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OC : Yuri Ichida

By DaigokunArt
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Name: Yuri Ichida/ Yu-chan (called by Rika)
Age: 16
Country: Japan
Gender: Female
Relationship: Kaede (Classmate), Aoi (Friend), Daigou-kun/chan (Loneliness Alliance), Rika (classmate/crush), Naka (Classmate/Annoying kitty)
Like:  Rika, wrecking, WWE, Yuri manga-anime, dogs and hanging out alone.
Hate: Being lonely, being teased "where's you valentine ?"

Yuri Ichida is Kaede, Naka and Rika's classmate. Besides, Yuri is a massive fan of Rika because she is truly a ideal girl (cute and smart), so when seeing Rika say hi or asking something with the words "Yu-chan", Yuri started becoming over excited O3O.

Normaly, Yuri is kinda shy and inner-minded, she finds it hard to open her heart to everyone and she sometimes get drepressed due to the loneliness. However, everything changed when she met Daigou-chan falling from above, they made friend and shared their common thoughts, then Daigou and Yuri allied as the Loneliness Alliance. XD  (We do a lot of things in order to reduce our boredom)
Yuri with Daigou Hisashi :

Character made by :icondaigokun:

More school girl OCs:…
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gotcha! *hugs yuri off her feet* :D
DaigokunArt's avatar
Yuri: O.O !!!!! Mister !
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=D *ruffles her hair with armoured suit hand*
Cera-Miaw's avatar
soooo many guuurls @ w @"""
chu gonna make a whole anime????
DaigokunArt's avatar
Uh no O3O", making anime is impossible for me,  i use them for making some cross overs and comic strips when i feel free.
And actually these characters are the redrawn also (I created them in 2012 and 2013, now i had a chance to draw them again and show on DA as my new OCs)
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chu gonna upload these cross overs?OWO""
DaigokunArt's avatar
Actually i haven't drawn yet, but i will
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*hugs her tight* squish! ^w^
DaigokunArt's avatar
Ow ow ow, so tight, i cant breathe >…<
G4MM43T4's avatar
i love her pose
she looks devious
LordOmegaZ's avatar
owo <3

i LOVE hair over one ye looks ;D

*hugs Yuri* i can be your friend too! >3< *squish!*
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The idea of her hair came from Watanabe Mayu of AKB48 OvO
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o//o shes my type WEEEE
DaigokunArt's avatar
Go and get her then 8D
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//glomps a hug pillow of her

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She's so adorable 
I love her hair xD
DaigokunArt's avatar
Hehe thanks for saying that :D
Saukei's avatar
Esmy-cinnamonroll's avatar
DaigokunArt's avatar
Thank u~ :huggles:
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Macro faveeeeeeee. Her face kinda remains me of Toudou Jinpachi from Yowamushi Pedal!

She's super cute! 
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