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Sunrise Dance :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 1 2
Someday - Aphrodite x June One-Shot
June took a deep breath as she gazed up at the Zodiac Temples, her fingers clutching the handles of her wicker basket and feeling like a complete fool. Now that she was here, she reasons for doing this seemed stupid. Or was it fear that made her doubt?
What am I afraid of? she frowned. I can fight to protect Athena and help save the world, but I can’t face one man.
It wasn't just any man, she knew. It was one she shouldn't be facing at all. One that, for intents and purposes, she should hate. Loathe. Despise.
She began her ascent, climbing the stairs with shaky steps.
She had felt all of those things, and worse, for this man. He had fought against her best friend. He had tried to stop his fellow Saints from saving the very Goddess he was sworn to protect. He had killed her Master.
She almost tripped over her own sandals, feeling her heart sink into her chest. Her Master had raised her, pushed her, supported her. The pain of his loss still stung, flowing throu
:icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 3 23
Pink by DaHaloChick Pink :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 2 0 Red by DaHaloChick Red :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 3 0 Engulfing Flame by DaHaloChick Engulfing Flame :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 4 7 All In A Bunch by DaHaloChick All In A Bunch :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 1 0
Across the Sea
When she first awoke, Shepard had thought she had been crying. Her face was wet, with tears she had assumed, but when she forced her eyes open, she realized she was laying in water.
Not in water, she realized. On it.
Slowly, she sat up, using a hand to brace herself against the water. She was in the middle of an endless ocean, lonely, desolate, ever-changing. She looked down at herself, and found herself clothed in a flowing dress that matched the color of the green-blue waters below her.
With a heart heavy with fear and sadness, she stood, slowly, testing her feet against the water. It held her up in perfect balance, supporting her. She turned, trying to find some sign of life, a clue of which way to go. All she was certain of was that she couldn't stay where she was. I have to move forward. Somewhere. Somehow.
The first step was frightening, but those that followed were less so. The farther she went, the more confident she became. She began to almost enjoy the ge
:icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 40 22
Mature content
Jessie :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 9 13
Mature content
Instincts :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 5 12
Mature content
Give and Take :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 6 0
Mature content
Fury :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 4 0
Mature content
Explosion :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 5 5
Mature content
Duel :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 7 2
Shepard was shocked when she saw her personal terminal light up in the reflection of the fish tank. She put down the fish food, taking a deep breath before she turned and strode over to her desk, sitting down and retrieving the message.
She almost choked on her own breath. It's from Kaidan.
Rowan had no desire to open this door again. Her finger hovered over the 'delete' button, but she couldn't seem to do it. Letting out a frustrated growl, she jammed her finger onto the subject line and read.
I'll start off here by telling you the same thing I told you that night before Ilos. You were right. About everything.
My faith in us, my belief in what we had, has wavered. I can't bring myself to feel about you, about us, the way that I did before.I tried, I really, really did, but I can't change the way I feel, just like you can't change the way you feel.
I should probably confess at this point that I was drunk off of my ass when I wrote you that first message.
It was drunk
:icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 7 1
Mature content
Beauty :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 8 0
Mature content
Only You :icondahalochick:DaHaloChick 6 6

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Kelani took a deep breath, smiling as she took in the sea air. She had never been on a boat before, let alone outside of the walls of the city of Nareveth. A short six months ago, she had been the head of Nareveth’s criminal underground. Now, she was a part of the Hand of Dawn, dedicated to spreading the word of perhaps the greatest threat to the world of Eresia.

It was exciting, thrilling...and terrifying. She had known every nook and cranny of the underground, every person, every deal, every backstab, because she had allowed it, if she hadn’t outright orchestrated it herself.

Now here she was, setting off to a land she didn’t know, on a mission she wasn’t sure she could succeed in, to fight an enemy that she barely knew of. She was out of her element, no longer in control of everything around her.

And then, there’s the matter of--

“Are you okay?”

Kelani sighed mentally. Him. She turned to face Kikana, his concern written on his handsome features.

Her life in Nareveth had been fast-paced and deadly, all shadows and echoes down alleyways and moonlight glinting off of blades, then pressed against your skin. Every moment fleeting.

Kikana was like a slow, warm, seductive summer breeze, caressing along your skin, wrapping around you in a comforting embrace. Vivacious, full of life, like sunlight incarnate.

After so many long years of clinging to the cold, empty steel of her life, she found it all too easy to let go and get caught up in him.

Not that she blamed him for her present worries. Far from it. Kelani knew she would be here regardless; the opportunity to move on was too good to pass up. But he sweetened the pot.

He was genuine caring, and earnest smiles, and touches and kisses given willingly and not paid for.

And yet, he was also impossible to have. Every time she felt the desire to reach further, to hold him closer to her heart, she was reminded of the barriers between them.

Those handsome features of his, which grew more concerned as her mind churned with thoughts, were elven, delicate and ethereal and breathtaking, yet a stinging reminder of their differences.

The warmth of his spirit would survive long after her spirit and body were cold. He would not let himself too close.

Kelani could not find it within herself to blame him, either.

Suddenly, his lips curled in a smile, his eyes alight with an idea that she knew, whatever it was, he would not be deterred from. “Whatever it is you’re thinking, stop. Come, enjoy the sunshine. It’s a wonderful day.”

He held out his hand, and she did not hesitate and placing hers within it. The warmth of his skin spread through her being as he pulled her closer and sliding an arm around her waist.

“What are we doing?” the words left her without thought.

His smile widened. “Dancing!”

And so they moved together, gently moving through practiced steps, and as he spun her around, she caught the sight of the rising sun glowing behind him, and could not keep the smile from her face.

Perhaps, she thought, for once, I will enjoy the rising of the sun, rather than fret over its setting.
Sunrise Dance
This was a piece I wrote to go along with an incredible piece of art by my dear friend and Twitch stream mod :icondancingshelties: that you can find here:…

The characters are Kelani, an original character of mine, and Kikana, an original character belonging to Shelties. It's based off of their meeting in the BESM tabletop RPG campaign that I ran on my stream called 'Invasion of Nareveth'. The sequel is coming soon, but if you're interested, you can watch the previous episodes on my YouTube channel:…

I should just give up at this point!

Life has continued to be insane as usual. I'm still working full-time and streaming 7 times a week, currently playing Mass Effect: Andromeda (check me out at

Mostly though, I've been dealing with some serious medical issues.

To keep the story short, I was diagnosed about 4 months ago with a rare disease called sarcoidosis, where clusters of lesions appear in your body and start spreading around. Unfortunately, my lymph nodes are enlarged and I have nodules all over my lungs (the most common place for sarcoidosis to spread).

I'm currently waiting to hear from my pulmonologist regarding potential surgery to get a biopsy of one of the nodules off of my lung before we move forward. I'm not really very symptomatic, aside from lesions clustered around on my right arm, and severe exhaustion. I can't even put into words how tired I am. I'm hanging in there, though.

I'm also still struggling to write, as always. If I make any progress on stuff, I promise I'll do my best to post here!

Hope everyone else is doing well! <3
  • Reading: "Malazan Book of the Fallen" ~ Steven Erikson
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I am very open to learning new things and improving my craft, and so any constructive criticism you may have on any of my works is more than welcome. So long as there is respect given, it will be returned.

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