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The Oracle

By dahlig
Done for ImagineFX Hand Painting workshop. You can find it in Issue 16 (I also made the cover for that one) :)

My goal was to create a bold mood without adding too much unnecessary detail.
Painted in Photoshop with some help from Painter. Refs for the pendant and marble (you can see it as a custom brush used for the face marks); light and anatomy studies for the character.

Linen done with a custom made brush consisting of a few lines.

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© 2007 - 2021 dahlig
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This is one of my all-time favorites too. I had seen this pop up on Google images. Now I know who created it. Wow, wonderful - just amazing! 
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This is one of my all time favourites.
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Legit this is so realistic I thought it was a photo before I read the description... Great work!
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A powerful artwork.... congratulations!
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I'd say you added just the right amount of detail. Fantastic!!!
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You got the colours very well, I like the cold tone of it and the details of the hands especially.
sim699's avatar
this paint touch me ... i dont have a  word to say how biotiful it is ! thnx for sharing this !
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I love the emotion that you put into this art!
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This is a piece I've seen around the 'net for a long time and it's always stuck with me. It's captivating.
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I regret to inform you that someone has stolen this marvelous art from you and is claiming it as their own. You can view the image in question here. I would suggest filing a complaint with the admins via the DMCA form. I am sorry that it has happened and do hope that this will be resolved quickly for you.
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Woah... omfg +fav Heart omfg
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Hey there, someone is stealing this from you. Thought I'd let you know!…
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I really love your artwork! I was impressed by the atmospherical feeling this piece has. 
I used this artwork of yours as a reference to learn my ways with oil paint. I didn't do this work much justice but I uploaded it and ofcourse put a link to your original art piece here :) 
I hope you are OK with it :)
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I have been a fan of this piece for years and years, and some of your other work, but only just stumbled upon your page here! Still love this piece as much as the first time I saw it ^^
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keep coming back to this drawing and look at it. it one of my favorite drawing. i really love it!
Bello-Regno's avatar
Your so beautiful....
It speaks volumes.....
drawing4life1's avatar
omg this is amazing! so realistic!
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