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April 29, 2010
Glamour by `blackeri - Amazing!
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This is an image made for ImagineFX issue 54, Painter vs Photoshop review article.

Being a bit bored with painting women in dresses, I wanted to make something slightly self-ironic for a change. I don't think I've ever had as much fun painting anything. :) The trash and chicken took quite a bit of googled reference. Especially the newspapers were hell to get right. [link]

Completed in Painter X, Painter 7, and Photoshop CS. If you're interested in the closeups, they're available here: [link]

Also, here's some WIPs for anyone who's interested (don't mind the super messy color layout): [link]
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horsehaven95's avatar
can you please do a hair tutorial??
Tomolan's avatar
golden-acorn's avatar
Oh wow, this is amazing!
This is incredible, and I love the idea :P
Milena-Zaremba's avatar
Thank all the gods, I've finally found this piece! Oh, how I regretted not faving it when I saw it! I simply love the mockery of fashion here.
Laurentiusje's avatar
looks like a picture :meow:
5iveAM's avatar
Just proves you don't need expensive things to look beautiful ^^
jonathanshummingbird's avatar
I could see this in some high fashion magazine.
sari9349's avatar
Jaram się, :))))
mam nadzieje że kiedyś dojdę do takiego poziomu :)
Aciddevilly's avatar
Love that chicken!!
fenice8's avatar
odd painting ..badly painted face..the shoulders disappear inot the distance ..bad photoref..the chicken humourous and nice..

hands come from somewhere but where? dress stuck in front like photoshop layer..a distorted effort.. the lighting saves it as marta would know..

the hair renders the observer speechless..
Beautiful Painting.. I love the fact how simple props make an amazing and elegant piece of art...:)
becsketch's avatar
Garbage Couture - beautiful work!
SilentPsyonide's avatar
I really love this piece
Forcetan's avatar
it's amazing!
israelcs's avatar
Incredible paintings. I loved the concept of this. Envy white
RavaNearo's avatar
I saw this and thought: Lady Gaga, this is totally something Lady Gaga would wear/do.
d-jey's avatar
I really like it!
AugustaraPotter's avatar
Love this! Absolutely wonderful :)
The-Asterisk's avatar
enabeleno's avatar
this felt so high class...nicely it
AngelaVicario's avatar
wow!! it likes like effie trinket haha
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