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What are commissions?

It is a very common term in the artistic world, a commission is a job requested for someone (a artist) to accomplish, it means that someone was commissioned for a task.  In order for an art commission happens, a person have to pay to an artist and then this artist have to work on the job requested.

Personal commissions

This is the commissions page for personal use, the difference is that the requester won't use the work for any commercial purpose, be it sales or advertising. If you want a drawing of a character of yours, or of your pet, or a gift for someone, or want to leave your personal blog more like you, you have come to the right place! These are fixed prices, you can ask for a budget if your request doesn't fit here.

Commercial commissions

I work in the industrial branch, I attend companies of different lines and sizes. For this type of commission it's necessary to contact me to talk about the project and request a budget. Commercial commissions are when you'll use the art to advertise, promote or sell some material or product.


Check the bottom of the page for the terms you need to follow in order to buy a commission with me.


First you need to contact me and communicate what kind of commission you want. The more information you bring, the easier it will be to find what you are looking for. Then, if there is no doubt, I will confirm the price and show you the payment options. Depending on the value we can split the payment. After the payment I'll start the sketches and we will find the drawing you are looking for. You have to pay 50% before the scketches and 50% after them. With the sketch ready, I start the final art and after approval you will receive your file.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

English version with dollars:

To buy a commission with me it's necessary to comply with the following rules:
  • The designs have no shade, just flat colors.
  • No gore or pornography.
  • Commissions charged as personal use can't be used as commercial without the value being readjusted.
  • People outside Brazil can pay only by Paypal. It's possible to pay in reais, dollars, canadian dollars, australian dollars and euros.
  • My works are displayed in my portfolios. If you want to hide your commission you need to include the additional secret commission.
  • I need to get paid first to start a work.
  • You can give up the commission when you receive the sketch if it won't satisfy you.
  • No value will be returned for a step that has already been completed. In other words, if the sketch is ready, the first payment will not be returned. If the final art is finished, the final payment will not be returned.
  • The work is done in steps, so you can follow the whole process to make sure that everything is going according to your desired.
  • Each step takes approximately 7 workdays.
  • I can't proceed to the next step if the client doesn't complete the current step.
  • After approving the sketch, you can't go back and ask for big changes, just little details.
  • The A4 300ppi format is for high quality printing, only needed if you want to print close to the size of a standard sheet paper.
  • Even though you have bought the art and it is a character of yours, I am still the author of the drawing.
  • Unused sketches and discarded versions can turn into my personal works if they are not part of a client's creation.
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F-FREAK Featured By Owner May 12, 2019  Hobbyist
Ooh interested in comm!
Would this character work, like can you draw this species? ^^
Thia Ref Txt
Daieny Featured By Owner May 12, 2019
Hii! Tapir? Sure! I love tapirs.
I work with a institute of preservation for the tapir in my country <3

F-FREAK Featured By Owner May 14, 2019  Hobbyist
ooh thats great!
And those are cuuuute ;v;

Id want something like this maybe?
Anta Flower by Daieny

Your journal says that regular headsots are 10$ but how much extra for backgorund like that? 0:
Daieny Featured By Owner May 14, 2019
Sure! I can do it!
Nothing extra, you can ask for a simple background like this.
I send a image with the background and another without just for you.
F-FREAK Featured By Owner May 16, 2019  Hobbyist
Yess okay! <:
The journal says your paypal email, right?
But could you copy-paste it here ^^
Im ready to pay~
Daieny Featured By Owner May 16, 2019
I'll send you a note c:
Kitto-Bitto Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can buy one Saturday when I get allowence can you save a slot?
Daieny Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2019
Hi! Sorry for the delay, I have slots!
BearGameplaysBrasil Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ai como eu queria ter dinheiro ;-;

uniikart Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thank you Daieny  for some information of making a commission.. :) now i got an idea on how I start it.. Thanks.. and goodluck! :))
Daieny Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2016
Good luck for you too! <3
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