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The Seven Deadly Sins: SLOTH

By dahlig
"Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work"

This is the fifth from the Seven Deadly Sins series.


- She is sitting on a swing and blowing bubbles: it's a symbol of wasting your time on insignificant things; idleness

- She is placed above the ground, in the sky: symbol of being separated from Earth and mundane htings (like work etc)

- Feathers: to me they symbolize something sleepy and lazy

- Color: to me light blue is also a color of sleepiness and idleness

Done in Painter in approx. 60 hours.

Hope you like :)
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Is there prints available for this collection still?
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This reminds me of Marie Antoniette, or however her name was spelled. It also reminds me of that one woman from The Hunger Games, for some reason. I think it's the hair? Either way, this is amazing :D
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someone stole your arts ---->…

some in aliexpress
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Most wonderful art series. <3
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so beautiful....
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So true.So true.
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So graceful! Definitely a work of art!
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can i used  the seven deadly sins as acover in my story in wattpad?
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Her hair kind of evokes a cloud, too -- and to me it also suggests Marie Antoinette, who is definitely a popular symbol of idleness
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The symbolism in this piece is beautifully depicted! When I say that this is the embodiment of sloth, I mean it! And it's ironic that it took a lot of work and time on your behalf to make something representing laziness.
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I like your descriptions on these :)
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Beautiful piece! This is an amazing series!  BTW, there's A LOT of the entire series floating around the internet with no recognition to you. I just spent 20 minutes or so trying to find out who the wonderful artist is, before finding the ones that are actually here, as compared to used on a page to advertise things. Again, beautiful work!
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Really love this series of the deadly sins.
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Reminds me of Glinda from wicked.
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Love this is this air brush technique
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I love the symbolism in this one a lot; the lack of caring for the outside world and responsibility...true nature of what Sloth really means.  Well done!
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This is AMAZINGLY pretty :))Heart Love

 Frozen - HUG!  Thanks for creating it!
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I see it now! Why did I not think of this before? :o
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