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My Little Pony: Friendship is Racism?
My Little Pony=Racism?
Now this has been bothering me for a while. I never thought it was a big deal but certain things have convinced me that this needs to be talked about.
Now a while back, some idiot on Ms. Magazine said that MLP promotes homophobia and racism. Most fans of the show would agree that this woman is an idiot and I thought she was crazy. However, recently, I've seen some things that have worried me.
In a chat, someone said they hated it when people drew the MLP cast as humans. Now it wasn't the fact they were humans that bothered them. No, it was the fact that some people tend to give the human ponies different skin tones. According to this person, it's wrong to make human ponies any other color besides white.
Where do I even begin?
Okay, first off these are ponies we are talking about. They are almost every color of the rainbow. Therefore, when they are drawn as humans, the artist is allowed to give them whatever skin color they see fit. At the same time, does
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 8 26
Lets Talk About MLP
Lets talk about My Little Pony!
I might loose viewers because of this.
First off, I actually like this show. Why? Well it's cute, it's good good characters and what's this? A show aimed towards females that is actually good?
When it comes to show catered towards girl, they tend to be super, girly, frilly messes. The characters are so one dimensional, they act like air heads and the only conflicts they have are not having a date for the prom. What's wrong with having strong, interesting, smart female characters?
This break this down a little.
The last decent girl show we had was Powerpuff Girls.  After that, the only other girly show we got was Totally Spies. Yeah, the art was okay and the main characters did have different personalities but they still were super boring. They were obsessed with fashion and boys.  Just like every other girl in the world right?
A little more history here. The reason why shows like Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls did so well is because
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 6 27
Mature content
Therapy Time :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 2 0
Princess Pinkie Pie by Dahila-Mockery Princess Pinkie Pie :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 37 16 Princess Rainbow Dash by Dahila-Mockery Princess Rainbow Dash :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 23 9 Princess Fluttershy by Dahila-Mockery Princess Fluttershy :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 25 9 Princess Twilight Sparkle by Dahila-Mockery Princess Twilight Sparkle :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 25 4 Princess Rarity by Dahila-Mockery Princess Rarity :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 23 13 Princess Applejack by Dahila-Mockery Princess Applejack :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 28 7
Mockery's Beauty Rant
Let's talk about beauty and health.
Now before we start, I think there is nothing wrong with being skinny. I have a problem with sending yourself to an early grave by starving yourself and working out until you pass out.
I've noticed that our media tends to focus solely on the skinny people when they're advertising beauty. Yeah Gwen Stefani and Angelia Jolie are some choice pieces of meat, don't get me wrong but we don't we see Oprah advertising or Christy Allie? That seems unfair because both of those women are extremely beautiful.
I get bothered that people have been brain washed that only skinny women are beautiful or have value. Why can't curvy women be beautiful too? Can't we have balance here? A long time ago, it was considered beautiful to be thicker because it symbolized wealth. Now people think you're nothing if you have a bit of chub.
I'm not saying that women need to be overly obese or anything.  I just think that we, as a society, tend to be a bit judgmental towar
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 4 13
Princess Mockery by Dahila-Mockery Princess Mockery :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 3 3
The Night for Jinney
The Night
Shadow looked at himself in the mirror.  Was his tie crooked?  No, it looked straight enough.  Did Rachel like red or should I go with the purple tie?  Maybe I could wash my hair again.  Wait, where are going to eat again? It's a place with a name.
Shadow growled and shook his head as he tried to think.  Why was he so nervous? He had taken Rachel on dates.  Why would this one be any different?  Okay, so the setting was different and they were getting dressed up.  It wasn't that different from any of their other dates.
Or was it?
Shadow knew he should be calm but he just couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness.  He took another look at the blue and green fur person in the mirror.  Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes.  The fur melted away, revealing a young human man.  Once the fur was gone, he opened his eyes and gave himself another look. &
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 2 11
Yamalla: Queen of Barabados by Dahila-Mockery Yamalla: Queen of Barabados :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 42 33
Tiana the Beauty of France-5
Tiana slowly opened the bedroom door.  Quietly as she could, she slipped out into the hallway.  Everything was quiet but that did little to calm her nerves.  Still, she was tired of moping around her room.  Besides, she had never been in an enchanted castle before.  What was the harm in poking around anyways?
Tiana tiptoed down the way, making sure that the castle's owner was nowhere in sight.  She never saw him though so she continued her journey.  There was a small rumble from her stomach.  She placed a hand on her belly; maybe skipping dinner wasn't such a smart move.  Where was the kitchen?  She could just rustle something up and no one would be the wiser.
She sniffed the air and the smell of something cooking directed her in the way of the kitchen.  As she got closer, she began to hear voices.
"Another masterpiece, ruined!"
"Yes, I know but today has been a tough day for a
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 7 24
Mature content
Mockery's Yaoi Rant :icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 24 275
Tiana the Beauty of France-4
Chapter Four
"How dare she!" Gaston was enraged.  "Who does that little yankee think she is?"
"Yeah, darn American woman!" Le Fou tried to cheer Gaston up.  "Can I get you anything?  Some ale?"
"It's no use!  Nothing helps." Gaston sighed.
"Someone having lady troubles?"
Gaston looked up.  Standing before him was a tall, slim made wearing all black.  On his head was a fancy top hat with a red feather and he leaned on a cane.  He smiled, showing a small gap between his teeth.  There was something extremely familiar about him but Gaston couldn't put his finger on it.
"Hey, can't you see Gaston's in a funk?" Le Fou asked.  "He's not taking any calls right now."
"Oh hush up little man," The stranger snapped her fingers and Le Fou fell silent.  "Much better.  Now I couldn't help over hearing your predicament.  A little lady giving you some trouble?"
"Maybe." Gaston was sti
:icondahila-mockery:Dahila-Mockery 9 25

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