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{BNHA/C} First DateA oneshot commission for EeOwen! Just to be clear, this takes place in their second/third year. Word Count: 1649Disclaimer: I do not own Koneko “Wulf” Kurogya! Wulf belongs to EeOwen!___________________________________________________________________________________Bakugo sat on the couch, a book haphahazardly held in one hand while he read the text rather boredly to himself. The fact that the subject matter was boring wouldn’t be so bad if the four stooges that liked to hang around him weren’t talking so loud while he was trying to study. In fact, he wouldn’t even be there had Kirishima not dragged him out, insisting that he study with them. In the end, he was the only one studying while they all goofed off after they got off subject.Ever since, the other four had been talking amongst themselves about this or that, hopping to a new topic every few minutes. Eventually, they landed on the subject of relationships, specifically romantic ones, due to Mina of course. “Hey Bakugo!” the pink-skinned girl called from her cushion on the floor. “Do you plan on going any further with Wulf? You guys have been together since first year, but you’ve never done normal relationship stuff with him.” The blond sighed and flipped his book closed, giving up on getting any studying done. “Of course not,” he replied, catching them all by surprise. “All I’ve done is hang around him and deal with his monthly cycles.” “Are you sure?” Sero leaned further to raise a brow at Bakugo. “He seems like the type to get bored if there’s no spark.” “Yeah,” Kaminari agreed, cradling his chin in thought now. “Don’t cats lose interest really easily?” Katsuki shook his head and rolled his eyes, not taking any of their worries seriously. It wasn’t like the cat would just toss him away once he was bored... right? Over the next few days, despite his best efforts, the blond found himself coming back to that conversation. It was stuck in his head, and maybe as a way to cope with it, he began taking much closer notice of Wulf’s daily behavior. It didn’t seem any different from what he had become accustomed too. Just when he was starting to shake that conversation and whatever doubt it may have placed in his mind, Koneko broke away from his usual routine and left for a few hours. He didn’t know where the muttcat was going, but he arrived home late, just minutes before the curfew. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he grumbled to himself from outside of Wulf’s room. He wasn’t the type to be insecure, quite the opposite in fact, but Koneko’s late return coupled with the conversation had made him want to be sure the cat wasn’t losing interest. The blond knocked on the door and waited for the door to open. Once Koneko had answered, he started, “I was planning on going out to get something to eat. Maybe go to the arcade and movies afterward. Wanna come?” He was trying as hard as possible to make it not sound like a date. “Um, sure,” the cat shrugged his shoulders, surprised by the offer. “Good. I wasn’t taking no for an answer anyway,” the blond said, folding his arms. “Get dressed and meet me outside.” With that he left and went to wait outside Heights Alliance. A few minutes later, Koneko joined him wearing a plain black t-shirt, some dark green cargo pants, and black and blue boots. They left the school and took a train further into the city. First, they went to a restaurant. It was nothing fancy of course, just a small quiet cafe that was surprisingly empty save for a few people here of there. Unknown to the cat, Katsuki had chosen it specifically because it was always quiet and no where near as crowded as other places, so Koneko wouldn’t have to stress about a large amount of people. He had gotten better about being in public, but he was still prone to stress in crowded areas. They made small talk while they ate, which Wulf enjoyed, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of confusion. Bakugo never took him out to do anything like this. The only time they went out to do something was if the others had made plans and dragged them along, so it was odd that Bakugo would make plans and ask him to come. Nonetheless, he ignored the feeling and chose to enjoy himself. Once they were finished, they went to the arcade. Surprisingly, Wulf seemed to have fun. The instant they walked in, he was interested in multiple games. Then again, the more Bakugo thought about it, the more he realized that he had probably never gone to an arcade before. While Koneko played some of the games, winning himself a bundle of tickets, Katsuki kept anyone from getting too close for his