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As much as I am prepared to do..ready to frame.
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I enjoy your art very much.
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I love this one.  I saw it was on the Featured page too--congrats! 
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Thanks...they invited me.
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This is very beautiful. And very original.
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I was helped by a 9 year old girl who saw me working on it whilst manning an exhibition at Easter.....she suggested where to put the flower heads.. So I gave her my seat and pens and said "Well .... you draw them in for me".

And she did....

Her name was Elizabeth...thats why I called it that...

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By the way, do you know Tim Rossiter? I went to one his art classes and had a tour of his studio last year...
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No...but I know crickhowel well..I have exhibited in the gallery above the TIC there 
a few years ago.
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Wow, the details and the color variations of this are beautiful. What kind of media did you use?
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Fiirstly the Hare was masked off and I used yellow Rotring ink applied with a spray diffuser. Then the sun was masked of with a dinner plate and a slightly darker yellow version of the ink was sprayed on.

The drawing was then done using 3 different green ballpoint pens that I had bought from W.H.Smiths office stationary department . The black detail work was done using a Bic fine point pen. The yellow grass where it crossed the sun circle was from a set off coloured ballpoint pens I bought from a local "thrift" shop.

The flower petals were originally done in the yellow ink I had used for the sun but they did not stand out enough so I used a brilliant white "Gel" pen to overwork them...

Much of the detail was then outlined using the black biro to strengthen the shapes....I always enjoy that part as it enables me to rescue and re-state details and shapes that can get lost in the general confusion that all my drawings have.

Hope this helps?
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Yes, thank you! I really like the style of this; how the outline hare fades into the grass and instead the color difference shows its shape.
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That was a happy accident... as I masked off the whole hare profile it didnt have the solidarity of the background sprayed with the yellow ink. It didn't appear to me until I stepped back to look at it after quite late in the working...There was a "Hmmmm? Do I like it moment?" ..I'm glad I stuck with it and didn't "fill" it in.
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he's come out well... I love the grass textures.
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very nice work indeed
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