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Hello there ;)

Following my new year's resolutions to update more often, here I am.

Well OK, it's cheating, since this piece has been done in 2010 for Digital Artist mag, issue 12 (I think). You can see the "making of" process there.

Done in Photoshop in loads and loads of hours. I've used an airbrush quite extensively for detailing, which was a new thing for me.

Used some refs for the flowers and gold elements, as well as posed in the mirror for quite a bit until I got the pose right. That's about it :)
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Amazing pic! I've made you a folder in my favorites and I'm watching you!🎈
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A beautiful piece of work.
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Imperious  Queen A wonderful piece of work :Violet-orb: 
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This is the Whore of Babylon isn't it?
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I was just re-reading that issue of the magazine. Definitely neat to see the image here too.
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Fascinating, Love The Headdress.
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Like this, the colors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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Love it. I wish I could do this. You rock my socks off.
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I have no idea how you paint hands so well, your hands are always so gorgeous! One thing I noticed when watching a "making-of" video of one of your pieces, is that you never mirror the canvas to check your work. I think this may impact your faces in particular since they tend to look a little wonky. I think if you mirrored the image regularly throughout the process, the mistakes would jump right out at you and be much easier to fix. I went for years without doing this little trick and now I do it all the time throughout the painting process. It's a life-saver and keeps things from looking weird and "wonky". Hope that makes sense and helps a little! Keep up the beautiful work.
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Reminds me of the old Art Deco prints, but with a wealth of color and detail that they never achieved. The only Art Deco works I've seen with this kind of shimmering, sumptuous color were pieces by Lalique. And I *love* the pose, and the detail on the hands. Exquisite.
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Great detail! Can look at it for hours!
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nice picture :)
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Saw your work at Digital Artist. I love how u explained your work. Thank you.
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Amazing! I love colours in this work
So Beautiful work... I love color and all the details..amazing work
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Beautiful image! Beauty, charmed and expression ! Good job ![link]
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beautiful rich colours!
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