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Wonder Woman Hotel

It came out okay, but I hate the text. I need to get better at lettering. I might erase the lettering in photoshop and make a print out of it. I'm really glad I put a background on this sense I wasnt going to. *pats myself on my back* Heart Shaped beds are cool.

See WIP here: [link]

And yes, she isnt naked anymore. lol

Comments are welcomed so lets hear them.
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jeansmantequilla's avatar
aaaaah this is so cool!
They better not break the hotel bed that would be kind of awkward:D
japender61's avatar
This is unbelievably sexy! Her pose, and the lingerie is off the charts! I agree with you and other commentors that the dialog is unnecessary. Her eyes say it all! Awesome work!
Nitish-Loneshark's avatar
Supes would tear his outfit quickly ;) 
qjs83's avatar
Ok ok I on it  I take it out now ahhhTable Flip  stupid tight  it cannot come off
thexfilegeek's avatar
Wow!! There's one sexy hotel I'D like to 'check into' hehehehehehe
beccacats's avatar
You sir did excellent job with body shading and the lingerie! This very alluring indeed. It will be nice if you did one piece with Selina Kyle saying to the Dark Knight himself. ;-)
Nice job. I will look your other artwork.
daikkenaurora's avatar
Thank you very much
beccacats's avatar
Your very welcome
Hybrid55555's avatar

I hope she was a virgin when this picture was made; excellent work


DavidEMartin's avatar
Agreed on ditching the word balloon. It's unnecessary.
yourmom10's avatar
Fun part is that this is actually happening now, finally.
daikkenaurora's avatar
Hopefully not with Batman
newtype25's avatar
Heart stopper!
daikkenaurora's avatar
Thanks Glad you like it
DoctorDoom00's avatar
Now, time for me to take tight white panties off!!!
daikkenaurora's avatar
You shouldnt wear tight panties. Lol
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