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Lily and the marauders -color-

La versión a color de mi dibujo "lily & the marauders". Hecho con Photoshop.
The color version of my drawing Lily and the marauders. Done with phtoshop
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*looks at sirius' red eyes and demon like grin and the fire*.......... is padfoot jealous of lily or something? he seems.. pissed/evilly planning. ^^; *huggles siri* there, there paddy james will still hang out with you...... unless that's NOT the problem and he's in love with either lily or james. 
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James: YES!!! She picked me!!!

Peter: NO! HE'S MINE! >o<

Remus: Sirius, what are you...?

Sirius: Muahahahaha...

Hahaha... :) I like this pic.
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That's exactly what I was thinking!!  XD
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I love their expressions :D (especially Sirius', it's hilarious! And Remus is all, "Sirius, what are you doing?!")
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Ahahaha! SO cute!!!
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Aww! James is so cute!!
Hogwarts-Girls's avatar
James is loveing this.
Black went evil
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Your style is so cute! :heart:
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Oh James :D. Thanks for the funny drawing!
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Peter is like humping Lily's arm and James is like "She's touching me!!!!!!!! :DDDD"
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james is like 'LUUUUVVVVVV MEEEEE~'

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They look so cute!
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Adorable. Great job!
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Aww, so cute xD especially James who's been lifted up XDD +fave <3
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I love it! lol the looks on everyones faces are great!
Me: Sirius, what do you think you're doing?
Sirius: Nothing...
Me: Doesn't look like 'nothing' to me...
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Ahaa, Remus and Sirius. :lmao:
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Ha, this is hilarious! Sirius's face is amazing. XD
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She's got them all wrapped around her little finger...<3!
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I love how Sirius reminds me of Axel! Plus this is so cute
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ADORABLE! I love the marauders! <33333
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Bahahaha!!! this is awesome. :D
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