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Hybrids Unite



I've been working on this for too long now :sleepy: But I've wanted to draw it ever since me and *SpadesofSevenSins started role playing and got in the mood for some AVP funness :heart: I've missed drawing my baby Tia'ja too, so this was the perfect excuse.
Anyways, in the Role Play Kita and Kaiyo get injected with something that binds their genes with Tia'ja's hybrid ones and end up turning into human/Yautja hybrids themselves :evillaugh:
So here they are, a sexy team of three, you guys should already know which one is Tia'ja ^^; and if you don't....check out my gallery =D but the two redheads on the bottom from left to right are Kita and Kaiyo, both are sisters and the great nieces of Tia'ja :aww:

Enjoy :blowkiss:

Kaiyo © *SpadesofSevenSins
Tia'ja and Kita © Me ^^
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Cool looking hybrids! 8-)