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what could have been

The feels for today's chapter ;A; I couldn't resist drawing them like this.
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*starts crying in corner* WHY OBITO WHY??

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because ~uchiha curse~ D:
AHHH SO MANY FEELS! What a great bit of art! I love the way that Kakashi is in character but it still has a much more group feeling that just him by himself. <3
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Thank you so much!!! :heart:
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This is so beautiful
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We could have had it aaaalll---'s just me or does Obito look similar with Danzo here?
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this would be a perfect end for the manga that they somehow survive all and Obito back to hes normal way and everyone would live happyly
the bad is i do not know what is in Kishimoto-sensei"s mind the last manga chapter i read and i feel like its a nightmare what i do not want to wish for everyone but also i know a war will be this horror but... i think its tooo much its like Kishimoto want to kill everyone >.<
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Hahaha yeah, damn you Kishi >_>

Obito as a grown up and a sensei in konoha, bothering Kakashi from time to time. If only Madara hadn't manipulated him... /sigh
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Why is Obito so fucking handsome :3 I really love this. He could be such a cool guy T_T Maybe he still is ^^
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I know right XDDD the villains are always so handsome. If only things had been different y__y
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True T_T But then the hole story wouldn´t even exist or at least would have been different :D Obitoooo~~ *fangirling overload*
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Haha yeah, I guess complaining about that is useless now xD I like the story how it is now.
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This is really beautiful, but it makes me so sad. Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]
In this reality Kushina and Minato would be alive, just like Sasukes Family and Naruto could be a 'normal' child. And Obito...

It just...would have been so wonderful if it really happened.
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I know :iconcryforeverplz: When I think about that it makes me so sad y__y Things could have been so different! If only the right decisions were made...
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Gosh, i thought Kishimoto was going to kill me when Obito had this 'what if...' dream.  I really had tears in my eyes.
Sometimes i think he only lives to break our hearts...
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That was heartbreaking indeed!! ;~; Kishi enjoys toying with our emotions y_y
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Breaking my heart! So. fucking. Cruel!
As if Derek Landy isn't cruel enough to me!

Landy wrote for his birthday:
'Ah yes, my birthday. I am 39 today. Some people might worry about reaching that age — just one more birthday till 40, after all. But not me. I shall live forever. And I don't mean in a metaphorical sense. I don't mean I'll live forever in the hearts and minds of my readers. I mean I will literally live forever, drawing as I do from your pain and suffering.
Your pain makes me strong.'
And they are both 39 years old. Suspicious Spkmw
It has to means something!
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I don't know who Derek Landy is, but that made me laugh so much XDDDDD What a bastard! (in the good sense)
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Derek Landy is an (cruel) Irish author and screenwriter, famous for the Skulduggery Pleasant series of children's books (but the books leave the children section very soon).
A genius. A very very evil genius. I am usual not THAT emotional over books, but Skulduggery Pleasant really got under my skin.
These books will make you cry and laugh at the same time. And you will love like every fucking character in this book.
There are many Manga readers who are not into 'normal' books, but You should check it out. The first one is called 'Skulduggery Pleasant'
(I read on your profile that you are from spain,the spanish editionis is called 'Skulduggery Pleasant , Detective Esqueleto')

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I'm actually really curious about the books now lol That title... it looks promising xD I've never heard of them though. 
I will try to find them and give them a chance when I can. 
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This pic is amazing!!! Great job!!
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Thank you so much!! :D
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