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Giant Nyan Cat

(this isn't a vectored image)

* * * * * * Nyan
Nyanyanyanyanya... Nyan, nyan. Nyan, nyan, NYAN!

Full Nyan: [link]


© Art - Daieny Schuttz.
© Character - "prguitarman". [link]
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© 2011 - 2021 Daieny
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You don't know how much I love this meme cat.

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I am wondering if I can use this image for a class project: Create a 2-D side scrolling game.
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Sure c:
Don't forget, the character's creator is "prguitarman", check the official Nyancat website.
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BEcause Nyan cat
nyan schijter 
pavelstrobl's avatar
Really big resolution. You're amazing :3
Daieny's avatar
Thanks so much. x3
ChaoFlakaa's avatar
It's going to invade the world! O_O
Daieny's avatar
Thank you for the comment and for the fav. xD
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The pixels are distorted, no thanks. ^^;
Daieny's avatar
I don't understand... O.o
Jayro-Jones's avatar
The pixels are not perfectly square... that's called "pixel distortion".
Daieny's avatar
Ah... I don't know it.
How to fix?
Jayro-Jones's avatar
start with this: :iconnyannyancatplz: and then make it bigger, but keep the proportions constrained. (1:1 pixel ratio)
Daieny's avatar
Ahn... I didn't care about it. Thank you.
Ask-Pinkiepie-Pony's avatar
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Yay! \o/ Thanks for the comment.
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Grande é poco! D'=
é gigantemente grande!
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Obrigada pelo comentário.
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Oh god, that is HUGE. XD :iconpoptartcat:
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And for the fave too.
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