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The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST

Hello everyone!
So after 2 months of silence, I am giving you Lust

This is the third one of the serie, first ones are Vanity and Envy

"Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body."

The theme:
As you can see, from my Lust sketch I have only kept the pose, but totally changed the face.
I think that this one fits the topic better.
I see Lust as being concentrated on yourself, being "drowned in your own world" kind of way, rather than seducting and being "flirty"(and this look was used in the sketch)
Ok, nevermind :P

About the symbolism:
The color - I am aware of the fact, that according to some sources Lust is connected with blue. To me though, blue just doesn't do it - It's too "cold", and therefore I picked(surprise) red - connection with the color of flame, warmth. No I am not connecting lust with love :P

The frame - uses the flame pattern... my thought-connections were: flame -> burning desire -> lust

The waterfall - something rapid, unpredictable, not controlable :]

The picture took me a long LONG time to finish, mainly because I have done 2 other versions which I was not satisfied with.
Done in Painter7 and Photoshop CS in an uncoutable number of hours XD

Hope you like it!

DISCLAIMER: As I am currently working on another project, I will take a break from the Seven Deadly Sins Serie, BUT I DEFINITELY AM planning on finishing it. The next one, coming probably in a few months will be SLOTH :)

PS. Just in case you're interested, I am now submitting Lust as a printout:)
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I once heard from a video game (of all things) about lust. If I recall correctly, the words were, "A red gem is rather fitting; the sin of lust has spilled much blood over the ages." So, in the color scheme, I wholeheartedly agree with red symbolizing lust. I think that blue is too soft for lust. So good choice and good job!
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Well, Lust's expression can convey what she really is to us. Her luring appearance can make anyone be entangled with her. 
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
Woman, at least put a bra on, geez!
devduck01's avatar
Great work on all seven, one of the freshest and most interesting takes on the Seven Deadly Sins I have seen in some time :)
Xenon3120's avatar
I like your perception of Lust.
This art is not only gorgeous to look at, but the added facial language upon her own touch, while elegant, also displaying small sparks of desire toward sin and the sinner.
Incredible. Your artwork has a lot of life put into it.
6The6Overlord6's avatar
I'm pretty sure almost every male in existence has this.
Winged--Maned--Wolf's avatar
This is just so beautiful, I love her pose here
SomeGuyLMAO22's avatar
ma favourite sin baby (insert lenny face here)
AmiloFinn's avatar
These are the most beautiful seven deadly sins I've ever seen.
PanamaGamesArtWork's avatar
A very good concept executed perfectly. :)
LoveRunsRed's avatar
I thought I'd let you know that someone is using this set without permission in a quiz here:…
k-i-t-t-n's avatar
Ухты! новая работка!
joshuatree1967's avatar
Really beautiful work
otenbr's avatar
Great work. Very beautiful!
BoldRobber's avatar
The self-consuming flame  Ring Of Fire We all gotta burn sometime
n2n44's avatar
as sweet as visually impressive :)
BloodyWolfGirl246's avatar
As a person who is awfully lustful myself, I can honestly say that this picture is a perfect depiction of lust! Especially the flames within the circle!
Akihiko-Miraimeji's avatar
Tip on fedora and you're good.
BloodyWolfGirl246's avatar
Why thank you good sir. (late reply, holy damn)
TheLittleDoodler's avatar
It is a good choice to use red as her color, because it is the color of love. I'm not saying that lust is love, but lust can be very easily mistaken as love, which as a sad thing. You can engage in sexual activities and such, but all for the lust, not love. Friends with benefits, is today's term for that. You just cannot have good relations, much less sexual engagement with someone, without a good basis of love.

Thank you for taking your time to make such exquisite pieces of art.
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wow.... just wow
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