taste. For the most part, the blond found himself following Koneko around and watching him play various games for the first time. He’d never admit to anyone, not even Wulf himself, that he found it cute how innocent his partner was as he from game to game. Eventually, he did play a few, albeit not anywhere near as many as Koneko, and he ended up winning a small toy that oddly resembled him with the blond color of the hair and spiky style. “So what do I do with all these tickets?” Wulf asked, holding a large mass of orange-red tickets in one arm.Katsuki stared at him for a moment, not believing that he was serious, before he snorted and cracked a smile at his partner. “You exchange them over for prizes,” the blond gestured over to the counter. “Oh,” he said dumbly, ears flattening against his head now that he felt a little stupid. He wouldn’t say he thought they were just collecting tickets for the sake of it to save himself from the endless teasing the blond would definitely submit him to. In the end, Wulf traded all his tickets for various animal keychains. A little green frog, an inky colored lizard, a dog with red fur, a raven, and a sandy blonde Pomeranian, and lastly a little grey cat.Before they decided to call it a day and head back to the dorms, they caught a movie. Bakugo has seen a lot of advertising for one that seemed like a good action flick that they could both enjoy, so why not wrap up the date with a movie?They sat down in their seats and got comfortable. Wulf looked down curiously at the bucket of popcorn that they had gotten to share. Koneko has had the home made popcorn made in a pan during movie nights at the dorms, but somehow this tasted… better. The movie began shortly, and a third through the movie, the promised action had been no where to be seen. In fact, the movie seemed more interested in the romance between the two leads than it did with any of the interesting aspects of being a pro hero.Any fight scenes that occurred were no longer than a few minutes and were probably only done to show in the trailers. Regardless, they both continued watching despite how uninterested they both were until both protagonists began making out. The movie held on the session for an agonizing amount of time, making Wulf blush as he found himself thinking about doing the same with Bakugo. Katsuki kept a straight face, mostly looking bored, but he was uncomfortably conscious of his partner at this point. It was awkward enough to watch a scene like this without having your significant other right beside you.The scene only continued to get worse with the protagonists undressing one another and that was when the blond decided it was enough. Katsuki leaned close to Wulf and said in a hushed tone, “Hey, you wanna leave? This movie sucks.”“Yeah,” Wulf agreed in an instant, glad that the darkness of the theater had hid his red face. The pair left the theater and caught a train back to UA. By the time they got back to the main entrance, the sun had set. As they walked towards Heights Alliance, Wulf decided to finally ask about something that had been in the back of his mind since the cafe. “So what’s with taking me out all of a sudden?” Bakugo flicked his eyes back to the cat. “Nothin’. Just felt like goin’ out,” he lied with a shrug. Koneko gave him a look of disbelief, his ears pointed forward. “I know you. You never want to go out, and you never make plans to go out with me.” He turned his gaze onto the blond, a fixed one that demanded the real answer. For a second, the blond tried to ignore it, but quickly gave in with an exasperated groan. “Fine! The others said you seemed like the type to get bored with the relationship if we never did anything, so I thought we’d go out and do somethin’,” he admitted, coming to a stop outside the dorms, where the lights from inside spilled onto both of them. Wulf’s gaze softened but remained on Bakugo. His ears flicked back and he shook his head, a little amused smile spreading across his features. “I’d like to do more with you, sure, but I’m happy with what we have right now. And you’re the biggest idiot I know if you think I’d throw you out like an old toy once I got bored,” he snorted and shook his head again. “Oh shut up, muttcat,” Bakugo scoffed and rolled his eyes, clearly not finding this nearly as amusing. They both went into Heights Alliance and to their separate dorm rooms. The next morning, Katsuki came down to the kitchen and as he prepared his breakfast, he spotted the four stooges over at a table. “Hey!” he called over to them across the room, stopping their friendly chatter amongst each other. “You’re all idiots!” he finished, leaving all four of them confused.
