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Sherlock - Bending!AU

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BBC!Sherlock crossover with Legend of Korra, because I'm kind of obsessed with both right now.

Sherlock is a consulting detective in Republic city. John is an ex-probender from the Northern Water Tribe who now works as a doctor/healer. They solve crimes, fight equalists, and are totally awesome together.

I made John a waterbender becasuse of the doctor=healing thing, and the fact that he looks really cute in water tribe clothes. Also he appears calm and harmless but can be a real BAMF, like Katara in ATLA.

Sherlock is firebender because he would totally rock bending lightning (and blue fire, because he's cool like that and delights in being extraordinary)
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QuicklyfunHobbyist General Artist
Holy crap YAS.
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TardisBlueLUVHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh thats awesome
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I very much headcanon this.

As a way to expand it...

After Season 4, which is long after Sherlock became a Lightningbender (which happened during Hounds of Baskerville), John gets kidnapped and almost stripped of his bending.
Sherlock's desire to save John from being debent is so strong that he literally creates a new form of Firebending to stop John's attackers. 

Or, to put it simply: Sherlock's desire to save John was so strong, that he literally created Plasmabending.
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I love this AU. :D :D :D Someone could writte fic about this (I could write it, but it would be only in czech language).
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I love this SO much! I've been thinking about JorraAU too (John as Korra *^_^*)
This is perfect, exactly what was in my head 

John's jacket reminds me of the pool scene in TGG (>_<) Imagine how much damage he could have done with his water bending! Moriarty would have to be a fire bender too, burn the heart out and all of that (^_~) He and Sherlock would have some super hot electric fire lightning battles! *fans self* Phew!
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Rowena-BenselHobbyist Writer
Yes, and Mycroft is either another firebender, but even stronger, or he's a very influential non-bender. And Lestrade is the same, just a metal-bender. And Moriarty(taking from below) is a cold as heck firebender much like Azula.
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I need this to be a fic. I need it like I need pictures of puppies and the next Avengers movie.
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aallen1350Hobbyist General Artist
So...since John's a waterbender...did he ever touch-upon/learn/get forced-to-learn bloodbending.... Cause that might be scary...or wicked epic ;P
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xevilxchibixHobbyist Traditional Artist
i could see Moriarty as a blood bender >:D omg! that would be amazing!
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aallen1350Hobbyist General Artist
I'd think fire bender (or even non-bending)... I don't wanna stereotype Fire benders but Moriarty did use plenty of explosives and make several burn threats...
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Powalski13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What would you think the other characters would be? :) Also, would you ever make more of this AU? I LOVE IT!!!!!!! :iconilavplz:
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goirkensHobbyist Traditional Artist
Who would have the boomerang? Someone needs to have the boomerang! La la la la
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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
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goirkensHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sherlock: We can take them. Three on three.
Anderson: I'm here, too.
Sherlock: I didn't bother to count you. No bending and all.
Anderson: I CAN STILL FIGHT!!! >:(
Sherlock: Okay, three...on three plus Anderson.
Anderson: D:<
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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
"Anderson, don't speak.  You lower the IQ of the entire room."

Sherlock's not as nice as Toph. :D
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MountainLygonHobbyist General Artist
Of the elements, Sherlock would definitely be fire. And John would be water, and not just because he's a doctor.

By the way, Sherlock will be returning this fall. Word on the street is that the third series will premier the day after the 50th. I REALLY need to find someone with BBC America. Probably not hard to do in Seattle...
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Of course I find this right after finding this: [link]

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IridescentDragonessHobbyist General Artist
This. I love it. :happybounce:
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MaddTeaParty22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is amazing.
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Bleky-FoxHobbyist General Artist
Bwaahaha that's somehow crazy and somehow awesome! :D
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tara-fairyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very fitting, Sherlock is cold and calculating and Watson is more go with the flow. Hahaha I LOVE IT!!!
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MikiPhineasHobbyist General Artist
WOAHWOAHWOAHWOAHITYWOAH You are genius. Never seen this crossover before you are so AWESOME.
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