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Early Cities

My heart was bleeding when I had to look at the destructions of cultural remainings this year in Iraq and the surrounding area.
Fear, ignorance, stupidity, envy, bigotry, superstition, heresy, fanaticism, racism, persecution, war, death, .....
All of this is or can be religion, the worst scourge of humanity, which even today still suppresses the development of man.
No consolation, no redemption, no hope can ever again make good what has been caused in all the millennia in the name of religion.
Although our history is defined mainly by these mental and physical crimes, there are truly enough positive cultural and spiritual developments to give us cause for hope.
If we do not learn to learn from our mistakes in our history and continue to ignore them, or even destroy our history, we quasi cut off the branch on which we sit, then we will fall, as simple as that.
It seems this sentence can't be repeated often enough.


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Feel free to use my pictures, but it would be nice to let me know how or where you used them.
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"My heart was bleeding when I had to look at the destructions of cultural remaining this year in Iran and the surrounding area"

The destruction took place in Palmira,Syria which is 
thousands of kilometres away from Iran by ISIS militants.

Nice pic though.
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Not only Palmyra: Hatra, Mosul, Nimrud, Niniveh, .....
But I made a  stupid mistake, I wanted to write Iraq instead of Iran, thanks a lot for the hint !
(Text is edited now.)