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Day and Night

It was a delight to see Discord return for the latest episode, so it's about time that I made a proper piece for this guy. Although I've drawn him once playing a board game with Luna, that's one still feels a bit sketchy. Here I wanted to make a properly thought out and polished work, dedicated to the one and only king of chaos.

To illustrate his role as a trickster, I wanted to do something with an optical illusion. Initially I was thinking about a variation on Escher's Dragon. That turned out to be a bit tricky with Discord's anatomy, so I went with a foreground/background illusion instead. The art style was a natural choice, though influenced a bit by my desire to make some vector art.

After the first sketch I was a bit worried if this was going to work at all. Luckily, with some tweaking the idea became slowly more concrete. When the background elements were added, it truly came together as the illusion I'd imagined. Interestingly, the day versus night theme wasn't part of my original idea, but formed when I started to add the background to the image. This way the piece and its title also became a reference to Escher's Day and Night, which is based on the same illusion.

Created with Inkscape.

Creative Commons 3.0 – BY NC ND
Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (c) Hasbro
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Discolored, I'm howlin at the moon. And sllepin in the middle of a summer afternoon. DISCOOORRD what ever did we do to make you take our world awaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!
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that illusion thing too!!
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Any way you could set this up for prints? It'd be really rad to have hanging in my home.
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So far I haven't really looked into setting up prints at all. If I do, this piece is high on the list of pieces I'd like to make available though. I don't want focus much on trying to make money with my art, but I may give it some more thought.
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Well if you ever do set this ((and others)) up for prints please let me know! You've got a wonderful quality of art and I'd love to have a piece from you someday. 
Escher would be proud of you. ^_^
I love how much it resembles a body of chaos without just having the background chaotic.  :D
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Amazing! I like how enjoyable it is to stare at. Good art style choice too :).
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Helllooooo new phone wallpaper!
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Cool as all fudge! Good job!
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I LOVE this, but.. it's Soooooo super trippy to look at @_@
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This should be a Daily Deviation
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This illusion works so well with Discord! You portrayed his chaotical nature in very interesting way!
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Wha-? But how does-? Why is-? Where are-? (Brain, before you go BSOD on me, just remember - It's DISCORD we're talking about here.)

This is an awesome piece of art.
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Very, very nice! I always loved optical illusions, and you created a really nice one. I love the background(s).
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Love this so much, very creative design. 
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I knew it reminded me of Escher! =D Great job. :)
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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Cool, thanks for featuring it. Nice selection of art you have there btw.
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