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I did ths picture some time ago, decided to submit it sooner, because it will take part in the Digital Artists Summit Digital Illustration Contest :) Wish me luck!

If you do not know the myth of Eros and Psyche, I propose you try this link: [link]

I hope you like it :) It was definitely the most time consuming project I ever did.

A different style, different tonation, lots of refs used, few dozen hours spent. Heavy Mucha inspirations can be spotted especially in the frame:)

Created fully in Adobe Photoshop :heart:

PS. I uploaded a slightly fixed version~
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Wow found this on trading platform ebay as print for free, sadly it was gone but i asked for name and she told me. It is so great, in love with it. :3

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Really beautiful. The link doesn’t work, however I assume Eros is an alternative name for Cupid/ Amor married to a woman who was forbidden to see him and almost killed him with a dagger because her sisters prodded her to. It says it’s been the inspiration for several fairy tales, Cinderella (the envious sisters), the Little Mermaid (the attempted dagger kill) and most of all Beauty and the Beast.
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I just found a large print of this in my closet that I ordered years ago in college and put it up in my art studio :)
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What was your inspiration?
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It's beautiful! Great job! Clap 
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So beautiful! I have no other words to describe it~~~ Wonderful job!
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Love this...  Nice job.
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Great and beautiful work!
Thank YOU!
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There, I knew I recognised it!
This artwork is being used in an Etsy listing here [link] It doesn't say anything about having permission to use the image or give you credit as the artist so I thought I should mention it to you.
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Her dress & his wings :icondroolplz:
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dear many different styles .. girls face flat.. mans hips distorted smudge and blur

castle stretched disneyland image among wafflely clouds ..without the frame this image would fall apart as it is

however nice wings...
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I actually own the full sized poster of this one :D
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Hello :wave: Just wanted to let you know that your work has been featured on my page [link] Enjoy and have a wonderful day! :heart:
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Hi :wave:

I'm writing an article (for a free french webzine : [link]) on men and sacred males/divinities.
Can I use your a reproduction of your creation (with your credits and link of course) ?
Thanks for your attention !

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There are no words.
Very nice I love this piece
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