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FNaF Nightmare Animatronic Resource Pack

All Nightmare animatronic body parts I could make
August 4, 6:50 AM - Added more Foxy parts, added Nightmare's parts, added more Freddy parts including minion Freddies, and added Plushtrap parts
August 19, 3:04 PM - Added more parts and organized them neatly
September 5, 5:10 PM - Added more Bonnie, Chica, and Fredbear parts
October 31, 3:48 PM - Added Nightmare Mangle, Nightmare BB, and Nightmarionne (Nightmarrionette?) parts
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I'm planning to use it for a void meme
Hey is it ok if I use these for editing I'll give credit
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I downloaded it but can't use it
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using, (i'll give credit) 
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you kinda forgot bonnie's upper head.
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it's still cool man
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these are really cool, but i thoughe an endo head is in here
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Using! Don't worry, I'll give credit! :)
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Hey, can i expand this? If no, its ok.
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Using ( dis )
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this could help me with some sfuff 
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Nightmare Freddy emoteiconNightmare Freddy |Jumpscare | GIF icons GIF |  ADD MORE FREDDY PARTS BEFORE I EAT UR SOUL!!
FnaF Icon [34] - Nightmare BonnieNightmare Bonnie | Jumpscare | GIF icons Chat |  WHERE'S MY LEFT HAND??!!
Nightmare Chica : Nigtmare Chica | Jumpscare | GIF icons Chat | WHERE'S MY FACE??!!
Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Cupcake - GIF : Nightmare Cupcake Jumpscare Gif Chat Icon WHAT ABOUT ME?!
FNAF 4- Nightmare - ICON GIF : Nightmare Freddy 2|Jumpscare | GIF icons GIF | WHERE'S MY UPPER FACE?!
NightmareFoxy : Nightmare Foxy-2 | Jumpscare | GIF icons Chat | I CAN'T HUNT FOR BOOTY WITHOUT UPPER LEGS!!
Nightmare FredBear :.:Fnaf 4:.: : FNAF 4 Nightmare Freddy Pixel Icon WHERE'S MY ARMS?!
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He did the best they can, don't nag them.
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