{BNHA/C} Welcome HomeA oneshot commission for EeOwen! Also, they’re aged up in this story.Word Count: 548Disclaimer: I do not own Koneko “Wulf” Kurogya! Wulf belongs to EeOwen!___________________________________________________________________________________Bakugo sighed heavily as he shifted through his key ring for the correct one, worn out from a long day. The blond grumbled, squinting to see the finer details of the keys in the dark. Finally, he found the key to the apartment door and entered into the familiar kitchen area with his duffel in hand.Closing the door behind him quietly and locking it back, he noticed he could still hear the tv. Had Wulf forgotten to turn it off before going to bed? He hung the key on the keyring next to the door and peered over the countertop to see into the living area, where he could still see light coming from the television as well. The blond sighed and began walking towards the living area only to stop once he made it to the counter. There, on the couch, was Wulf, sitting up on the coch dead asleep. He scoffed, shaking his head. “Really? I thought I told you to go to bed without me,” he grumbled quiet enough to not disturb the big cat. “Can’t ever listen to me, can you?” Bakugo stared at the sleeping Koneko, as if he was waiting for an answer, before a thought crossed his mind. The cat needed to learn to listen to him, so maybe a rude awakening at nearly one in the morning would teach him. Besides, the cat would need to move to the bed anyway. After a moment of consideration, he decided to just leave him for the time being. He was too tired to actually do something like that, and he still had a few things to do before he could even get in bed. The last thing he needed was Koneko being all over him. Walking carefully, Katsuki went past the couch to the shared bedroom to set his bag down next to the door before heading into the bathroom for a shower. While he waited for the water to warm up, he remembered Wulf mentioning something about him coming to see his class of degenerates to help out with an extra lesson. He shook off the thought, far too tired to make a decision on that, and hopped in the shower. He was out within ten minutes, having made it quick so he could hurry up and crash in the bed that he had been longing for since around ten thirty. He stepped out, drying his hair and towel wrapped around his waist, to find that the muttcat had disappeared and the tv was off. Confused, he went to the bedroom to get some clothes, but he found Koneko instead. This time he was on the bed, pulling clothes out of the duffel and either tossing them into the basket or putting them back in. His back was to Bakugo, and despite his good hearing, he hadn’t heard him step in. Slipping behind the cat-like male, he wrapped his arms around him and hugged him close, something that would’ve likely gotten him thrown across the room had he not improved his reaction to sudden physical touch. “I’m back,” he said softly, resting his chin on his boyfriend’s shoulder. Koneko’s ear twitched at the sudden sound. “Welcome home,” he returned, turning himself so that he could kiss Katsuki on the cheek....
confetti grenade by paperflesh
honey paper by paperflesh
COVID-19 Llama Badge by Katforce
$5 Icon Comms Open by CalopsYCHs
(open) YCH auction #19 by Yuikus
closed auction  adopt by Yuikus
Anime's Stamp (2) Natsume Takeshi by BrightCherryBlossoms
The Dark Knight Rising Stamp by TheLuLu99
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06 06 2020 Granville6 les pecheurs a pied by hubert61
[OPEN] Adoptable Batch Auction III 3/5 by TopazBlu
Fandom Headbands by Animedemon001
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{BNHA/C} A Chat Between FriendsA commission for @bbaash! Word Count: 923Disclaimer: I do not own BNHA or Iwamoto Noriko! Nori belongs to @bbaash!______________________________________________________________________________Noriko stirred her ice cream around in it’s small cup. It was starting to melt, and the girl couldn’t help but think where her friend might be. Camie was the one who had asked for them to meet at the mall in the food court to have a chat and some ice cream, but she had yet to show after about ten minutes. Of course Iwamoto had thought ahead and ordered Camie’s ice cream, which had been sitting off to the side untouched since she had sat down. Iwamoto pulled out her phone to send her friend a message just as the other girl came jogging up to the table. “Hey, sorry I’m, like, late,” she started, pulling out the chair and sitting down quickly. “I crashed hard last night.” Noriko smiled at her friend’s antics, shaking her head and chuckling. That was Camie. Party all night then sleep late into the day. “Well, I got you some ice cream. You took so long, I ended up ordering,” the dark-skinned girl said, sliding the small cup over to her friend, a spoon already stuck in the frozen treat. “Thanks for not leaving me out. That’s why we call you the mom friend,” Camie joked, taking a spoonful into her mouth. “So why’d you want to meet up? You said you wanted to talk about something,” Iwamoto mentioned, looking expectantly at her bubbly friend. Almost instantly, Camie’s demeanor lost some of its normal bubbliness, and she pursed her lips, almost as if she were thinking hard about what she wanted to say. “Um… well, like… I kind of… maybe like somebody,” she said carefully and slowly, like she didn’t want to finish her sentence. “Oh, really?” Noriko replied, a