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Silent Night iTunes 9 for Win

:new: updated: (June 27, 2010) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.2


Silent Night iTunes for Windows

※ System Requirements

- Windows 7 / XP / Vista
- iTunes for Windows (v9.2.0.61 only)

※ Package included

- Silent Night iTunes.exe
- Silent Night iTunes (Mac Style).exe
- Revert to original skin.exe
- iTunes Taskbar Player (iTunesMiniPlayer.dll) (32 & 64-bit)
- Fonts (iTunes.ttf, iTunes Bold.ttf)
- GDI++

※ How to install

1. Install font files to system font folder. (/Windows/Fonts)
2. Choose the "Windows Style" or "Mac Style" and to install it.
3. enjoy

※ Make Windows fonts look as smooth as Mac OS X fonts -> [link]


※ Release history

* released : (Oct 25, 2009) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.0.1

* updated: (Oct 30, 2009)
- All languages
- iTunes Taskbar Player (32 & 64-bit)

* updated: (Nov 13, 2009) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.0.2
* updated: (Feb 6, 2010) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.0.3
* updated: (April 15, 2010) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.1
* updated: (May 1, 2010) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.1.1
* updated: (June 27, 2010) Silent Night iTunes for Windows v9.2


※ Other skins..

* Silent Night for iTunes 9 :macos: [link]

* Silent Night for Visual Styles (WinXP) by Edl21 [link]
* Silent Night for WindowBlinds by nardoxic [link]
* Dark Soft for Visual Styles (Win7) by RajTheeban95 [link]

* Silent Night Bowtie by neodesktop [link]
* SilentSlim by rhyguy [link]
* Silent Night preview borders by GuiTuX [link]
* Silent Night iTunes for CAD by tw7816 [link]
* silent night v2.1 for cad by Kveldsvanger [link]

* SilentVLC by d1ckies [link]
* Silent Night for Foobar2000 by Arnie77 [link]
* Silent Night for AIMP2 by sgtluax [link]
* Silent Night Port for JR Media Center/Jukebox by Alexander234 [link]
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Please tell me on will work?

guys i am new at this how do i download ? thanks it look great
IanWoods's avatar
it's old and no longer compatible 
AutumnNight714's avatar
Does anyone know how to upload audio files onto DA?
I have 2 files of the same thing, one is a .MOV and the other is a .m4a but DA will accept neither. How do I convert it to another type of file they will accept?
any chance of a update on this to 10.7 on windows please as this is the best theme for itunes out there,

Big thanks for any help
Androffee's avatar
very nice
thx for creating~
erelchris's avatar
greetings! can i ask what file did you use in modifying the itunes taskbar only?..please?
Paynexkiller's avatar
Hello old friend. Does this work on Windows 8?
spakig's avatar
sweet job! been coming back since i first installed trying to find an update for itunes 10.x and at the end i just find the answer/tweek on my own.
to have this same effect on your itunes 10.x on win7 you just have to replace the bitmaps inside the itunes.dll with an oscure/black version and you are done, no messing with exe and running smooth (till upgrades, you'll have to replace the bitmaps again)
spakig's avatar
nevermind, just did a new search and found a dozen of them :( anyway nice job
tichchu2203's avatar
i dont like square in the corners.
Can you make it curve like Itunes on Mac
Looks good! Is there going to be an iTunes 10 version in a near future?
ASkBlaster's avatar
Please create this skin for windows 7
Reaper381's avatar
HeyHelleen's avatar
Is Very Awesome :DD
Nebstyles's avatar
holy shit, this is so hot! awesome job! respect for that
MiatoSakura-chan's avatar
Aww... still no Itunes v10 for win? I'm dying to use this!
jaidaksghost's avatar
be very careful if your itunes is v.10 or beyond - tho i love this skin the .exe files are program killers for newer versions and for your virus software. I got my system back working again but oh my what a mess. if you're running older older shit I guess you can go for it.
GradyLorenzo's avatar
oh great, i just found out... x(
Taurethe's avatar
Very good job!!!

Keeps destroying my itunes when I try to run the installer (Near the end of extraction).
It says some files are missing. What am I doing wrong?
Marrussa's avatar
iTunes 10 please!
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