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Disk Usage Plug for elementary OS

This is a disk usage plug mockup that I designed for the switchboard application in elementary OS.

I don't see the need to turn this into a full disk utility that lays out physical disks, partitions, etc. Instead, it should be informational for the average user with a couple of simple utilities for cleaning up unused files and formatting removable disks (notice that the current page's format button is insensitive, because it is the filesystem on which the system resides).

Please critique away.
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perhaps adding a mount/unmount button, and in case of a usb a safely remove

those are useful options, and I don't think it would clutter the UI, perhaps adding a more actions dropdown or something
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I guess the mount/unmount could be next to the mount location label...
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too basic, IMHO. Do you know GNOME 3 "Disks" ? : [link]
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Thanks for your comment!

I have seen "Disks", and that's not what I'm going for. The average internet/e-mail/word processing user doesn't care about how many partitions are on a hard drive, or physical sectors, or any of that. My mom/wife/sister/dad see one disk, one partition and they want to know how much more room they have for movies and music. If a power user wants to install a partitioning program or i-want-all-the-infos baobab, they can have at it.

My intention is a simple, quick overview of disk usage that my mom can understand.
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we all love our mom's. YOU'RE RIGHT ^^
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Looks pretty good! Few niggles:

1. Make the button in the middle "View Files" as in 'view the files on this disk.'
2. Some alignment stuff with text on buttons looks a wee bit off.
3. Some fonts themselves look a little bit off; make sure you're using Droid Sans.

Otherwise, I think this looks pretty usable!
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Thanks for the comments, Cassidy!

I realized that the alignment was off yesterday right after I uploaded it. I fixed it, but haven't updated it yet.

I'll check the font, but I'm fairly certain I used Droid Sans.
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Look at the letter "g" and you can tell whether or not it's Droid Sans. Droid Sans has a double-story "g" whereas a lot of other sans-serif fonts have an open one.
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Okay, changed the font on the "Using 11.2 GB..." because it was Ubuntu font. I also centered the button texts and modified the "Open in Files" text because what you said made sense.
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