little surprised. For as much of a part animal as the girl was, she had never really liked someone in that kind of way. “Who is it?” her friend pressed, now curious. Camie nearly winced, the guilt beginning to creep up on her already. “Well, I don’t want to, like, say his name, y’know?” she started, waving a hand for emphasis. “I’ll just... say the things I like about him.” Iwamoto quirked a brow at her friend’s reluctance but quickly brushed it off as her feeling embarrassed. Propping both elbows up on to the table, she rested her head in her hands and looked intently at her friend. “Alright, go ahead.” “Okay, um…” Camie cradled her chin loosely as she thought over where she wanted to begin. “He can kinda be a jerk sometimes and aggressive too, but he’s, like, totally determined and super strong.” Her friend’s description of her crush reminded her a lot of her own boyfriend, Katsuki, but it was likely just coincidence. Noriko nodded, “Go on.” “Well, he’s not just got a super firey personality, but he’s pretty good-looking too,” the bubbly girl added with a soft smile on her face, likely because she was imagining the boy in her head. “Oh, what does he look like?” Iwamoto prodded, her interest piqued. Again, Utsushimi began to stutter and the smile on her face disappeared as she began looking at anything other than her friend’s face. At this point, the behavior was getting strange, especially for Camie. “He’s, uh... Like, muscular but still slim, and he’s got this wild, spiky hair and sharp, red eyes that are just so pretty,” she finally said, having been less reluctant once she had gotten started. Again, the description seemed to fit her boyfriend, but there was another who fit that description: Eijiro Kirishima. Despite that, the personality she described earlier didn’t fit Kirishima at all from what she knew about him. “You mind if I cut in and ask something?” Noriko started, quirking her head to the side a bit. “Oh, like, sure! Hit me with whatever you’ve got,” Utsushimi replied, trying her best to sound like her usual, bubbly self and hide the anxiety that had been creeping up on her the whole conversation.“The guy wouldn’t happen to be Katsuki Bakugo, would it?” the dark-skinned girl asked, her tone purely curious. Camie yelped, her eyes widened from shock. “How’re you so good at guessing?!” she asked, still stunned by her friend’s ability to pin point who she liked based off of the little she had said. “I know my own boyfriend, Camie,” she smiled, chuckling a bit at her friend’s surprise. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” Utsushimi puffed her cheeks into a pout, beginning to play with a strand of her hair. “I thought you would be, like, angry with me for crushing on your boyfriend,” she admitted, choosing to look at the table instead of her friend. “Of course I’m not!” Iwamoto said, folding her arms on the table and smiling at her friend. “I mean, you can’t really help who you’re attracted to.”Camie leaned back into the chair, sighing with relief as all the tension in her muscles left. “The last I wanted or expected was for my crush to be my best friend’s boyfriend,” she said weakly. “I’ll tell you what: We can share him,” Noriko suggested playfully, grinning. Utsushimi laughed at her friend’s joke, now smiling. “I’m really glad you’re not, like, mad at me. I was really expecting some big blow up.” “Now that we’ve talked, you want to hang around a little longer? Have some fun?” Iwamoto offered, getting up and pushing the chair back in place.“Yeah, sure,” she agreed, following her friend. “Maybe I can help you pick out something nice for Bakugo.”...
2017APR21A Gifted by mythkaz
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MI by SuarezGuillen-art
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Karin and Mark just costumes by AmyNChan
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When we launched the Go Green Contest, we asked you to create artwork using a very broad theme: Green. Seeing the massive amount of submissions and feedback from this, I personally was shocked. However with every contest we must deliver winners and this journal is to announce this one. However do not fear as there will be more contests in the foreseeable future and I hope that you guys come back to enter more of them even if you do not win now. With effort comes results so do not give up here.

For this contest dAhub asked me to sit down and pick 6 of my favorites and the other 6 winners to be decided from the community. Together we have picked our #1s which both will receive 1200 :points:. However this contest had a ton of quality entries and I recommend that you guys take a look at them here:…

Now... for the moment we have been waiting for. It is time to announce the winners of the contest.

eggnox picks:
MI by SuarezGuillen-art 1200 :points:
Swamp Fairy by Honeysucle10 100 :points:
OmiContest: Bear by paint-Industries 100 :points:
Always Check Your Candy: Contest Entry by Diylion 100 :points:
Shade of Luck - Go Green! Contest by Himikai-chan 100 :points:
:thumb559101634: 100 :points:

Top voted:
Nature by LimeDot 1200 :points:
Go green contest entry - Forest Fairy by Calhingil 100 :points:
Serenity by RainOfDragon 100 :points:
Remains by isdira 100 :points:
Bridge to nature by Alimba 100 :points:
A Special Place by ChieuMua 100 :points:

Please congratulate them below and until next time, this is Aquatic Reign signing out.
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