt from looking up at the majestic staircase was one she could lose herself in for hours. Marcus, however, could not. Another subdued whine, eyes pleading.
“Alright, alright. Wher
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Do You Trust Me?
“Do you trust me?”
“Are you fucking nuts? Of course I don’t trust you.”
“What? Really?”
He looks genuinely surprised. Like I haven’t known him for less than five minutes. Like he didn’t just burst into my apartment, shouting a mess of gibberish, and tie me to a kitchen chair.
I pull at the ropes binding my wrists to the wood.
“Yes, really!”
“Oh,” he frowns. “Because of the tying you up thing.”
I’m still sleepy enough to hope this is some fucked up dream.
“Yeah, that might have something to do with it.”
I’m vaguely aware of how disturbingly calm I am about all this. My brain keeps telling me this guy is going to pull out a knife and start shredding my to pieces any second now, but my body seems incapable of feeling scared. Maybe this is what shock feels like.
“So what’s the plan, Stan?” I ask casually. There might as well be a goddamn tea set between us.
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Couple Manip: Avery + Delilah by DaIllestBeast Couple Manip: Avery + Delilah :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 1 0 Red Hair by DaIllestBeast Red Hair :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 7 2 Red Hair Before and After by DaIllestBeast Red Hair Before and After :icondaillestbeast:DaIllestBeast 3 0
DE SYNGER MIG TIL RO: fifty skades of cray
There was only one silence in the forest that morning. It was not that of the trees, for they were bustling with chirps and scampers. It was not that of the dirt, which brimmed with the quiet but not noiseless busyings of ants and spiders and worms. It was not that of the man, for his baritone filled the woods and engulfed the other sounds within itself; swaddling them and curling around the edges of rustling leaves. The twigs snapping beneath his running shoes; a disjointed staccato to his song. The cadence was off, but the man smiled blissfully as he tended to the small fire crackling before him.
There was only one silence, and it was that of Kricket Tacy.
Solen er så rød, mor
og skoven bli'r så sort.
Nu er solen død, mor
og dagen gået bort.

Even as she stirred in her sleep, the air around her remained still. The man's song hesitated, lingering on a note as he turned his head towards her. He watched for a moment, waiting. She moved again, wrists pullin
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I started with digital art and photomanipulation pretty much around the same time I opened this account, so you can see my progress between my older stuff and my new stuff (hopefully).

Send me notes for any tutorials or PSD files you would like me to make available :)

I am working on a few projects at the moment, including a music blog, a digital art portfolio and a novel. I am interested in finding people to collaborate with for writing projects as well as photography and graphic novels. Please get in touch with me if you have any ideas in mind!

Feel free to add me on AIM! avery_winters :) I love talking to other artists about projects or even just to shoot the shit :P

As a final note, I am an avid RPer and admin and for the roleplay Keys to the City! It is a modern-day Chicago-based game with a crime twist, and a very colourful cast of canon and original characters. We are always welcoming new players, and would love it if you could stop by!

It has recently come to my attention that my artwork and manips are being posted to other websites without my permission. 

While I absolutely love that people are sharing my work with others, I am not fond of people claiming my work as their own or posting it without credit.

Everyone is free to share my work as they please, and I love that you do! All I ask is to please leave credit with a link back to my dA account. 

To make this a little easier, I will provide a link in the description of my art so you can re-post appropriately. 

Thank you! <3


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