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*Updated 7/31/20201*

 " Feel free to ask me any question or note me Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] "

I will draw:

Anime Manga style





Chibi Fullbody : 35$/character 


Head shot : 55$/character 


Half body : 130$/character  

(25$ to 45$ or 65$ for detail background)
(extra 65$ for additional characters)

( price depend on difficulty of the background and detail of the characters )

Please ! - Touhou Fantart by Daikazoku63 Test animation ~ by Daikazoku63 Mirror World by Daikazoku63 The Old Room - Speedpaint Video #12 by Daikazoku63 So this is the end ? - Undertale Speedpaint #8 by Daikazoku63


Full body : 200$/character

(25$ to 45$ or 65$ for detail background)
(extra 95$ for additional characters)

( price depend on difficulty of the background and detail of the characters  )



Please contact me via DA to order:

In email contents,please tell me your character's information, such as hair, eyes, pose, etc.



If you order rough sketch, I will send you the drawing  and then you send the money.

I don't submit a commission to my own gallery :D 

(◔ ◡ ◔) 


© 2013 - 2021 Daikazoku63
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sketchyartsyv's avatar

Hi! I would like to commission you! I would like to commission something similar to this if that is ok! It will be for my starting soon screen on twitch!

JentaCookieCat's avatar

I'd love to commission a background piece from you!

Would that be a commission option? Your background are perfect

jasminepengu's avatar

hi! I was wondering if there is a waitlist for your coms : o if there is can I be added! ^-^

Daikazoku63's avatar

Maybe by the end of this May I will open again: D

lucidmomo's avatar

hellooo id like to be on the waitlist please if you have one ><

ChisuAI's avatar

Hawoo! I just wanted to check if you have a waitinglist for commissions? >///<

C-ALAXY's avatar

i sent you a note!

TheBitzr's avatar

Hello again, I am looking to get 4-6 Chibi style robots made. Would this be something you can do?

Daikazoku63's avatar

can you send me a ref picture of the robot?

TheBitzr's avatar

Yes I will send them in a few days. After I get payed on the 5th ^.^

FuuRawr's avatar

Hello! I was curious if you draw males? c:

Daikazoku63's avatar

male and female I can draw both: D

BerrySkeptic's avatar

In regards to Pokemon themselves. Do they count as full characters and donate towards the extra character price?

Daikazoku63's avatar

2fullbody without BG it's will be around $126.57, can you send me a note with details :D

DetroitAza's avatar

Oiyo Daika. I was wondering if you do upper bust? If so, are you comfortable with doing darker skin characters with small detailed backgrounds?

Daikazoku63's avatar

It sounds interesting, Can you send me a note with details :D

TheBitzr's avatar

Hello there! Do you make manga book covers for commercial use?

Daikazoku63's avatar

I have, but will have to pay 50% more for commercial use

TheBitzr's avatar

Ah i see. So how much would 2 Half body OCs with a simple or no background cost for commercial use then? Though I would love a full background from you <3 just IDK in I can afford that.

Daikazoku63's avatar

2 Halfbody without BG, it will be cost 150$. just send me a note, I would love to know the detail :D

TheBitzr's avatar

Hello Again! My book is now ready and needs a cover. Is this quote for 150 still good for me?

Daikazoku63's avatar

Hi. Sorry currently my commission price has changed slightly, 2 halfbody without BG will be priced at $ 220.71

TheBitzr's avatar

Humm. I only have 150$ right now. How much for the 2 characters to be just a bust/head shot?

Daikazoku63's avatar

for 2 headshot it's will be cost 165$

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