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Didnapper 1 v1.8.2 update + small D2 demo update!

Didnapper 1 v1.8.2 update + small D2 demo update!

Didnapper 1 v1.8.2 update Greetings! For those not active on our Discord server, this might come as a bit of a surprise, but today we have a Didnapper 1 update for you! The update was mainly meant to fix the Private Cell glitch for Android where the characters don't show up, which has been something that's been an issue for a long time now, but we decided to throw in some more things while we were at it :) Here is what's new in Didnapper 1 v1.8.2: Added Android Private Cell fixMade Android support the Windows version of the game, so we don't need two separate versionsAdded fairy/pixie enemies to the Lost ForestAdded new academy mage event in


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Arle Chronicle Released

Arle Chronicle Released

Arle Chronicle, a doujinshi based on the Puyo Puyo & Madou Monogatari series is released. It stars Arle Nadja, Schezo Wegey and Carbuncle. In this story, Arle gets caught in a binding trap and it's up to Schezo to help Arle out. Comic is available in three languages, Japanese, English and Chinese. Buy it at the Booth, the usual place and the other usual place.

W and W, Wild West-Themed DID Manga

W and W, Wild West-Themed DID Manga

Yumekakiya released a new wild west-themed DID story, starring a female sheriff and a bounty hunter, getting wrapped up with a plot involving a kidnapped princess. Story by MuuMuu, art by Pizzaman. English and Chinese version included as well : You can buy the manga at Yumekakiya's Booth or the other usual place.

For Your Eyes Only On Sale!

For Your Eyes Only On Sale!

A CG set where you volunteer to assist Sakura for a magic trick from first person view. Gagged version variations are available. Buy it now. Buy it on Booth here.

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Hello, are requests or art-trades or collabs open maybe?

I'm afraid not.

Very busy with dojinshis and game asset creation.

fourm is down again

I'll see what I can do.

thanks evan though it;s kind of dead it has some real treasures

I just finished playing the new Didnapper 2 public demo and I wanted to say that your art in here is very good

It's nice to have different artstyles in the game, it creates a good feeling of diversity

Good job mate