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Spectrum Riding Wolf

2013-03-23 Livestream request for ~RetroLuna.

This was actually a pretty complex request. RetroLuna asked for his OC to be drawn riding this mechanical wolf thingy from the game Metal Gear Rising. First of all I know nothing about this game, and secondly, that wolf has a pretty complex design.

But I like a challenge, so I gave it a shot anyway. Took some artistic license, simplifying a lot of the details. All in all a good practice in analysing and copying/adapting complex reference material.

Created with Gimp and Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Creative Commons 3.0 – BY NC ND
Spectrum belongs to ~RetroLuna
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The first livestream that I had partaken in, if I remember correctly. Looking at the date, it has been quite a long time since then, I should've viewed your submissions sooner. Better late than never?

I think you did a good job on simplifying, yet keeping all the details on the Bladewolf. You really are a artist of many styles, and you seem to use a (slightly) different style each time you make a painting, which I imagine can be difficult sometimes. In short, good work once again.
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Trying out many different styles has both advantages and disadvantages. It's awesome, because you can try all the different flavours. But on the other hand you have less time developing a style you're comfortable with, and you may have to figure out a lot of things over and over again.
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Oh wow, I think I remember seeing that commercial on TV. Now you made me feel old. :P

Also, I think I last heard on a documentary that Vincent van Gogh also used many different styles, so who knows...;)
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Here's a pony riding an unmanned gear

Your argument is invalid
It's a good thing wolf didn't come with the chainsaw attachment. :P
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