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Soviet Apocalypse

Inspired by Finnish band called KYPCK (kursk)

Here is an apocalyptic view of my Soviet Union
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growing up, this is how i imagined a soviet submarine.
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that why am so afraid of just one nation ruling the rest think of it this way

ww2 Germany failed trying to rule the world VS the allies

the soviets ..somewhat failed to stop the US form takening over what they kind of have ...

I just want every human to be there own nation not trying to another   I don't care if you try to spread just not in a good now was it ......then again the US way of life seems good ...sigh...
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For THe Glory of Mother Russia.
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For the Glory of Mother Russia!
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I believe someone has stolen your art-[link] and is claiming it as their own
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bit in other words....AMAZING JOB!
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[link] listen to this...and look at this pic
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Soviet Nuclear Submarine.

Hell comes from their bay
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Relax its a Foxtrot the only things to be afraid of on them is their nuclear tipped torpedoes but, the radiation was more likely to kill the crew or make them sick. It was also a Diesel Boat, like the old British O-Boats. (Although the foxtrots were swarming the gulf of mexico just like the Nazi U-Boats from WW2)
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Love that band. Also this is well done, to quote a great understatement.
ShadowsOfAVorlon's avatar
Love it,this is honestly an amazing picture
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I'll recommend this to :iconalexeikazansky:
sovietloyalist's avatar
nothin' ever looked so beautiful...
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In the words of Mr. Burns "excellent!"
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Looks like soviets posseses GERMAN submarine!!! Uxxx series subs was produced in Nazi's 3-rd Reich, dude :D
In Soviet Union subs dives УОИ!!
Dahaka87's avatar
Didn't pay much attention to the subs origin, but a good point :D That sub picture was the best one I found, so try to get pass that little mistake.
Trolldemfags's avatar
Dont worry about what he said, did you know that the russians actually used captured German Submarines? This picture is actually correct.
thalamix's avatar
tried so hard but impossible as I was born in USSR 0_o
Trolldemfags's avatar
I was born AFTER the collapse...
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This is an awesome piece!
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I loved it =) nice thinking
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