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I like these artworks so much! I'd see them all day!


That is some good Villainos fanart. I like Villianos, and I watched the shorsts with subtitles on. But back to that art. It's beautiful...

I gotta say, this is cool! A lollipop, with the Rolling Stones symbol somebody licking it. I definitely would compliment the various ra...

by David3X

Woah! O...M...G...that is cray-zay! XD Yet another amazing Josie picture! I couldn't even imagine stretching my neck over to the camera...

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, ...

Itnotse is best OC! She is fabulous and I approve her! Yep, yep, yep, so much yep! I like her glamorous outfit and her glamour! Itnotse...

by David3X

Woah! So awesome! I like how you drew Spectrine! Much better than I ever expected! The shading is completely awesome and so is the tech...

All my critiques that I have finished are found right here!



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You've listened to OMFG's latest hit known as "Peanut Butter", right?

If you haven't do consider doing so by clicking the video below:

Now, on with the theory.

OMFG was big with his first song called "Hello".  It was popular on YouTube, and like-bombed, too.  It was featured on MrSuicideSheep's channel, and even Will and Tim featured it in a remix! :D But then there was a new song two years later: "Jelly".  OMFG's "Jelly" song featured a smiling jar of grape jelly, hence the name.  It was a very great song, and yeah, everybody liked it, too! :D

But that was just the beginning.

One year later, things took a drastic turn.  OMFG posted four new songs, including the song "Dying".  "Dying" was not like OMFG's other songs on his YouTube channel.  It was drastic with a EDM-Pop beat.  In the thumbnail, it featured the Jelly lying down, health critical.  And his "doctor", who looked like OMFG's Toast mascot', was there.  But next year when OMFG posted "Peanut Butter", Jelly was already dead, and the doctor had failed  PB was mourning the death of Jelly, and Toast felt sorry, too.  The cause of the death, according to a short animated music video on Joel Erhart's channel, was a knife.  Toast and his brother Bob, who was from "Okay" and his theme song, along with their friends PB and Jelly were about to become a PB&J.  Jelly got some of his "blood" on Toast, and PB did the same to Bob, knocking him unconscious.  After getting up, Toast was shocked to see his friends lying down unconsciously, and PB was trying to get his "blood" back inside him.  And then the ambulances came.  It led to the events of "Dying", and meanwhile, PB, and Bob were each in a different hospital room, and on that hapless day, Toast payed a visit to the hospital.  First was Bob, who said, "I'm okay, really.  I just hope I get to feel better from my nutty concussion, brother.  Just trying to get my memories back.  I also know that it was an accident."  Second was PB.  Said Toast to him, "Hey there, PB.  Sorry I had this idea in my mind.  I didn't mean to take it far, either."  PB was unable to communicate through fear of loss of a life, and couldn't move or talk.  Toast felt sorry for him.  Last, but not least was Jelly.  Toast said the same apology to him, and Jelly replied to him in a dying breath: "Listen, Toast, I'm sorry, too.  I knew the idea I gave you was a bad idea.  Please tell everyone after I die that it was a fatal accident, and please give deep apologies to all of PB's and my friends.  I will be alright, Toast.  Goodbye..."  After paying respects to the mentioned patients, Toast sadly went home to his "home", which is a kitchen, actually.  His girlfriend Toastina, from "I Love You" (I gave her the nickname), his parents (Which I presume are a toaster and a loaf of bread), and his pet hippo Kurt were there.  After he broke the sad news to his family, they were shocked.  "Could this really be true, Toast?", asked Toastina. "I feel sorry for you and your friends and brother."  "I knew it would go to far," said Loaf sadly.  "Where did my boys go wrong?" weeped Toaster.  After the events of "Dying", news of Bob and PB being cured burst around, but there was depressing news of Jelly's death.  Citizens of the kitchen gathered around to mourn the death of Jelly, holding a funeral for him.  Neither Toast nor his family attended the funeral, because they saw what happened on TV  Their butler-knife carved a memorial for Jelly, out of grape butter.  Later on, after the funeral, PB went to Jelly's grave to mourn his death.  He cried, and said to him: "I'm sorry, Jelly...I didn't mean for this to happen..."  After that, OMFG's fans got enraged at the death of Jelly, and blamed Toast for the death.  Toast was too afraid to apologize, or even speak.  He had to hide somewhere, and he went missing for days.  It could be obvious that Toast was blamed by the fans, but he did not do it.  The doctor was a quack.  The "doctor" was Toast's long lost cousin, who was enraged that Jelly had his own song on OMFG's channel.  He did not tolerate diversity between different foods, unlike Toast.  Neither did his best friend, the fudge pop, who is in the thumbnail of "Everybody".  If you see the thumbnail of "Mashed Potatoes", that was Cousin tormenting the potatoes.  He and Fudge Pop had made the deal against the potatoes.  Earlier, Toast decided to spread respect and tolerance for diversity all around in "Everybody", with help from a bunch of Popsicles.  Cousin, who meanwhile was watching the news of what Toast did, did not like the idea, nor did he agree with Toast.  He was like, "Nope".  After the news, he went out for a walk in the city, and met someone suspicious: Fudge Pop.  He said to Cousin: "You heard that your cousin was promoting diversity, am I right?"  "Yes, sir," answered Cousin. "They know I don't support diversity."  "Neither do I, buddy," added Fudge. "Here's the deal:  You kill off a group of potatoes, and I give you five hundred bucks."  Cousin accepted the deal, and went mad.  Many months after that, Fudge had a plan to eliminate Jelly: Fudge would track down Jelly and PB, who are with Toast and Bob, and use a spoon to scoop out Jelly's and PB's insides, when nobody is looking.  Next, Jelly, PB, and Bob would be in the hospital, and Cousin would "take care of" Jelly.  In the end, Fudge and Cousin would build a nuclear rocket, and launch it at the center of town.  After everything went as they planned, everybody else got terrified.  Like I said, Cousin and Fudge were behind it all.  Cousin is the true villain of OMFG's lore, despite his resemblance to Toast.  Cousin was even different from Toast.  And yeah, Toast was blamed for the tragic events.  Below is a list of events in my theoretical order from OMFG's lore so far:
  1. "Hello": Toast and Bob are born.
  2. "I Love You": Toast finds love with a girl named Toastina.
  3. "Yeah", "Okay", and "Wonderful": Toast is living his wonderful life, as is Bob, who we meet.
  4. "Pancakes": Toast gets a job at the diner as a cook.  Note the pancakes in the thumbnail.
  5. "Hippo": Toast and his family adopt a pet hippo.
  6. "Jelly": We meet Jelly.
  7. "Ice Cream" and "Everybody": Toast spreads respect towards diversity with help from Popsicles.
  8. "Nope": We meet Cousin, who looks like Toast.
  9. "Mashed Potatoes": Cousin kills off a bunch of potatoes.
  10. "Animated Music Sandwich": Toast, Bob, Jelly, and PB plan to become a PB&J, but when nobody is looking, Fudge wounds Jelly and PB.
  11. "Dying": Jelly is about to die in the hospital, because of Cousin.
  12. "Peanut Butter": We meet Peanut Butter, who is mourning Jelly's death.
Note that the song "Stardust" was not included in the lore, but I head-canonize that the foods' goddess is the girl in the thumbnail of "Stardust".  After the events I listed in my order, Jelly would, in my head-canon, end up as a soul in the center of the universe with her.  Anyways, this is the end of my theory.  I hope you all like my theory, OMFG fans.
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  • Drinking: Water


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