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Check my commission prices! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!
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Commissions2021 by Daieny

  • Hi!
  • I have little rules, nothing complicated.
  • Commissions charged as personal use can't be used as commercial without the value being readjusted.
  • I work with two steps: The sketch and the digital version. You'll following the process and suggesting changes if you want.
  • Each step takes approximately 10 workdays to be done.
  • I can't proceed to the next step if we doesn't complete the current step.
  • My works are displayed in my portfolios. If you want to hide your commission you need to tell before I start the drawing because this have a extra cost.
  • I need to get paid first to start a work.
  • You can give up the commission when you receive the sketch if it won't satisfy you with 50% of the value. If the final art is finished, the payment will not be returned.
  • Unused sketches and discarded versions can turn into my personal works if they aren't part of a client's creation.
  • Even though you have bought the art and it is a character of yours, I am still the author of the drawing.
  • You can't sell the work or derivatives before talk to me. I need to know if it will be a commercial or personal use.

Brasileiros, por favor vejam a página em moeda nacional no meu site também há outras formas de pagamento.
© 2016 - 2021 Daieny
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Do you do points or naw?

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Points naw, sorry

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Hi! Sure! What do you like to ask?

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Yes , I am want to purches your picture how much it cost ?

Chibi Bunny
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Hello! It's for personal or commercial use?

SafooChan's avatar

Its for personal use

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So it's USD20 for one drawing and USD10 for second, third or fourth for the same character.

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Ok , Thank you

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You're welcome!

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I am interested in buying!
Could you draw my character in the same chibi style that you used to make Telephone?…
I'll send you a picture of my character in a note if you're interested. :)
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Sure! I'll send a note <3
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Ooh interested in comm!
Would this character work, like can you draw this species? ^^
Thia Ref Txt
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Hii! Tapir? Sure! I love tapirs.
I work with a institute of preservation for the tapir in my country <3

F-FREAK's avatar
ooh thats great!
And those are cuuuute ;v;

Id want something like this maybe?
Anta Flower by Daieny

Your journal says that regular headsots are 10$ but how much extra for backgorund like that? 0:
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Sure! I can do it!
Nothing extra, you can ask for a simple background like this.
I send a image with the background and another without just for you.
F-FREAK's avatar
Yess okay! <:
The journal says your paypal email, right?
But could you copy-paste it here ^^
Im ready to pay~
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I'll send you a note c:
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I can buy one Saturday when I get allowence can you save a slot?
Daieny's avatar
Hi! Sorry for the delay, I have slots!
BearGameplaysBrasil's avatar
ai como eu queria ter dinheiro ;-;

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Thank you Daieny  for some information of making a commission.. :) now i got an idea on how I start it.. Thanks.. and goodluck! :))
Daieny's avatar
Good luck for you too! <3
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