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This treasure is mine nowwww

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Commission for dokibird
Hope you like it ~ 

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Hmm... Sounds like meh.... Im a dragon when it comes to treasure!😅

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:0 it is actually bootiful

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Be MY treasure? UWU

I really like your style and your line art is very clean, but all I have to say is...can I have some of that treasure? Dont keep it all to yourself T^T. I need it to buy myself some gummy worms, ice cream and skittles..

It's so beautiful! It kinda makes me cry...It reminds me of Kaori Miyazono... Such a great violinist,right?

Only if she could live more,not only by a letter... Anyway,congrats! I love it!

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I love this picture!

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Thx so much for following me, I love ur art
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This girl is so pretty, I like her very much! And her hair, god, her hair, you did such an amazing job!!

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Goregous! Really want to see more :)

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What a lovely treasure hunter!!

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