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like it if you want lool
Send me a note if you are willing to ask for a commission!


Hi! I'm Daidus, I am still in training on becoming a better painter!

I don't really do commissions because I feel like I'm not good enough/at that level.. Normally I just feel like painting
whatever I feel like painting, but if you are feeling that I am, then commission me away!

My prices are a little high for where my skill level is at currently, but that is because I don't feel like getting piles of request with little to no
reward, because I do spend a lot of time on each painting...


-Prices depend on what you request. It will range from the workload.

-Black/white sketches will be waaay more cheaper. Maybe 10-20$ (varies)…

-Quick Cell-shade will be cheap. Maybe 15-40$ (varies)…

-Painting will be not cheap. Maybe 40$-100$ (varies)
Menma Portrait Anohana (Remake) by Daidus   His Succubus by Daidus   Portrait of Scifi girl by Daidus  Queen of the Snowstorm by Daidus

-I am willing to paint mostly anything you want (anime or anime-realism rendered)
-You can pick any style you like that you saw in my gallery
-I don't do NSFW or super ecchi but I can do sexy :)
-I can TRY to do mecha but chances are it is not my strong suit :P
-I don't do yaoi, sorry :(
-I WILL add more money for extra characters
-Add moar moniez and Daidus will love you moar
-Paintings will take me 1 week - 4 weeks (school and busy deadlines) but usually I finish before first 2 weeks

Thank you!

Finished Commissions: 

SSJ2 Goku fanart by Daidus  Smash4 friend commission by Daidus  Riven and Zac by Daidus  JRPG Female character 1 (Isa) by Daidus  JRPG Male Character 1 by Daidus

Hi guys, be sure to follow me on Tumblrrrr!! I post WIPs/sketches all the time :D

See yah!