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The Storm

Just before starting on this I had been looking at some paintings by J.M.W. Turner, who has created some amazing stormy landscapes and seascapes. It directly inspired what you see here. I had a lot of fun with this, and all I needed was one good brush and a bit of luck.

While painting this, the composition was largely determined by chance. I started with painting a lot of randomly coloured strokes in the direction of the wind. From that I imagined a scene and then let some objects appear from the stormy mess. The result is that besides Luna, there are actually very few well defined objects visible: three trees and what looks like a hillside on the right side of the image.

When choosing a character for the scene, I picked Luna solely because I thought a dark blue pony would look good there.

Created with Gimp and Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Creative Commons 3.0 – BY NC ND
Princess Luna from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hasbro
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Wow, this is really pretty and I love the stormy effect :D
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This is gorgeous! So much motion. Great job!
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Love the technique.
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That's an awesome effect! It looks amazing! =D
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Dude... How many mushrooms did we eat? Uhh... whoa
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Interesting blurring effect.
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After looking at some works by J.M.W, and looking at this, I can say that you have the desired effect spot on :iconmegustaplz: Great piece :iconlunalaplz:
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