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December 13, 2009
Moths by `blackeri is a perfect blend of realism and fantasy. The amount of detail put into the moths is astonishing. The feeling of breaking out of your shell and metamorphosis, plays into this deviation. It's spectacular to look at!
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This artwork was done for a "20 steps to extreme realism" workshop done for ImagineFX issue 40.
Nothing really too surprising about the concept - the point was to push the realism as far as I could.

Done in Photoshop CS. Video making-of can be seen on the issue 40's DVD. :-)
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Upon his knees, the arrow still in his left shoulder he gazed up at her with a wondrous awe.

For three hours Devin had fought off the vile un-dead hordes of the Red King. Alone he defended the guardian of the woods as her metamorphasis reached its conclusion.

It was not going well for the young night.

Three arrows had pierced his armor and his blood drew in even more of the un-dead masses...

Then, with a great CRACK! and a flash of white light she emerged from the chrysalis.

Her very life enhancing nature Incinerated the beasts in an instant.

She was radiant and a peaceful, soothing calm ebbed off of her as she floated weightlessly, inches off of the forest floor.

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This is my fav !A morphing Diva of Nature's Power!

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This is incredibly impressing! Those hands...!
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So beautiful- even the delicate detail for her hands is just lovely.
Cudne! Właśnie zakupiłam puzzle z tym obrazkiem.
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i love your work!!!
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Woah, it's so good!
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Wow, this is breath taking!
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I'd like to grow up to paint just like you.
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I cant tell if its drawn or real life... 0_0 Thumbs up okay 
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Real hands fake hair real boobs real neck fake lips fake nose real eyes real eyebrows
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Wonderful work! :)
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you are so awesome.
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Unbelievable that this is not a picture.
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Gold Cup by KmyGraphic Congraz you´re Deviation is featured by :iconeyecatchart: have a great day Roses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic
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i'm all a-flutter Moth 
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crazy good!
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This is so beautiful. I love everything about it
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