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Artist // Hobbyist // Traditional Art
  • June 5, 1994
  • Denmark
  • Deviant for 14 years
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My Bio

Hellow my name is Lea and I'm a shy girl from Denmark

I love to draw and a lot of other things as well:)

I have an Asperger syndrome diagnosis and will disappear from time to time to take care of myself.

If you are subbed to me I do apologize for my very messy upload schedule. Don’t feel bad about unsubbing if you feel like it or taking breaks during my dips and disappearances:floating:

If you like my work and feel like supporting me, while also getting a little something for yourself, you can do so here https://www.redbubble.com/people/Dagonsheart/shop?anchor=profile&asc=u

Favourite Movies
How to train your dragon 1 and 2, Spirit stallion of the cimarron, Kung fu panda 1,2 and 3
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alternative rock
Favourite Books
Fantasy and crime
Favourite Games
Spyro the dragon... all of them!!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation in general
Tools of the Trade
Colored pencils
So in my last journal I mentioned that I was going to make some changes around my approach to my art that mainly would impact the people that are subscribed to me. To be more precise I said it would only impact the people subscribed to me - but the more I thought about it the more I realized it would impact pretty much everything when it comes to the way I want to view and experience the process of uploading to Da. So the changes I’m talking about is that I’m throwing both my old and new project schedule in the trash can. It’s not that they didn’t work or that they didn’t fulfill their purpose of making it easier to progress all my various art projects. The problem is that it worked too well and my mind latched onto it and made it control not only the time spent on my art but all my time and energy. The structure became so rigid in my mind that if I could not start a particular activity at the right time it destroyed the rest of my day and sometimes the next as well. I now know that
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So It's been a little while since last time I made a post, comment or looked at anything here on Deviantart so it felt like the time to give an update :3 I'm not gonna spell check or reread my post to much today so please excuse any spelling mistakes... or me rambeling without making much sense^^; The course for the break this time around is based on a group of things just like all the other times I had to take one. But I can confidently say that I don't feel bad that the break was needed and that surprises me a little - but in the good way :) So some might be tired of seeing me say 'I have Asperger's' or 'I'm low on energy'... or they might not. It might just be me that feels that I have pushed it in everyones faces - but that is not the point right now. The point is that I soon will have had my diagnosis for a full year and that during that year I have been doing a lot of work in regards to understanding what having Asperger's ment for me, my limits and my boundaries. I have worked
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So it seems that I was a bit to optimistik in my last update… It's now been 3 weeks without much happening. I just can’t seem to make a half promise in regards to coming back to Da without random crap happening to mess it up. This time it was me finally getting out of an emotional dive, getting mentally ready to restart my old trusty routines just to get sick for close to a week with a stubborn cold :/ It was at least a mild cold but still come on! There are also a few changes coming up! Those that are subbed and following my project schedule will be most affected though. This is due to me changing the schedule to reduce the number of active projects. I currently have 10 active ‘slots’ and that is beginning to be too much. At the current moment it would take me close to a month to hit all ten ONCE and that means projects like a color pencil drawing can take up to a year to complete. I have already cleaned up in my projects and only one has been completely scabbed. Most have just been
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I love your art, you’re so good!

Thank you so much :)

You are awesome.

Thank you? :)

I'm sorry I don't know what to say^^

I'm sure you are quite awesome yourself as well :D

Thanks a lot for the watch!